Marquee Light Bulbs – Front View

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We’re really happy to start our new shop on DesignCuts with this vintage style 3D lettering toolkit!

A lot of hours, days and weeks went behind this project so we hope it will help to create super-realistic vintage typography artworks for you all.

Marquee Light Bulbs - Front View

Included in this set:

•  2 main 3D letterings – with bulbs (.PNG and .OTF file) and without bulbs (.PNG file)
•  2 secondary 3D letterings – both in 2 colors: black & red (.PNG files)
•  6 grunge display fonts (.OTF and .TTF)
•  9 light bulbs renders – front and top view (.PNG files)
•  3 light boards – big, medium & small – also as a layered .PSD file: bands and screws in layers
•  30 vintage style boards & shapes
•  8 stand constructions
•  A lot of small shapes & elements – circles, cables, holders & screws
•  3 hi-res premade scenes in .JPG and .PSD files (3250 x 2167 pix, 300 ppi)

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer. .PNG files will work with most graphic software.

All these letterings and shapes are in really huge resolution transparent PNG files. So you can create also huge print projects with this toolkit.

This product was originally featured in The Ultimate Creative Design Bundle

These images have been provided by the designer for presentational purposes only. Please refer to the Design Cuts license for terms of use.

Marquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front ViewMarquee Light Bulbs - Front View

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24 lovely comments from our community

  1. Rating:


    you make me crazy! this is awesome!!!


      Hey Andreas,

      WHOOP WHOOP first comment on this product! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a message- we really appreciate it.

      That’s so great to hear that you find this product awesome, we hope you love working with these!

  2. Rating:


    I really love this product. I noticed the link in the current bundle (which I also bought).

    Are there any basic tutorials that go with Marquee Light Bulbs?


      Hey Michael,

      Thank you so much for your comment and it’s awesome to hear that you love this one!

      Thanks so much for picking up this one and our current bundle, your support means so much to us all :)

      There are some help guides in the bundle files, but please feel free to let us know what you were hoping to achieve with this one and I can certainly help too.

      • michaelaboland

        Hey Sarah-Jane,

        Just a thought, I think TVartworks would sell more of this fabulous product if they were to add a short video tutorial or even hint that there’s one in the pipeline. The tutorial that comes with the product is basically just a couple of screenshots which I’m sure I’ll figure out in due course.

        I’m constantly amazed at the bundles that you guys put together – the fact is – you just cannot afford NOT to buy.

        Got to be the best value on the Internet.

        Keep it up.

        HAPPY EASTER 2018



          Hey Michael,

          Thanks so much for taking the time to come back to me!

          The great news is, our bundle tutorial which will go live on Thursday this week is actually going to include this pack, so we hope that this will showcase what you could achieve. I’ll also pass your suggestions onto the designee though so that they are aware :)

          • michaelaboland

            Thanks, Sarah-Jane.

            That is great news and I am definitely looking forward to checking out the bundle tutorial.


              You’re so welcome, we’re super excited to share it too, so stay tuned :D

          • Sean

            I too purchased this product because it was just too good to pass up. However, tutorials would be greatly appreciated. There was not even a screen shot tutorial for me in the bundle. :(

            • Annabel Smith

              We’re really sorry for any disappointment caused Sean!

              We do not have any tutorials for this pack, however if you do get stuck working with this pack, please do feel free to pop us an email via our Help Centre and we can certainly help!

  3. Rating:

    Shawn St.Peter

    This is an Amazing bundle, curious of what the font is you used for the word “Marquee” in the first image?


      Hey Shawn,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a comment and we are so happy to hear that you think this one is amazing!

      We unfortunately don’t do the preview graphics ourselves, but I’ve just popped the team at TV Artworks over an email for you to find out. Rest assured, as soon as I have some more information, I will be back in touch to let you know :)

  4. Alfonso Philippe

    Great product; however, I have the ‘sample’ version that came with “The Ultimate Creative Design Bundle”. I’m curious: how much extra is in this complete version? It’s a little confusing trying to determine since there are so many elements…


      Hey Alfonso,

      Thank you so much for your comment and I am so sorry for any confusion caused between this and the bundle sample! Here’s a list of what the full marketplace product includes, that is additional to the bundle version:

      1 more: secondary 3D lettering

      6 grunge display fonts (.OTF and .TTF)

      3 light boards – big, medium & small

      16 more vintage style boards & shapes

      5 more stand constructions

      2 more Hi-res pre-made scenes

      I hope this helps :)

  5. Rating:


    Loving the product and already creating a few neat lightboards. I seem however to have an issue with one of the images included in the second zip file. I’ve tried downloading the file twice and unpacking again, neither giving me an error. However when I try to open the fil “SF2_027.png” in photoshop it seems to be incomplecte. It’s located in \Second Font\Black\. Filesize also seems to be a lot less than the other letters in the folder.
    Is there a way you can look into that ?



      Hey Kristian,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us and I am so sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your Marquee Light Bulbs!

      Rest assured I have popped you over an email to help!

      • Rating:


        Thanks for the swift fix Annabel.


          Hey Kristian,

          You are so welcome and I am so glad that I could help :)

  6. Travis

    Which parts of this will be compatible with Illustrator? I purchased thinking it was an Illustrator package and then realized it was a Photoshop one instead.



      Hey Travis,

      Thank you so much for your email and I am so sorry for any confusion caused!

      Rest assured I have popped you over an email to list all the compatibility of this one to help :)

  7. Quenee

    Which one is compatible with Illustrator?

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Quenee,

      Thank you so much for your comment and I’m so sorry for any confusion caused by the compatibility of these!

      The great news is that the designer had included PNG and JPG files for these so that they should certainly work for you in Illustrator, as well as most other design based software :)

  8. Rating:

    duncan mills

    Hi, love this pack but as others have mentioned there are some things in there that I don’t know how to use…! For example, what are the colour masks for? And how do I use the refract masks?

    Thanks for any help!

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks for commenting Duncan, and I am really sorry if you were hoping to see any tutorials on this collection!

      We do actually have a tutorial which uses elements from this pack, which should hopefully be able to help get you started. You can find it here: There are also some other dedicated tutorials online for this particular pack, so that you can see these elements in action, however if you do get stuck, please feel free to pop us over an email and we can definitely help!


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