Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes

Introducing the most realistic and natural watercolor set available for the iPad and Procreate.

Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes

This Master Watercolor Set is for the watercolor artist who wants to experience the same fun and feel of real watercolor on paper.

I’ve been a watercolor artist for years and just recently began painting on the iPad. I was frustrated at how I couldn’t recreate the randomness and natural effects that come with real watercolor. I decided that I wanted to create my own custom set of brushes, textures, and swatches that would allow me to create digital watercolor paintings that look and feel as natural as possible and be as fun to use as real watercolor. After weeks of trail and error, I’ve created a collection of brushes that I feel do exactly what I am looking for when painting with watercolor.

Please Note: This brush set is for the Procreate App on iPad. It will not work with any other applications.

Version 4 Update November 2019: Set now includes over 100 brushes Including a new set of “Water brushes” for blending strokes and washes! Plus a brush guide PDF, and 5 tutorial PDFs on painting both a Fox and a Macaw, using my painting process, and various other tips and tricks for using the set.

Included in this set:

• 39 Watercolor paintbrushes for drawing, form building, and shading
• 29 Washes and runs for stamping large area of textures and bleeds
• 20 Splatter brushes for adding a loose feel common with watercolor painting
• 8 Random drip brushes for adding final details
• 5 Water brushes for blending and fading strokes and washes
• A brush guide PDF to help you quickly learn the brushes and there uses
• Procreate color swatch file and guide with actual paint colors as hex values
• A high res watercolor paper texture for painting on a textured surface
• 5 walkthrough tutorial PDFs on how to paint a Macaw and a Fox and general usage tips and info
• Free updates. I’ll be adding to this collection as I continue to experiment and paint with it myself

Zipped File Size: 159 MB

File Types Included: .BRUSHSET, .PDF, .SWATCHES, .JPG

Software compatibility: Procreate

This product has not been featured in a past deal.

Master Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate BrushesMaster Watercolor Procreate Brushes

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26 lovely comments from our community

  1. Cory

    Hi there! I just purchased and am having difficulty uploading the brushes to my ipad (it is an ipad, not an ipad pro – not sure if that makes a difference). The jpeg files imported fine into procreate, but not the brushes. Any idea what I might be able to do to correct? Thanks!

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Cory,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and I’m really sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty installing your brushes. We have actually just released a new video tutorial on installing Procreate brushes, so I hope that this video helps get you started:

      If you do have any questions however Cory, please let us know and we can certainly help you further with this!

      • Cory

        Thanks so much – the video was great and I was able to download with no problem. Beautiful brushes!

        • Annabel Smith

          Thanks so much for letting me know Cory, that’s awesome to hear :)

          I hope that you have great fun working with your new resources and happy designing!

  2. Rating:


    Love these brush sets, I haven’t try all of them but the range is really big and as a watercolor artist I’m so sure I can obtain very similar effects. This will make me enjoy the spare time when I can not play with real colors and water.

    • Annabel Smith

      Aww we’re so happy that you can enjoy some mess-free watercolouring with these brushes Loredana, and that you find the results that you get from these are so similar to the real thing :)

  3. Rating:


    Hello Trailhead (not sure who I am addressing),

    Consider painting the salmon/fish (or perhaps you saved the procreate video already:):), and posting the video to YouTube or Vimeo with a link to these wonderful watercolor brushes. I seriously feel it would increase your sales greatly!

    I am going to get these brushes. However, I almost didn’t find you when searching for watercolor procreate brushes. I am extremely thorough though and eventually stumbled onto these. The determining factor when comparing all the competition out there was your inclusion of the macaw tutorial. (i dislike it when the seller is scanty on what their brushes can do.)

    Upon a further research regarding just”the macaw”, I found where you had actually posted the tutorial separately and in reading through it realized the easiest way to learn how to paint the bird was to get YOUR brushset. {I have other wc brushsets that “might” do). IMO, the DECIDING factor is the tutorial.

    And, that brings me back around to my personal request: PLEASE post the tutorial on the salmon/fish (or one similar) that is part of the images for this brushset. Please, pretty please…

    Thanks for your time. Now, to go buy this brushset :)

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment Kaye!

      It’s awesome to hear that you would really like to see a tutorial on drawing the fish as shown in these preview graphics, and we will definitely pass this on to the designer for you to see if this is something that they may be able to include in future for you :).

      We hope that you have great fun learning how to draw the Macaw using the included tutorial in this brush pack, and please feel free to share your work with us, we would love to see what you create with these!

  4. Nitish

    Hello team

    This is the first time i am purchasing brushes for my iPad Pro. I purchased 5 products with 50% discount. I am unable to instal the Master Watercolour brush. After I unzip the brush icon looks like a question mark. I tried using Dropbox. I also tried the method mentioned in your tutorial.
    Kindly help.

    Best NITISH

    • SJ- Community Manager

      Hey Nitish,

      Thanks so much for your comment and I am so sorry that you are having issues with these!

      I’ve just popped you over an email to get some more information from you, then I can certainly help :)

  5. Rating:

    Luiza Pape

    Hi! Im having problems to download the file. It said always there has been a failure. I dont know what to do.

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us Luiza and I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty downloading your files!

      I can definitely help with this and have just popped you over an email to get you u and running with your brushes as soon as we can :).

  6. Rating:

    Shona Hayes

    This was my first order for Procreate on my iPad Pro. The ordering process was easy enough, but what I found really helpful was the video on how to download all the files using an unzip app. Honestly! It made it so easy for me to get all these gorgeous watercolour brushes.

    I love these watercolour brushes, they’re so much better than the basic Watercolor brushes that are on Procreate. They’re very realistic and are giving me the right splash, splatter and flecks that I need for my portraits. I’m so pleased I bought these and I had been looking at a lot, these are by far the best brushes I have.

    • Annabel Smith

      Wow thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment Shona, and it is fantastic to hear that you found our Procreate tutorial really helpful to get you all set up with your new brushes :).

      I hope that you get great use out of these and please feel free to share any of your portraits with us, we would love to see what you create!

  7. cookhouse

    Hi Annabel – I’ve just learnt in a roundabout fashion that this amazing brushset has been updated. I bought my set in February but as far as I can remember I haven’t seen any notifications of an update. Is there anything I should be ticking on my Design Cuts’ account page to make sure I get these notifications in future? Or, do I have to regularly sign into my account to check if there’s anything sitting in the ‘Downloadable’ section? Regards … Robby

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Robby,

      I am really sorry to hear that you missed this update when it was first added a few weeks ago. The great news is that updates should automatically be added into your account, with a note on your download links page to let you know about the updated files, so I am really sorry if you missed these!

      Rest assured, I have just popped you over an email with a link to your files so that you can get working with them straight away :).

  8. Marilyn

    Don’t understand why this installation of brushes must be so difficult. I still can’t get them transfered into Procrate. I think it would be great if it was simplified.

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Marilyn,

      I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty installing your Procreate brushes!

      We are not actually partnered with Procreate or Apple in any way, so we are really sorry if the process for adding items to your iPad is not useful for your particular work flow. To try and help our community get up and running with their Procreate items, we have released a tutorial which should hopefully help get you up and running with your new brushes:

      I have just sent you over an email to be able to help you further with this Marilyn so I hope that you enjoy taking your brushes for a spin.

  9. Isabel Loo

    Hi there,I bought your brushes but it says payment pending? But in my card it says I paid already and the money has been deducted from it, I still don’t see any brushes I can download….help?

    • Isabel Loo

      Anyways, got my refund and bought them again, I must say I love them so far! I love the “bleed” it gives and so far is really close to real watercolours for traditional media.

      • Annabel Smith

        Woohoo that is so awesome to hear Isabel!

        I’m so happy to hear that you are really enjoying working with your new brushes and that you find these super realistic too :). I hoep that you get great use out of them and please do feel free to share any of yoru work with us- we would love to see what you create with them!

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us Isabel and I am so sorry to hear that you are seeing your order as Pending!

      I can see that you have also emailed us so rest assured, you should already have an email from me waiting in your inbox to be able to help with this :).

  10. Boulay Severine

    Bonjour, j’ai acheté ces pinceaux aquarelle et aucun lien pour téléchargement alors que c’est débité. J’ai fait un screen pour le prouver et espère avoir très vite de vos nouvelles afin de les obtenir et travailler sur mes projets dessins de tatouage pour ma clientèle. Vous remerciant.

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us Boulay and I am really sorry to hear that you are having difficulty locating your downloads!

      I can see that you have also popped us over an email so rest assured, you should already see an email from me to help with this :).

  11. Ron Hoeltge

    Hello! Nathan has updated this product to over 100 brushes in 5 organized sets. Can you please arrange for this update to be available for those of us who purchased it? Another of his products was updated a while back, and even though I brought it to your attention, it took quite a few weeks before the update was available in my downloads, and I was never informed when that update happened.

    For what it’s worth, the updated product is already available and being promoted on other sites, and you’re potentially losing sales by not having the latest versions.

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Ron and I am really sorry if it took a few weeks for a previous update to become available in our Marketplace. When an update becomes available, we will always reach out to the designers for the updated files. Usually the designers that we work with will get back to us straight away with the update and we can pop these into your account straight away, however as you can imagine Ron, delays can sometimes occur.

      The great news is that Nathan has already sent us over this update and we have popped this into your account. If you login to your account, you should find these new files waiting for you :).


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