10 Beautifully Versatile, Artistic Fonts for Creatives

We’re back with our biggest font bundle yet! This entirely new bundle contains 10 best-selling creative font families that are perfect for adding an artistic element to your design work. Each font includes web font versions and extended licensing!

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Our Biggest, Best Font Bundle Yet!

After our previous ‘Huge Creative Font Bundle’, we had our work cut out for us to bring you guys something bigger and better. However, we’ve gone all in on this deal, to bring you fonts that are even more creative, even more popular, and at an even bigger discount!

These are seriously our favourite fonts yet. Here’s why we think you’ll love using them:

  • The 10 font families in this bundle are all best-sellers, and hugely popular even at full price. This bundle includes some classically popular creative fonts, and also some new kids on the block that are selling like hotcakes. The attention to detail is stunning, and many of the fonts include tons of extra glyphs, ligatures, stylistic alternates, and extras. Some of the font families contain up to 20 fonts/variations, giving you ultimate value for money.
  • Deals in this price range will typically bring you 1-2 fonts maximum, at perhaps 50-75% off. This deal contains over $1000 worth of fonts, and we’re crushing the price down to just $29. That makes this deal our biggest discount ever, at 97% off! You won’t find fonts of this quality available for such a huge discount anywhere else!
  • All fonts in this bundle include web versions, at absolutely no extra cost to you. These web versions would normally skyrocket the price, so to get them for free is pretty insane.
  • As well as web versions, we’ve secured you the best licensing possible! There is an extended license on all fonts in this bundle. This means that not only are they OK for commercial projects, but you can use these fonts in items that you sell. The only restriction is that you cannot redistribute the fonts directly (i.e.: ‘as is’).

Take a look at how incredibly creative the fonts are below. They’re a joy to work with, and we’re sure you’ll love using them:

Pintassilgo Prints

Daft Brush Font

Daft Brush is the stylish contemporary brush font you’ve been looking for.

This is not just a rad face, it also brings 4 alternates for each letter, 2 alternates for numbers and also variations for punctuation marks. Its OpenType Contextual Alternates feature is programmed to instantly cycle all these folks and get an amazing organic feel (OpenType savvy software needed, but these days even the pretty basic Windows Notepad will do!).

It’s only rock and roll, and we like it! Play it out loud!

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Brush Up Font

Brush Up is the cool handpainted typeface you are looking for. Swiftly painted on paper and carefully translated into a font, it brings 3 glyphs for each letter and 2 for each number, plus variations for some punctuation marks. The font is nicely programmed to cycle these alternate glyphs when Contextual Alternates engines of applications are turned on. Or, you can always pick up your choices manually through a glyphs palette. Either way it will certainly turn out refreshing!

Surprisingly versatile, Brush Up is available in two cuts – upright and oblique – and is perfect for tons of purposes.

Is it a headline? A small chunk of text? Maybe not that small? Ok, just Brush’em all!

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Kimmy Design

Amorie Complete Font Family

This is the Amorie master package, which includes EVERYTHING this amazing font has to offer. Included in the font family is :

Amorie Modella: (Light, Light Italics, Medium, Medium Italics, Bold, Bold Italics) + webfonts
Amorie Nova: (Light, Light Italics, Medium, Medium Italics, Bold, Bold Italics) + webfonts
Amorie SC: (Light, Light Italics, Medium, Medium Italics, Bold, Bold Italics) + webfonts
Amorie: Extras (50+ Borders, Flourishes, Lines & Frames) + webfonts

Amorie is a tall and skinny hand drawn font. It comes in various weight and styles, and with an array of opentype options. Built to appear completely hand crafted, different designers could produce completely different results, selecting either Modella (classic and chic), Nova (fun and fancy) or SC (Small Caps and all business.) Each style comes in light, medium and bold and has an accompanying italics version.

Opentype for this font includes Contextual Alternatives, which produces three versions of each character, making sure no two identical letters appear next to each other. This feature helps give your design a fully authentic look. There are also stylistic alternatives, which offer different style for a select few characters, including capital letters: A, K, R, Q, Y and lowercase letters: a, e, t, y. Lastly, is a large set of swashes, 3 for each letter. This includes swashes for the whole uppercase alphabet as well as lower case letters with an ascender or descender.

Amorie includes a large set of graphic extras, including stylish frames, arrows, line breaks, corners, flourishes and more. The complete package gives you one unbeatable font family.

If you do not use Opentype but are using a program that includes a full glyph panel, you will be able to access each of the style variations you want.

Languages supported by Amorie include: Albanian, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romansh, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish & Swiss German.


This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Latino Type

D-I-Y Time (Complete Hand-Drawn Type System)

D.I.Y. Time is a hand drawn type system designed by Luciano and Coto. It is a typeface based on hand lettering drawing with different brushes and pens on paper. With versions ranging from organic proposals as DIY time hand to other based on the classic proportions of Gill as DIY time sans. There are endless variations to this font, giving you total creative control. Here’s a look at what’s included:

  • 8 fonts within this font family, including D.I.Y Time Ink, D.I.Y Time Sans Thin, D.I.Y Time Sans, D.I.Y Slab, D.I.Y Time hand, D.I.Y Time Ink Italics, D.I.Y Time Brush and D.I.Y Time Slab Italic.
  • 133 Ornament Characters (presented as a font)
  • 90 Amazing catchwords (presented as a font)

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Four Seasons (Complete Font Family)

Four seasons is a display handwritten typeface inspired by nature and its changes in summer, spring, fall and winter. Designed by Coto Mendoza and Luciano Vergara between winter 2010 and 2013.

Its true handmade stroke can achieves real lettering, perfect for use in photographic and illustrative compositions.

It has an extensive character set of opentype programming including: titlings, endings, initials, swashes, ligatures, alternates besides a cute set of ornaments, dingbats and words all based on the shoots, branches, leaves and flowers of the forest in the four seasons.

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Julieta (Complete Font Family)

Inspired by romanticism, Julieta is a charming and versatile typeface. By alternating uppercase and lowercase, and mixing them with alternate characters, ligatures, swashes and endings, you obtain endless possibilities of composition, with 810 glyphs available in the Pro font. In case you don’t need all these alternatives, there is also an Essential version consisting of 247 characters. In addition, Julieta has an affordable set of ornaments, connectors and catchwords to complete this attractive display system.

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Showcase (Complete Font Family)

Showcase, the new typeface of Daniel Hernandez and Paula Nazal is a handmade font consisting of a set of types that are composed of four styles, one script, one sans, a slab, sans mini and finally a set of ornaments and dingbats, all made to work together in the same language. It’s inspired by a pen that writes different typefaces and ornaments, and casually reaches into a harmonious family.

Showcase is very easy to use and allows great versatility, can be used both in a magazine as a restaurant, through windows, cafes, and really anyway you can think of!

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Yellow Design Studio

Thirsty Rough Complete Font Family

Thirsty Script Rough from Yellow Design Studio is the warm and weathered version of Thirsty Script with texture that captures the authentic qualities of letterpress printing. It’s highly customizable with four alternate versions of every weight ranging from very light to heavy distress. Because it’s remarkably detailed, it looks great even at large sizes. For extra customization and fun, it includes a set of matching shadow layers and texture pieces.

Includes 21 fonts in OTF format:
Thirsty Rough Light
Thirsty Rough Light One
Thirsty Rough Light Two
Thirsty Rough Light Three
Thirsty Rough Light Shadow
Thirsty Rough Regular
Thirsty Rough Regular One
Thirsty Rough Regular Two
Thirsty Rough Regular Three
Thirsty Rough Regular Shadow
Thirsty Rough Bold
Thirsty Rough Bold One
Thirsty Rough Bold Two
Thirsty Rough Bold Three
Thirsty Rough Bold Shadow
Thirsty Rough Black
Thirsty Rough Black One
Thirsty Rough Black Two
Thirsty Rough Black Three
Thirsty Rough Black Shadow
Thirsty Rough Textures

Typographic features include: Stylistic Alternates, Ligatures, Oldstyle Numerals and Multiple Language Support. In Photoshop setting anti-aliasing to “smooth” may yield the best results.

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Gist Complete Font Family

Gist from Yellow Design Studio is an inline slab serif with a retro yet modern vibe. It’s a collision between monoline slab and indie script. With 627 glyphs per weight, it’s highly customizable…either keep it simple with the base character set or use ligatures, alternates and swashes for extra flair. All-caps typesettings have an especially retro edge. Also included are line layers for adding color to the inline areas.

Gist has both Upright and Regular (italic) versions. It includes a complete set of funky contextual alternate caps plus some schmancy lowercase variations. Most caps have additional swash versions as well. A bunch of other capital and lowercase alternates are thrown in for an especially pleasurable typesetting experience.

Opentype Feature Descriptions:
Ligatures – Enables the standard ligatures that fix overlapping letters
Discretionary Ligatures – Enables the funkier ligatures
Contextual Alternates – Enables the alternate caps and q, v, w, x, y, z alternates
Swash – Enables the swash caps
Stylistic Alternates – Enables the funkier h, k, m, n, v, w, y, z
Stylistic Set 1 (Same as Stylistic Alternates) – Enables the funkier h, k, m, n, v, w, y, z
Stylistic Set 2 – Enables the end-of-word alternates (terminal forms)
Stylistic Set 3 – Enables the alternate round lowercase a
Stylistic Set 4 – Enables additional alternate B, D, E, H, M, N, R,T, W, Z, &, d
Stylistic Set 5 – Enables additional alternate E, H, M, N, R, Z, d
Stylistic Set 6 – Enables additional alternate H, M, N
Stylistic Set 7 – Enables additional alternate l, t
Stylistic Set 8 – Enables additional alternate l, t
Stylistic Set 9 – Enables additional alternate l, t
Superscript – Enables the superscript characters

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Albatross Studio

Microbrew Complete Font Family

Microbrew is a versatile retro display family with 14 individual styles, plus retro banners, ornaments, and symbols. The more detailed styles work well at large sizes, and the cleaner styles add legibility at smaller sizes.

Microbrew is an all caps display font, but the lowercase act as alternates. For super-easy alternates, just mix uppercase and lowercase letters. To add to the realism, Microbrew includes double-letter ligatures. Microbrew also includes a set of extremely intentional ornaments and symbols. Designed to give a vintage feel, the ornaments and symbols compliment Microbrew nicely to round off the family. The ornaments also include catchwords, old style numbers, and lots of retro symbols.

*Please note the Old Style numerals are in the “ornaments” font.

Don’t let the name fool you, Microbrew is very versatile and works great for almost any subject matter, including weddings, birthdays, restaurants, coffee shops, music, and many more.

Opentype features include automatic fractions, subscript numbers, superscript numbers, and double-letter ligatures.

This product includes 16 fonts total + Vector files for the banners and ornaments.
All fonts are in OTF format. Some opentype features (like fractions) are only available in opentype-aware applications, such as Adobe Photoshop® Illustrator® or InDesign®, etc.

1. Microbrew One
2. Microbrew One Inline
3. Microbrew One 3D
4. Microbrew One Combined
5. Microbrew One Shadow
6. Microbrew Two
7. Microbrew Two 3D
8. Microbrew Three
9. Microbrew Three Inline
10. Microbrew Three 3D
11. Microbrew Three Combined
12. Microbrew Four
13. Microbrew Four 3D
14. Microbrew Four Shadow
15. Microbrew Ornaments
16. Microbrew Banners

This font includes web versions

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Take a look at the hundreds of glyphs and ornaments available with this font!

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Full Deal Terms & Licensing:

This deal includes extended licensing. This means that as well as using these resources within personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in designs/products that you resell. Here is some further clarification:

You can:

  • Use these resources within personal and commercial projects, as well as items for sale. The resources must be used within a wider design though, and not comprise the entire design. This can include, but is not limited to posters, t-shirt designs, digital goods, merchandise etc…

You can’t:

  • Resell these resources/files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
  • Share these resource files with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Includes a Handy Pdf Browsing Guide

After many community requests, we’re including a useful .pdf browsing guide. This allows you to easily see which fonts are included in each folder, without having to refer back to this deal page. (This is included with your deal download).

Monster Creative Font Bundle

Monster Creative Font Bundle (Includes Web Fonts)

Deal expired$29($1072)

Extended Licence Included for personal & commercial projects

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162 lovely reviews from
our community

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  1. Corinna Djaferis

    It’s so difficult to resist your deals! (I have tried-and ultimately failed)

    • Tom Ross

      Haha, thanks Corinna :). How are you getting on with your new fonts? We have no will power either when it comes to top quality design resources.

  2. Rating:

    Nicole F.

    I discovered this deal right after completing the survey where I suggested “fun fonts” … were you sitting in my head ?.
    Your bundles are top quality, love them all.
    How far will you go guys with your amazing deals ?

    • Tom Ross

      Haha, the Design Cuts community definitely loves a great font bundle. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill in our survey Nicole, we really appreciate it. We’ll keep working hard to bring you guys the best deals we possibly can. If I can help with anything just shout :).

  3. Kate Childers

    Many of the fonts I downloaded (I’ve tried twice now) are corrupt and only showing a few k as the size within the zipped file. There seem to be major problems with this package.

    • Tom Ross

      Hey Kate, sorry to hear that you’re having issues. I’m emailing you about this and we’ll have it fixed for you right away. We have tested the files ourselves and they’re working fine for the vast majority of people. This sounds like you may have encountered a download issue. Rest assured, you’ll be able to access your working fonts soon.

      • Kate Childers

        I’ve discovered on my own that these are apparently some kind of useless extra files created by Stuffit that only are visable on Windows machines. They are confusing since they duplicate all the other files in the zip file, but are prefaced with a ._ When you try to run them in Windows they show as corrupt.

        • Tom Ross

          Thanks for the additional details Kate. That does sound strange, and possibly an issue specific to Stuffit. I’m having our tech guys look into this for you. By the sounds of it your fonts are working correctly though, the issue was just with these extra, obsolete files? I’m emailing you now.

          • Rating:

            Julie Meredith

            Tom, just sent you an email with screenshot but essentially… all of the zip files I open include files with the ._ preface assuming the creator has included Mac versions of the file(s) in question. This is just how Mac files appear on a Windows machine whether using Winzip, Stuffit, etc. Just ignore them and use the 2nd set/group of files with the “regular” Windows filenames.

  4. Rating:

    Anushka Mourino

    Great deal. I’m so glad I found this site!

    • Tom Ross

      Thanks for the awesome feedback Anushka. We hope you enjoy your stay here, please let me know if I can help you with anything :).

  5. Caleb

    Not missing this one this time. Thank You So Much! Amazing deals letting everyone at my Institute know about you guys.

    • Tom Ross

      Thanks SO much Caleb, we really appreciate you spreading the word. Please let us know if you create anything using your new fonts, we’d love to see. Thanks!


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