Planet Kawaii Inked for Procreate & Other Media

So thoroughly jumping into outer-space, to introduce; Planet Kawaii inked, an amazingly versatile, and built for Procreate product, but not just for procreate! Your super power is to create, and Planet Kawaii inked is a creation tool designed to let you customize professional quality and intriguing design in lightening speed. Emulating features of wood prints, screen print and ristograph like print all in one. Customize your design any way you desire without getting your hands dirty.

A brief look into the history of Ink Printing… You will love this I swear!

Types of printmaking you need to know.

Printmaking is believed to have originated during China’s Han Dynasty, and since its start, printmaking, and the ability to reproduce images and create unique visual qualities has influenced everyone from book publishers to graphic designers. Artists in particular have driven the medium forward by experimenting with its various processes, in which INK is moved from one type of surface to another. Though it has been around for centuries, it is coming back into full swing popularity in many forms including digital as is it’s newest footprint.

Woodcut Printing:

Woodcut printing not only revolutionized the printmaking processes, but also people’s ability to access literature and art. While the woodcut technique first became popular for its practical uses, such as printing books and decorating textiles, it eventually became an art form of its own. Just as it sounds, blocks of wood are carved to create relief images for printmaking purposes.


Woodcuts and Linocuts share a similar quality because the relief process forces you to create images with flat planes of color and fluid lines. Linocuts, which emerged in the 20th century, also fall under the category of relief printmaking, but instead of carving from a block of wood, Linocuts are made by cutting into a sheet of linoleum. This method has lately turned back into the fold of popular printing for artists and can be seen in many galleries and on-line, in stores like Etsy.

Screen Prints:

Screen printing (also known as silkscreen printing) is a unique medium because the print isn’t made directly from the surface of a block or plate; instead, images are printed through a screen mesh using stenciling techniques. Today a fantastic work around is using a Cricut or Silhouette machine and cutting vinyl stencils…I regress…When printing from the screen using multiple colors, one had to use register marks in order to line up the next print. If you wished to say, print a tiger you would print the orange first, then maybe the green leaves, then maybe some brown for relief accents, and then last you would print black to cover any mistakes and add your final outline. There would always be some miss- registration when doing this process by hand, but that was part of the charm. Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe prints are a famous example of this.

Gel Plate Printing:

Gel printing or gelli printing, is the newest to the printer line up as of this last decade. It is a form of art to make prints called monoprinting. Previously in order to make a monoprint, you had to have a press to transfer from the plate to paper or fabric. Today there is a new thing called a gelli plate, which is a soft silicone plate that allows you create beautiful prints without a press. You apply paint with a brayer and all kinds of mediums like stamps, fabric and more to create designs to hand press.


The last decade has seen a rising interest in everything from screen printing and letterpress to figure drawing and papermaking. The latest technique to be re-embraced by designers and illustrators pursuing an authentic look and feel is Risograph printer printing. In Europe and Asia, the trend is driven by illustrators, design studios and small publishers. Risograph users were prepared for a distressed look created by the Risograph. It’s not going to be clean and crisp like a digital print, which has its own idiosyncratic appeal. Artists love the flaws a Risograph print presents and embrace them! Risograph gives the creator the opportunity to overlap colors and create an overprinting effect, similar to screen printing, however done with a printer and not done by hand. For other creatives, the attraction is simply in the fact that Riso printing is similar to screen printing in both process and aesthetic, but without the hassle of making screens, spreading inks, waiting for them to dry and cleaning up afterwards. “A lot of the same ideas apply. Colors can overlap to create secondary colors, which expands your color palette. AND…all of this leads to why KAWAII is PERFECT for you! What we learned here today… Inking and printing, though it never left, are back in popularity and rising to the forefront. Creatives and customers love the inky, mistake-like, and offset quality of hand printing. What we haven’t discussed… Kawaii characters and items continue to be a huge draw and success for product, because well, they are cute. Planet Kawaii INKED, covers a plethora of resources created to combine Kawaii characters, with all the printers qualities above like Risograph, screen printmaking, miss-registration, and their feel. This package contains everything you need, to create hundreds of characters with thousands of capabilities; with that supple, inky, miss-registration quality, and all without the mess and carving! No turpentine needed here! Create each character in any color combination you desire, with any facial expression you wish, simply by using multiple brushes in procreate. Or use the BONUS PNG’s included in both black and white outlines and white stamped versions for coloring in any other media creator like Corel, PS, or AI. Examples in the covers below. The Epic thing is you can do it all over again and just by swapping out a few characters and colors you can have a whole new design. Plus, a how to guide is included to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Included in this set.

  • 14 Procreate Stamp Brush Sets; containing a plethora of 406 pieces.
Bonus Items:
  • Additional 14 extra stamp brushes with speech bubbles and the child.
  • Ink Brush set; featuring 13 carefully curated brushes for ink work, drawing and designing backgrounds and space.
  • 667 Bonus .PNG files with 300 DPI black and white outlines and white stamped versions of the stamp sets and bonus stamp sets.
  • 1100 items! Including an extra how too guide for using your bundle.

Zipped File Size 869.7 MB


Software Compatibility: All (Flat Images) , Procreate .

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