Learn how to make and use floral stamp brushes in Procreate to use as a base for creating stylised floral illustrations.

The idea of a blank canvas can sometimes be daunting! You just found the perfect flower out on your morning walk and you’ve snapped a photo then raced home to create a new illustration with it. But then you stare at the blank screen and wonder where to even start. Maybe you even give up.

But when you learn to break the flower down into simple shapes and turn it into a custom stamp brush in Procreate, it becomes much easier and definitely much more fun too!

You’ll be able to lay out your designs first with your stamp brushes and then trace over them to make your final motifs and illustrations. You get a really nice balance between uniformity and unique hand drawn feel.

Once you know how to make a floral stamp brush, you can use this technique for any repeating element you want to use in your illustrations or surface patterns. I’ll show you lots of examples of how I use it in my everyday work.

Making your own floral stamp brushes like this can help you find your own signature style. By reducing a flower down to it’s simplest form, you have to be really intentional about the details and stylisations that you *do* keep. By looking for reoccurring themes in how you draw them, you can see clues for your signature style start to emerge. It makes sketching really quick and keeps a cohesive look to your work.

You’ll be able to easily create collections using matching motifs, and it’s going to save you time!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create a master brush template document
  • Setting up guidelines for multiple lines of symmetry to make geometric flowers
  • How to add your flower shapes as a custom stamp brush in Procreate
  • How to use a mask layer in Procreate to create overlapping petals.
  • How to use the stamp brushes as a basis for your floral illustrations and surface pattern designs.
  • How to use the liquify tool in procreate to create a psychedelic background
  • How to fill your illustrations using reference layers
  • How to create a balanced composition
  • How to use layers in Procreate to create detailed 3D designs with shading and texture
  • How to easily edit the colours in your documents
  • How to export a low resolution image from procreate

This is a perfect class for beginners to take. No prior knowledge of Procreate is needed as I’ll be covering every step in full detail along the way. You don’t even need to consider yourself “good” at drawing. We’ll be using simple geometric shapes and doing lots of tracing to create simple, yet beautiful stylised floral illustrations.

This is also a great class for advanced students who want to pick up some new ideas and techniques to adapt to their own style of working.

There’s a reason colouring books are popular, tracing is fun and relaxing, and that’s just how it feels creating floral designs with stamp brushes!

Materials you need:

All you need to take this class is an iPad, Apple Pencil and the Procreate App.

Included in this set:

Practical Lessons:
  • Course Introduction
  • 1. Setting up a Brush Canvas
  • 2. Simple Flower Shapes
  • 3. Beyond 4 Lines of Symmetry
  • 4. Stamp Brush Setup
  • 5. Project 1: Flower Power Floral Pt.1
  • 6. Project 1: Flower Power Floral Pt.2
  • 7. Side View Floral Shapes Pt.1
  • 8. Side View Floral Shapes Pt.2
  • 9. Project 2: Floral Envelope Pt.1
  • 10. Project 2: Floral Envelope Pt.2
  • 11. Project 2: Floral Envelope Pt.3
  • 12. Overlapping Floral Shapes
  • 13. Overlapping with Layer Masks
  • 14. Project 3: Floral Pattern
  • 15. Next Steps
Bonus Assets:
  • PDF Cheat Sheet
  • Free Brush Set

Course Duration: 2 hours 38 mins

  • Permanent Access – No time limit for undertaking the course
  • Lessons available to stream from your Design Cuts account
  • High Quality Video

Zipped File Size: 22.82 MB

File Types Included: BRUSHSET, PDF

Stylised Floral Illustrations Using Stamp Brushes In Procreate

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    I love Rebecca Flaherty’s way of teaching. I hope to see more of her in the Creative Club.

    • Gina

      It’s great to hear you enjoyed this course, Sheila! I hope you continue to have loads of fun in the Club :)


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