Sweet Sucker Punch By Set Sail Studios

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Sweet Sucker Punch Is A Loud, Proud & Infectiously Fun Marker Pen Font

I wanted to put together a really versatile, all-caps marker pen font than could be used and loved for years to come.

The great thing about this font is that it comes with a complete set of alternate characters, accessible simply by switching between upper and lower case glyphs within the font. This means you can make your text look completely custom made by mixing up the regular and alternate characters to get the best outcome. Another cool feature is the 4 bonus swashes, just type out the characters { } [ ] on your keyboard for quick and easy access to the swashes. These are the perfect finishing touch and add even more eye-catching appeal to your text.

Sweet Sucker Punch

The font is hand-made so it has some really authentic, rough brushed edges – perfect for logos, merchandise, product packaging, quotes, comic book text and loud headings. It also includes multilingual support, and has a few discretionary ligatures included to help perfect the look of some of those slightly more awkward letter-pairings. Use of these requires software with a glyphs panel such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop CC.

Language Support: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese , German, Swedish, Norweigen, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish

This font includes web versions

This product was originally featured in The Font Geek’s Go-to Bundle (20 Font Families, 200+ Individual Fonts)
Sweet Sucker Punch

Sweet Sucker Punch $16


  • Desktop Fonts
  • Web Fonts
  • OTF and TTF file formats
  • International language support

Product terms:

  • This resource includes our extended product license. Please see full license details here.
  • File size is approx 1.6MB (3.7MB unzipped), offered as a single download.

Comments & Reviews

  1. Rachelle says:

    Thank you! Great font! Also, I really like the backgrounds used in the design samples! Where can I find them?

    • Ben Neeves says:

      Hey Rachelle,

      Thank you kindly for your lovely comment! I’m afraid I’m not 100% what images are used in these preview graphics but I can certainly reach out to the designers on your behalf to enquire this? Please do let me know and I will happily arrange this for you!

  2. Clare Bambers says:

    Got all excited that we were getting a free font, only to discover that I already had it in the Font Geek bundle!


    • Ben Neeves says:

      Ah we’re really sorry to hear that, Clare, but it’s great that Sweet Sucker Punch has already found it’s way into your creative toolkit! We hope you are enjoying working with it 🙂

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