Our Biggest and Most Varied Bundle Ever

After getting tons of great feedback from the Design Cuts community, we set out to bring you guys our biggest bundle yet – including a huge number of best-selling resources, based exactly around your requests. This deal includes fonts, vectors, textures, brushes, Photoshop actions, stock photos, and so much more!

All Inclusive Design Bundle

A Comprehensive Design Library, All in One Bundle

We’ve been listening hard to the Design Cuts community, and today’s bundle is something really special. This is our biggest and most varied bundle EVER, and includes tons of best-selling, incredibly useful resources, to suit any project.

Rather than just focusing on a single type of resource, we’ve included all of our most requested resources in one collection. (The items in this bundle haven’t been featured in a previous bundle, these are all totally new resources). We focused on quality and quantity, meaning that you get around 4-5 bundles worth of resources in a single deal! However, we still wanted to give you ultimate value for money, so negotiated a massive 97% discount on the entire collection.

Here’s why we think you’ll love this design bundle:

  • As I mentioned, we’ve gone all out on the variety with this bundle. You get 5 best-selling fonts, hundreds of vectors, dozens of textures, brushes, Photoshop actions, stock photos, print effects, hand-drawn items, ebooks, and more! You’re literally getting 4-5 bundles worth of value, combined into a single bundle, and for no extra cost. We’ve squashed this collection down from $876 to just $29.
  • This bundle includes more best-selling items than any previous deal we’ve run. These items are so popular they’re selling like hot cakes even at full price. The quality is awesome, and we’ve paid careful attention to the items with consistently amazing feedback, which are clearly benefiting the wider design community.
  • As these are professional quality items, many of them come with tons of creative extras, such as bonus vector packs, brush sets, actions, workbooks and much more. Beyond this, the quality of these items means that they give you endless customisation options and creative control.
  • Oh, and of course this wouldn’t be a Design Cuts deal without extended licensing (meaning you can use these items in work you resell), and full web font versions for all fonts included. We’ve also included a handy .pdf guide for navigating this massive bundle with ease.

There is a huge amount of eye-candy on this page, but we recommend digging through the details of each item. These resources aren’t just beautiful, they’re incredible useful for your regular work. We hope that you’ll love using them!

Take a look at everything included:

Make Media Co

Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Vector Pack

After several long months of sketching and scanning, this ‘labor of love’ is ready to go! I’m so very proud to introduce the Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Vector Pack!

This one-of-a-kind product includes, not only a the Seaworthy font, but over 80 original, hand drawn vectors, which are perfect for wedding invitations, logos, packaging, flyers and more!

Here’s what you get:

• Seaworthy Typeface (OTF)
• Seaworthy Extras (OTF). Including 52 catchwords and ornaments.
• Over 80 Hand Drawn Nautical Vectors (Available as .ai, .eps & a single .png file).
• One (white) Vector Texture File (.ai, .eps & .png) to layer over your project. (Scalable in Illustrator).

Language support: English

This font includes web versions

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Borders, Corners & Frames Super Kit

I’m so very proud to present The Borders, Corners, Bursts & Frames Super Kit! This one-of-a-kind decorative vector pack includes 150 awesome and never-before-seen elements for your creative pleasure! Need frames? No problem. Want some corners? Gotcha covered. How about some bursts and borders your next project? Well, look no further. This kit has all that and more! Use these for logos, invitations, posters, flyers, wedding materials, etc. The sky’s the limit!

Here’s what you get:

• 30 Hand Drawn Borders (These can be turned into brushes. Just drag and drop on your Brushes Panel).
• 30 Unique Hand Drawn Corner Pieces (60 Total).
• 10 Hand Drawn Bursts
• 10 Hand Drawn Dividers
• 20 Unique Hand Drawn Ornaments (40 Total).
• 50 Hand Drawn Frames

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Nicky Laatz

The Decorative Designers Toolkit

Another giant illustrated vector pack for you to play with :).

With over 300 unique new elements, you’ll be pushing out original designs in no time :).

This new pack features :
1.) Over 200 New Curls,Swirls and Decorative Ornaments
2.) 16 New and unique vintage style frames
3.) 70 Vector Banners, with varying length, curve and shape
4.) 40 Unique Ampersands and Catchwords to make your design stand out amongst the rest
5.) A bonus seamless jpeg texture for you to add texture to your designs – in high res and screen res, so you can add some dimension to your design as I have done in the vector items preview :).

Files : Illustrator CS5, EPS CS, PSD Layered, compatible with CS and Elements 11.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle


54 Handsketched Vector Arrows

Introducing another Quality Vector Product from Layerform.com, this time in the form of 54 Handsketched Vector Arrows, perfect for making your artwork have a more authentic feel!

These vector arrows are 100% scalable made in Adobe Illustrator and come in .ai and .eps formats aswell as a readme file.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Retro Supply Co


Give Your Work Texture & Soul With a Single Click

This product doesn’t use any actions. Just place your design in a folder and save. Then adjust texture levels to build up your own unique worn effects.

SuperGrain is inspired by 70s t-shirts, classic album covers, and high school art class (no computers, pencils and paint, y’all) : )

Check out the demo video here: https://vimeo.com/99073998
View a quick demo animation here: http://bit.ly/supergraingif

Here’s why you should grab SuperGrain:

• Includes SuperGrain vertical version (3000×2000 pixels).
• Includes SuperGrain horizontal version (2000×3000 pixels).
• 15 ready-to-use worn ink textures make it easy to create your own style.
• 15 ready-to-use work ink texture backgrounds.
• 9 Subtle ink specks for adding final authentic touches.
• Create custom textures by simply adjusting sliders.
• Make your work any color with one click.
• Change background color with ease.
• Reverse your work with one click.
• Get access to a Buyers Only Getting Started Video.
• Includes an attractively made Quick Start Guide PDF.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack

The Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack is a comprehensive collection of vector textures. These textures are ideal for giving your work authentic distressed or subtle textures fast.

Here’s what the Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack includes:

• 30 ready-to-use ink textures
• 10 subtly flawed halftone textures
• 10 halftone shapes
• 10 vector ink background images
• 20 beautiful engraved image vectors
• 10 bonus images (sample pack of paper textures, engravings, shapes and more)
• The Vector Texture Handbook

You’ll also receive The Vector Texture Handbook. A guide that will give you all sorts of useful information to get the most out of any vector textures you ever use in the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Easy way to use vector textures in your Photoshop work.
• How to create your own vector textures fast.
• The power of using overlay effects.
• How to use textures or just one small area of your work.
• How to effortlessly generate dozens of variations using just a few textures.
• The 5 Step Formula for preparing your own textures to be converted to vectors.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Standard Issue Texture Brushes

These brushes will give your work insanely great looking subtle textures. Each brush was crafted carefully by hand using real source material. Then each brush was carefully edited for soft and subtle edges.

Watch a quick demo of everything you get here: https://vimeo.com/103007046

These brushes are so well made you won’t have to do any “clean up work”. No abrupt edges. In my own work I use these brushes on 95% of my projects. I never need other brushes!

// Here’s what you get: //

Standard Issue Subtle Brushes ($27 value)

24 authentic subtle brushes from my personal supply. Each easy-to-use brush was carefully crafted to guarantee remarkable results.

– Carefully crafted to blend with your work – no more “fixing” bad brushes.
– Variations in sharpness and texture create a realistic effect – right out of the box.
– Made very subtle – no more texture blobs!
– A beautifully made Easy Reference PDF. No more guessing what brush you’re using!
– Each brush measures between 700 – 999 pixels. Perfect for every day texture work. Need a bigger brush? Check out Bonus #4 – a collection of super gigantic subtle brushes!

Bonus #1 – Edge Brush Kit ($7 value)
7 brushes designed specifically for using on the edges of your work.

Bonus #2 – RetroSupply 3-Step Texture Formula Video Tutorial ($10 value)
This 10 minute tutorial will show you the 3-step texture formula I use when I build up textures. Well organized and easy to scan if you want : ) Lots of people have told me step #3 is the real “secret sauce”.

Bonus #3 – Dustin’s Brush Picks ($10 value)
A hand picked collection of my favorite brushes from previous RetroSupply products. These don’t have the same carefully crafted edges. But I still find myself coming back to them time and time again.

Bonus #4 – Super Gigantic Subtle Brush Set ($10 value)
Got CS5 or above? Then you’ll love this Bonus collection of 10 Super Gigantic Brushes (2300px on average). Perfect for REALLY big subtle areas.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Vintage Design Co

Dusty’s Print Shop

Welcome to Dusty’s Print Shop!

At Dusty’s we like to go old school and do everything by hand. We love those little imperfections that gives our work character and life. We also know that not everyone has the time to spend hand making their work. So Dusty’s Print Shop has made it easy for you with this simple to use Smart PSD for Photoshop.

Watch the video demo – http://vimeo.com/99640641

At Dusty’s we use the 3 steps to awesomeness process.
1. Double click the green layer
2. Paste, save & close
3. Sit back and admire the awesomeness!

What can you do with Dusty’s Print Shop:

• Create the look of your type and image being hand drawn
• Chop & change between a variety of subtle & heavy print textures
• Add awesome shadow effects, replicating the style of the sign painters (in solid, lines & dots)
• Variable edge strip to add definition to your image
• Add your own textures quickly and easily with just a few clicks

What you get:

• Dusty’s PSD Landscape (3000x2000px)
• Dusty’s PSD Portrait (2000x3000px)
• 25 Textures (3000x2000px – 10 made by SIVIOCO)
• PS Brushes
• Instructions
• Video Links


• TextureMaker Action – See video demo: http://vimeo.com/99642028
Turn any photo into a transparent texture file with just one click. Ready to be dropped into this or any other Photoshop document. Also includes Halftone version.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Inkwell – Instant Ink Effects

INKWELL – Instant Ink effects in Photoshop for your lettering and Illustration work.

Animated Gif: http://drbl.in/ltHY
Video Demo: http://vimeo.com/98374448

Nothing beats the look of inking something by hand. The variation of coverage and the small inconsistencies that give it that individual look. The problem comes when you want to scan that work in and use it. Unless you have an expensive scanner, your work looses that tone and ends up being a bit flat.

Inkwell recreates the look of hand drawn Ink in Photoshop, so you can give life back to your lettering and illustration work. Inkwell uses Photoshop smart layers. Just double click on the layer, paste in your work, save, close and you’re done.

This works great with calligraphy, hand lettering, illustration and even fonts. The download also features hand made India Ink brushes and washes (made by RuleByArt) to add even more depth to your work. Check out the video demo to see how easy it is to use.

What’s included:

– Inkwell PSD (3000 x 2000px, Landscape version)
– Inkwell PSD (2000 x 3000px, Portrait version)
– 5 India Ink Washes (PNG & PS Brushes) by RuleByArt
– 5 India Ink Splatters (PNG & PS Brushes) by RuleByArt
– 6 Paper Textures (PNG)
– Instructions
– Video Links

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

InkBuddie – Instant Screen Printing

InkBuddie gives you instant screen printing effects, just by pasting your work into Photoshop. No need for actions or experience needed.

With a range of textures to switched on or off, you can create some truly amazing work in seconds. Taking inspiration from print design of the 1950s, the PSD adds effects such as:

– Halftones
– Ink Rollers
– Offset Print
– Subtle Edge Bleed
– Subtle Roughened Edges
– Print Knockouts

Please check out the videos first just to see how simple and easy it is to use.

Animated gif demo: http://drbl.in/lolw
Basic walkthrough: http://vimeo.com/97510663
Advanced walkthrough: http://vimeo.com/97533671

InkBuddie uses Photoshop smart layers (smart objects), so all you have to do is paste your compound artwork in to the smart layer, save and you’re done.

InkBuddie comes in 2 versions – Basic and Advanced. With the advanced version I’ve tried to push the limits of what Photoshop can do, but still making it easy to use and fully customisable. In the advanced video I show you how I put together the cover image and the download includes the Illustrator template to use to achieve the same results.

– 1 smart layer
– Image Ink Layer
– Background Ink Layer
– 10 Texture Layers

– 3 smart layers.
– 2 Image Ink Layers
– 1 Solid Color Block Layer
– 10 Texture Layers

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Rodrigo Type

Pequena Font Family

Pequena Family, a set of typefaces (9) accompanying “Pequena”, with a set is:

– Pequena Swash
– Pequena Ornament
– Pequena Word: Russian, Italy, Germany, France, Portuguese, Spain

Language support: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Basic Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African, Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Latin Ligatures, Basic Cyrillic, Basic

This font includes web versions

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Children One Font

Children-One was inspired by drawing freehand letters in a childish style. Contains Cyrillic and Greek language support, as well as OpenType swash features.

Language support: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Basic Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African, Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Latin Ligatures, Basic Cyrillic, Basic

This font includes web versions

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Negrita Pro + Cyrillic Font

A beautiful Display font, contains, Regular, Oblique and Ornament! Perfect for your more playful designs.

Language support: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Basic Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African, Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Latin Ligatures, Basic Cyrillic, Basic

This font includes web versions

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Zurita Font

A rough and grungy font that is perfect for print work or headlines. Zurita is beautifully detailed, and has a really organic, hand-made feel to it.

Language support: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Basic Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African, Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Latin Ligatures, Basic Cyrillic, Basic

This font includes web versions

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The Shop

Brown paper texture pack volume 01, 02 & 03

The cool thing with paper-based products is that even an industrial manufacturing process doesn’t guarantee a 100% consistency. Especially when it’s for something cheap and made to be thrown away like a paper bag. As a result, each and every brown paper bag out there has a special texture, grain orientation, and feel to it. Add to that that when stored they rarely get folded at the same exact spot, and you have a recipe for a very ambitious collection.

I actually have a stack of these laying at home. I simply decided to scan as many bits and pieces of them as possible. The result is a collection of 3 texture packs, each featuring 15 textures scanned at at least 600 dpi.

This specific pack has been scanned in with the following output: 5090×7000 pixels @ 600 dpi. It features 45 textures of brown paper, with each their own creases, crumple patterns, and grime (stains, etc.).

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Asphalt markings textures

Have you ever paid attention to street markings? I recently came across an old, not so well taken care of parking lot. Its various spot lines are severely faded, cracked, and worn out.

Watching closely, it’s like there’s a whole unsuspected world unfolding, right under our feet.

The pack includes 19 textures, sized at 3264×2448 pixels. They are perfect for background effects, or to distress elements.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

2 Lil Owls

Classic Matte Photoshop Actions

Classic Matte Photoshop actions is a beautiful artistic collection. Compatible with Photoshop CS2-CC. Included in this collection is 56 actions designed to make your photography really stand out.


4 Clean base actions – Jane, Ava, Sophia, Ginger 1 BW/Adder

30 Creative Add-Ons – Hepburn, Davis, Bergman, Garbo, Taylor, Garland, Dietrich, Crawford, Kelly, Rogers, Temple, Hayworth, Bacall, Harlow, Lombard, Garner, Lamarr, Fontaine, Hayes, Winters, Baxter, Saint, Lanchester, Holliday, Allyson, Darnell, Lamour, Hutton, Malone, Talmadge

3 Run them all actions

18 Extras – Matte Glam, Matte Film, Matte Soft, Sharpen, Soft Middle Light, Mushroom Vignette, Midnight vignette, Pretty Pink Vignette, Highlight Correction, Contrast, Brighten Midtones, Darken Midtones, Pump up Color, Add Drama, Soft lights creamy light, Soft lights spring, Soft lights morning, Soft lights morning light

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

8 Red Fish Creative

100 High-Res, Varied Stock Photos

If you’re like most creatives, you like being the first on your block to have a quality design resource. And if it’s a good price, that’s even better! In that spirit, 8 Red Fish Creative opened its vaults to DesignCuts and out came a large selection of photos that aren’t being sold to the creative community yet. You read that right, you get first dibs! We’re talking massive value here – for 100 photos you can use in your design, print, and web projects.

This original collection includes photos of China, nature, old buildings, classic cars and many more creative subjects. Most images are bigger than 4200 x 2800 px and all are 300 dpi), giving you flexibility. We know how many Design Cutters love texture art, and these photos are just screaming out for texture application. They’re also perfect for blog posts, posters, or any creative project demanding an impactful, beautiful image. If you’re hesitating, where else can you get authentic photos of Yunnan and Tibet? :)

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle

Full Deal Terms & Licensing:

This deal includes extended licensing. This means that as well as using these resources within personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in designs/products that you resell. Here is some further clarification:

You can:

  • Use these resources within personal and commercial projects, as well as items for sale. The resources must be used within a wider design though, and not comprise the entire design. This can include, but is not limited to posters, t-shirt designs, digital goods, merchandise etc…

You can’t:

  • Resell these resources/files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
  • Share these resource files with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.

Includes a Handy Pdf Browsing Guide (Plus Note About Bundle Size)

After many community requests, we’re including a useful .pdf browsing guide. This allows you to easily see which resources are included in each folder, without having to refer back to this deal page. (This is included with your deal download).

All Inclusive Design Bundle

The All Inclusive Design Bundle (Includes 1000s of Best Selling Items)

Deal expired$29($876)

Extended Licence Included for personal & commercial projects

Professional Support from our helpful team

Average Rating:

232 lovely reviews from
our community

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  1. Tom Leparskas

    At first I hesitated because I too had 3 products in the bundle already, but the deal is too jam packed to say no.
    So I’m jumping in again.
    Well played DC, well played.
    Tom in Canada

    • Tina Muller

      Thank you so much for your ongoing support, as always Tom. I’m sure the you’ll love your new resources. :)

  2. jerry jones

    Truly sweet bundle, unfortunately I already own nearly half the bundle so sadly I’ll have to pass on this one. I’ve noticed its getting harder to put together bundles without already some buyers owning major portions of the put together bundles.

    • Tina Muller

      Thanks for the compliment, Jerry. I guess there will always be some people in the community who own parts of our bundles, but I think in some cases you can still save a lot of money, even if you end up with duplicate items.

      And one point that hadn’t even crossed my mind before was that you actually end up with a second license for your duplicate resources, which can be really lucrative for some.

      Nevertheless I totally understand that sometimes half a bundle just isn’t as perfect as a whole new bundle. :)

  3. Rating:

    Michael Harms

    Ok, seriously. You guys have done crazy things in the past and instantly became my number 1 design deal website. But this time even for your high aims and ambitions you published an unbelievable deal. Not only that it is a perfect roundup in order to enhance everyone’s graphic library and thumps up for the decision to include such a broad variety instead of just one item like textures. But we also talk about the fact that this bundle only features blockbuster items from well known and outstanding designers like Nikki, Dustin, Ian and Callie (to name just a few) – head out to Google and search for their products and you see what an enormous deal this bundle offers.

    That’s an instant buy for me. I already wrote some positive reviews just to show my appreciation for Designcuts – but this time this is really something special – congrats to this deal. I really hope that as many people as possible are taking the chance to grab it. There’s nothing comparable out there!

    Congrats guys – well done!



    • Matt Slightam

      Thanks Michael! Tom worked so hard to put this one together! (his eyelids at some points looking like they need to be propped up with matchsticks!) :)

    • Tina Muller

      Thank you so much for your ongoing support and the super lovely feedback, Michael.

      As Matt said we’ve been working flat out over the last few weeks to make this bundle really special, and we’re glad to hear you really like it. :)

      I couldn’t agree more with you. We had out eye on so many of these resources as well, and are super chuffed we got to work with all these talented designers on this bundle. I’m absolutely positive it will help so many in our community.

      How is your website going by the way. have you been getting more stories on your “Hundegeschichten aus der Region” area?

  4. Rating:

    Nathan Gilligham

    How do you guys do it?! I’ve had my eye on literally half these items for some time now! Can’t wait to download this!

    • Tina Muller

      I’m so glad you like the bundle, Nathan. :)

  5. Rating:

    Louis Hazard


    I already purchased at least a third of these. (I knew I wanted them! Sometimes you simply cannot wait to see if they pop up in a deal like this somewhere. I am fully satisfied with getting them when I did.) One of the others that I already had planned on getting would have run me a few dollars less than this entire bundle.

    Add in all of the other wonderful items and once again I am amazed at how you all keep outdoing each previous deal!

    Thank you to Design Cuts and all of the amazing artists who agree to participate with these deals.

    • Tina Muller

      Thank you so much Louis! I’m really pleased to hear your liking our new bundle. We were hoping that there’s something for everyone in this bundle. :)

      • Louis Hazard

        I took a little more time to look over all that is included in this bundle and found that 5 of the other items included were on my “Must Get” list. Purchased together, at their current full price, they would have run 97$ (US). If they were the only items in the bundle I would still be saving 68$ (US), with a very respectable 70% off with this current deal.

        On top of that I am getting a second license for the products I already have a license for, and 12 other “new” (to me at least) items as well!

        I’m 63 years old, but now, every other Tuesday, I feel like the kid I was, once upon a time, waking up on Christmas morning. I like that feeling.

        • Roz Fruchtman

          Hi Louis:

          I’m Roz. Glad to meet you!

          I have a few years on you and I know the feeling ~the Christmas Morning feeling! ;) Imagine having it 26 times a year ;) I’ll take it! ;)

          I would bet that VERY FEW (Including Me) did NOT consider “the second” license deal! I would have, had it been a software program OR if the first license was NOT… an EXTENDED LICENSE like we get at Design Cuts. That EXTENDED LICENSE is VERY VERY VERY valuable!

          Thank You for bringing the Second License up! It’s an EXCELLENT point! ENJOY!

          Take care,

          Roz Fruchtman
          @PhotoshopHaven on Twitter and Facebook

          • Tina Muller

            I love that, feeling like a child on Christmas Morning. I think that’s a lovely way of putting it.

            Louis, I honestly hadn’t even thought about the second license. That’s actually a really good point. I 100% agree with Roz.


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