Introducing The Complete Versatile Vintage Collection, an unique modern set with 1300+ vintage illustration and elements, frames, overlays, patterns, guides, and more, by designer and artist Maria Letta.

This collection is a tribute to one of the most beautiful eras – the Victorian era. Starting in England and spreading almost all over the world, this era gave us many great discoveries and incredibly beautiful works of art. Thanks to technology, today we can give new life to the vintage illustrations of those times and add our modern vision to such a contemporary vintage design.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Over 1300 high-quality vintage illustrations & elements (all of them was scan, restored and partially vectorize)
  • 4 magnificent collection with different topics and moods
  • 40 elegant & stylish seamless patterns with authentic vintage look
  • 2 gentle alphabets ideal for wedding invitations
  • Bonus! In each collection different bonus elements: frames, overlays or even editable logos
  • Bonus! Quick guide with all elements for fast work

This collection is not just a selection of vintage pictures – each element is carefully processed and selected, as a result you get a design library with which you can make absolutely any design – art prints, posters, calendars, paper crafts, wrapping paper, book covers, invitations, stationery, fabric, clothes, dishes, brand identity design and more!

Don’t limit your imagination, because this collection is perfect for almost everything!

Included in this set:

English Garden
  • 79x .PNG bird illustrations
  • 66x .PNG flowers and plants
  • 37x .PNG alphabet with letters and numbers
  • 10x .PNG premade compositions with birds in gold birdcages
  • 10x .PNG seamless patterns with transparent background
  • 17x .PNG design elements - gold empty birdcages, cottages, frames
  • 1x .AI, 1x .EPS, 1x .SVG vector design elements in black color
  • bonus! 3x .PSD editable logos with well organized simple layers
Emporium Exotic
  • 40x .PNG tropic animals and birds
  • 95x .PNG insects and butterflies
  • 22x tropic plants and flowers
  • 10x .PNG premade compositions
  • 10x .PNG seamless patterns with transparent background
  • Bonus 5x .PNG pre-made frames
Romantic Greenhouse
  • 72x .PNG flowers and fruits
  • 16x .PNG butterflies and bees
  • 10x golden greenhouses
  • 1x .AI, 1x .EPS, 1x .SVG vector greenhouses in black color
  • 36x .PNG alphabet with letters and numbers
  • 20x .PNG premade compositions
  • 10x .PNG seamless patterns with transparent background
  • Bonus 48x .PNG black ephemeras with transparent background + 1x .AI, 1x .EPS, 1x .SVG vector ephemeras in black color
Lady Boudoir
  • 124x .PNG vintage ladies, kids and gentlemens + 1x .AI, 1x .EPS, 1x .SVG vector elements in black color
  • 91x .PNG accessories and cottages + 1x .AI, 1x .EPS, 1x .SVG vector elements in black color
  • 58x plants and flowers + 1x .AI, 1x .EPS, 1x .SVG vector elements in black color
  • 101x .PNG color flowers
  • 10x .PNG premade compositions
  • 10x .PNG seamless patterns with transparent background
  • Bonus 5x .PNG pre-made frames

Zipped File Size: 7.07 GB

File Types Included: AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG

Software Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (and higher), Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (and higher), Affinity , All (Flat Images) , Corel Draw , Google Slides , Keynote , Microsoft PowerPoint , Procreate , Sketch .

The Complete Versatile Vintage Collection

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  1. archiefax

    This is a very impressive looking collection – and I am a sucker for a vintage collection! It has brought Maria Letta to my attention and I see she has some excellent collections on DC (I already have her Exotic Herbarium which was included in The Spectacular Vintage Design Emporium). Before I purchase, I just wanted to ask if this is a new collection, or if it is made up in part from other collections… just trying to minimise the chance of making duplicate purchases going forward!

    • Zack Parks

      Hey ArchieFax,

      thanks for getting in touch and It’s great to hear that you are interested in picking up the Complete Versatile Vintage Collection. Rest assured I can certainly answer your question for you now. Maria has created this pack to offer a new vintage collection so rest assured that you should not have any duplicates. If you find that you have some duplicates, please pop us an email at and I will be happy to help further :).

    • Maria Letta

      Hi ArchieFax,
      Thanks for your kind words – I really happy that you like collection! I used only fresh items especially selected for this collection and no one item have not included in my other collection. So you can be sure that it’s original pictures not doubled in other my products.

  2. Daniel Jernberg

    Will this be available as separate packs or will this »always and forever« be a bundle?

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Daniel,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and rest assured I can certainly help with this. This is a brand new product created by the designer offering a new collection of vintage elements. At a later stage, the designer may decide to offer these resources in smaller packs but this is entirely at the designer’s discretion. I hope this helps!

    • Maria Letta

      Hi Daniel
      Thanks for your question! I can’t say at the current time, but it’s possible that the collection will be split into separate packs in future.

  3. luc1

    This kind of one-style bundle is very useful, by my opinion much more than bundles where is total mix of everything. I hope you will make more thematic bundles like this!!

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Lucie,

      thanks for getting in touch and it’s great to hear that you are finding this collection very useful. We hope that you get great use out of these resources and I look forward to hearing about your future designs. Happy Designing Lucie!

    • Maria Letta

      Hi Lucie,
      Thanks a lot for so good review, I really happy that you like collection!

  4. Aileen

    I am wondering if individual elements are labeled/named. Birds, flowers etc.

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Aileen,

      Thanks for getting in touch and rest assured I can certainly answer your question now. The good news is that the designer has split these resources into separate folders such as birds, flowers and people. I hope this helps :)

      • Aileen

        Actually, I was referring to the original naming, is a rose labeled as a rose?

        • Zack Parks

          Hey Aileen,

          thanks for getting back to me and I can certainly answer your query now. The designer has provided the resources in labelled files. So for example you will if you want a flower, you will find them in the Flowers file, labelled ‘Flower 1’ etc. hope this helps Aileen :).

    • Maria Letta

      Hi Aileen,
      As professional designer I always try to make all my product useful and good organized, so I add different folders for different types of picture.

  5. Sara Rino

    Do the items like the gold pocket watch, strand of pearls, and magnifying glass come with this?

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Sara,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch and I can certainly answer your query now. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately, the Pocket Watch, Pearl Necklace and Magnifying glass are not included in this pack. They were used by the designer to help create a scene in these example graphics. My apologies for any inconvenience caused

    • Maria Letta

      Hi Sara,
      A bit sad that collection not suitable for you, but good news – I already work on collection with real vintage items, so hope you will find something suitable in my shop in future!


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