The Ultimate Brush Toolbox

You just found the one and only set of brushes you’ll ever need. Meet The Ultimate Brush Toolbox!

This incredibly extensive set of brushes has been 5 months in the making. It was crafted from hundreds of real samples across 12 different mediums. It was very important to me to build the set in a way that was authentic and true to the source materials. If you choose an oil brush from the set, I wanted that brush to be made from real oil paint, and look and act like real oil paint. It was also important to me that these brushes be tested and approved by professional artists before release. Over the course of development I enlisted the help of several artists and designers spanning a range of specialties. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and provided tremendous help to ensure that this brush set contains exactly what a professional artist needs.

There is no longer a need to waste time searching for the perfect brush. The brushes found within this set will give you the confidence you need as an artist. Knowing that your brushes are finely crafted and road test by professionals makes all the difference!

Not only does this set contain every brush, it’s also built for every industry standard app: Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. 300 real media brushes x5 apps is 1500 brushes included in the download!

It’s been an incredible journey building this brush set. I’m so excited to finally get it into your hands. I hope it ignites new possibilities in your creative endeavours, and I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

Happy Painting!

Included in this set:

  • 300 Real Media Brushes for Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator and Affinity.
  • 38 Acrylic Brushes – Sampled from real acrylic paint.
  • 16 Airbrushes – Sampled from actual airbrush sprays and splatters.
  • 16 Charcoal Brushes – Made from real charcoal marks and strokes.
  • 22 Crayon Brushes – Created from old waxy crayons.
  • 30 Gouache Brushes – Made from real gouache paint strokes and washes.
  • 24 Ink Brushes – Sampled from a variety of tech, ballpoints and brush pens.
  • 18 Marker Brushes – Created from real broad and brush tip alcohol markers.
  • 40 Oil Brushes – Made from real oil paint smears, strokes and textures.
  • 30 Pastel Brushes – Crafted from real pastel dry strokes, dust and all.
  • 20 Pencil Brushes – Created from various types of pencils and graphite sticks.
  • 34 Watercolor Brushes – Made from real watercolor strokes, washes and stains.
  • 12 Texture Brushes – Created from actual canvases, papers and wood panels.
  • 12 Surface Texture .JPG – Includes even more papers, canvas, ink washes and more!

Zipped File Size: 3.47 as a two-part download.

File Types Included: .ABR, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, .BRUSHSET, .AFBRUSHES

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (and higher), Adobe Illustrator 2020, Affinity, Procreate, .EPS files will work with a variety of programs.

Part of this product is included in Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Oil Brushes,Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Watercolor, and Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Acrylic Brushes

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42 lovely comments from our community

  1. yaegerthorin

    Really been enjoying using these brushes in Photoshop CS6. I have been a PS user for 15+ years, but am just starting to learning how to draw my own original artwork. These brushes have been so much fun to play around with. Still learning the ropes, but I’ve gotten some results I am very happy with … given my limited artistic training. ;-)

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Tracy,

      It’s so great to hear you are loving your new brushes, your kind words mean so much to us. we would love to see what you have created with your DC resources – feel free to tag us if you choose to share these on social media! :)

  2. Rating:

    Raul Perez

    So… I like these brushes i bought but only based on what the creator made with them lol. However, I have tried the charcoal brush set and I’m not getting the same or even similar results as the example… are there any tutorials available online Anywhere to see how the results in the examples are obtained? I checked YouTube and came up empty. Thanks.

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Raul,

      Thank you so much for commenting! The great news is that Nathan actually joined us on a live session a few days ago, to introduce this brushes pack, and take some of the brushes for a spin. Whilst this session is not exclusively on the charcoal brushes, I hope that this video can help offer some great inspiration for how they could be used:

      If you do have any further queries about the charcoal brushes however, please feel free to pop us an email anytime and we will be happy to help :).

  3. lisajohnstonhancock

    Every time I click on “add to cart” it take me to my cart and says that my cart is empty. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

    • Annabel Smith

      Oh no, I am really sorry to hear that you are having difficulty adding this pack to your cart. Rest assured, I can certainly help with this and you should see an email from me really soon!

  4. lanitaford


    I noticed when importing the vector brushes for Affinity Designer that there are only 298 brushes total. So, I uninstalled them all a couple of times to see if it was an issue with the download. Then, reinstalled them separately to see which category of brushes was missing two brushes. Gouche only had 28 brushes whereas it was suppose to contain 30. The rest of the brushes/categories were accurate based upon the listed amounts on the sales page. Could you check with Nathan to see which ones I am missing and add them to that file?

    I imported the pixel brushes and it stated that it installed 300 brushes, so I have to assume that the numbers are correct for the vector brushes.

    I haven’t used any of them yet, so I can’t comment on that yet. =)

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Lanita,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

      Oh no, I am really sorry to hear that you are possibly missing some of your brushes! Rest assured, our Product Team are on the case and will double-check these Gouache brushes to ensure that you have all of your files. As soon as I have an update on these other two brushes, I will pop you over an email to help you get working with them straight away :).


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