We’re thrilled to announce The Ultimate Canvas Creator, an exclusive pack brought to you by Nathan Brown of Trailhead Design Co. and Design Cuts. This set, which has been months in the making, was designed to bring an aspect of unmatched realism to your digital art. Once you’ve experienced painting on these surfaces, you’ll never go back to a plain white screen again.

This versatile pack was created to address the reality that the surface of a painting has just as much impact on the outcome as the brush strokes themselves. This is commonplace in the world of traditional art and something that Nathan has long considered true in digital art as well. The way light reflects on a textured surface can completely change a painting’s appearance. For this reason, the collection of tools found in The Ultimate Canvas Creator was created to tackle that very need, that of enhancing digital art with rich surface texture.

This past year, Nathan has been working on both the Ultimate Brush Toolbox and the Ultimate Canvas Creator with the aim to make them the most definitive digital art experience available. It’s his belief that these two products, combined with on-screen drawing tools like the iPad Pro or a tablet monitor, are the closest you can get to experiencing traditional art in a digital environment!

Included in this set:

40 High resolution (4000x5000 pixel) layered surface textures broken into 3 media types (Paint, Wet and Dry):
  • 14 Paint media surface textures for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 12 Paint media edge masks for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 30 Paint media finishing brushes for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • Bonus gold, silver and copper leaf textures
  • 14 Wet media surface textures for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 12 Wet media edge masks for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 22 Wet media finishing brushes for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 12 Dry media surface textures for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 10 Dry media edge masks for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • 24 Dry media finishing brushes for Procreate, Affinity and Photoshop
  • Detailed PDF guides and instruction documents for each app and media type

Zipped File Size: 27.6 GB


Software Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (and higher), Affinity , Procreate .

Average Rating:

36 lovely reviews from
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  1. Rating:

    Jenny Lens

    Although I’ve taken at least half a dozen color theory classes while earning my BA in Art, MFA in Design, and Cert in Computer Graphics, I’m at a loss about TONE. Tone is different than Hue, which is the Color. Tone aka Tonal Values refer to lightness and darkness of the image. Tone is the grayscale values under the hues.

    Changing tones changes lightness and darkness, but doesn’t radically change the from one Hue or Color to another. It doesn’t change from brown to yellow, as seen in the painting of the cardinal. Or blue to brown in the elephant.

    What am I missing?

    I am so confused. I literally feel a tightening in my core because this makes no sense to me. I would love to understand this concept better so I can use the product better. Thank you.

    ALSO, I never got an email about this cool product nor notice of the video which happened yesterday. I saw the product banner when I downloaded the Friday freebie. I will purchase it.

    ** How do I see a replay of the Video explaining this product?

    Thanks so much. As always, my gratitude and best to all.

    • Jenny Lens

      I DID find the replay but totally dismayed it’s only in Procreate. So that is why I didn’t understand reference to “Paint Here” layer.

      Can you please, in the future, make it clear when there’s a reference to a specific technique to specify which product when a product can be used in various products? I know for a long time people complained there was not enough Procreate products. DesignCuts has been super about providing brushes for Procreate.

      But as a hardcore Photoshop user who will never give up her 27 inch monitor and Photoshop, I’d appreciate knowing what to ignore rather than be confused about “Paint Here” layer that only refers to Procreate. I usually ignore Procreate and vector products.

      I don’t keep up with all the constant new features in Photoshop, so a natural assumption could be made that it’s a new Pshop feature for a product that is used in Photoshop.

      So please think about making it more clear when a product can be used in multiple programs and you list those programs. I totally understand different brush types. I know jpgs and pngs can be used in any program anyone can ever think of, for the most part. I taught both Adobe Illustrator (at UCLA) and Photoshop (at Santa Monica College and elsewhere). I understand the difference between vector and raster.

      But “Paint Here” threw me. Plus my extreme sadness finding the vid and scrubbing through it to see it’s only for Procreate.

      But not all’s lost. I’m well versed using textured papers and brushes, many I’ve purchased here. So hopefully I should have no issues. All’s well that ends well.

      So my only question has to do with the brush sets. Thanks and there will be good rockin’ tonight with these goodies!

      • Annabel Smith

        Hey Jenny,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for your lovely review of the Ultimate Canvas Creator!

        I can certainly help you further with your queries and hope that you do enjoy taking this pack for a spin :).

        Nathan has advised that the background tone for each canvas can be easily adjusted so that exposed areas of canvas will match and blend with your art as if the canvas itself has been toned. You are of course totally right that tone in Colour Theory relates to how much grey is being added to the image, rather than the hue itself changing, so we appreciate you double-checking this with us and our apologies for any confusion caused. We will raise this with Nathan just to be sure.

        I am really sorry to hear that you did not receive an email to let you know about this pack being launched. As you may know, we do allow you to opt out of some of our mailing lists so that you can totally tailor your newsletters towards your needs. I can see that you have actually opted out of our Marketplace emails, which is where we announced the release of this pack, so my apologies that this missed you. Rest assured, we can certainly get you added back in to our mailing list so that you can hear more about our newest releases!

        I’m really glad to hear that you were able to locate the replay for Nathan’s live session. Whilst this session was done in Procreate, the techniques shown should be transferable to Photoshop as well. Within the PSD files provided, you should find a Draw Here/Paint Here layer where you can create your drawings, and the canvas texture will automatically be applied to your brush strokes. We really appreciate your feedback however and will certainly raise your suggestion for an Affinity and Photoshop session as well :).

        Have a great day Jenny and I hope this helps!

        • Jenny Lens

          Annabel!!! So wonderful to hear from you. I didn’t see your name in the comments and relieved to see you are still here! Ok, I’m going to buy this Canvas Creator, plus Nathan’s Brushes Toolbox, and a few other goodies. That way I get super cool discounts and of course, super cool products.

          I understand HOW to change colors in Photoshop. What I don’t know is how HIS particular package handles that. So I will do what I always do: play with it and make it work for me. Plus Affinity Photo.

          Not Affinity, which is a company. But Affinity Photo. Reminds me when I taught and people would ask a question about Adobe. I’d say, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker? (yes, it was that long ago).

          By saying the company name, people think all products or techniques are applicable to any program in that company line. And that’s not true.

          You know me, picky picky cos I’m all about clarity. I drive people crazy. But then they tell me later, “oh, I remember you, you were so techy in creative classes.”

          I love to collect your paper textures and brushes, especially those replicating traditional painting supplies. Thanks so much!

          PS Yes, I need to get back on your Marketplace list, not just your Friday Freebies and of course, your Bundles. How do I do that, Annabel? Thanks!

          • Annabel Smith

            Aww it’s so sweet that you were missing me Jenny teehee – I’m still here and loving my time at DC (can you believe that it has already been over 3 years since I joined the team? Time certainly flies!).

            We love that you like to be picky about these kinds of things. I like to think of you as the Mary Poppins of the digital design world; practically perfect in every way ;).

            I hope that you have great fun taking these canvases for a test drive, and do let us know how you get on with them! In the meantime, I can certainly help you receive our Marketplace emails again and you should see an email from me really soon.

  2. yaegerthorin

    Not clear what the difference is between this and the Ultimate Brush Toolbox. Looks like a lot of the same brushes. Is the difference that these have a canvas material built into the brush? Also, any issues with Photoshop CS6 compatibility? Thanks!

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Yaeger,

      Thanks for commenting!

      So yes, as you have seen, this pack has been specifically created to help you create a rich and realistic surface texture for your brush artwork. I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news however this pack is listed as compatible with Photoshop CC only, and so will unfortunately not work as fully intended in CS6.

  3. magikwolfe

    The other products in the Ultimate series have an Illustrator format. Will this product be made for Illustrator at some point?

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Gena,

      I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but as the Ultimate Canvas Creator is made of Rastor files and Illustrator is a Vector based Software, this means that the Canvases will not be available for Illustrator. My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this, Gena!

  4. Rating:


    Hi – the downloads are pretty big and are bundled in separate parts – does that mean that part works for all the software listed on it? Or is it that I must download the entire part and then just extract the files I want, e.g. Procreate when it’s bundled with Affinity and Photoshop? I’d like to just download for Procreate only but they seem to be bundled… any advice?

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Morenike,

      Thanks for getting in touch and I can certainly help you find your Procreate files in the Ultimate Canvas Creator. To help you find exactly which parts you need, Nathan has noted which files for which design software are within each zip file. You should be able to find all of your Procreate files with in parts 3,7,8 and 12.

      I have just popped you an email that should help.

  5. sacreddimensions

    This looks really great! I would like to see how the texture is automatically applied to the “Paint Here” layer. Will there be a video demonstration or tutorial?

    • Zack Parks

      Hey Rhonda,

      Thanks for getting in touch and it is great to hear that you are loving this pack. The great news is that Nathan will be joining us for a live session on Thursday. I have just popped you a link for you to register for the session tomorrow: https://bit.ly/2QqQavi.

      I hope that you can join us on Thursday, Rhonda!

      • sacreddimensions

        Thanks, I signed up :)

        • Zack Parks

          That’s brilliant to hear, Rhonda. We hope you enjoy Nathan’s session and can pick up some awesome design tips from it :).


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