A Massive Variety of Best Selling, Beautiful Design Resources

We’ve been listening hard to you guys, and this bundle brings together a ton of your most requested items. These items are some of the most popular, best sellers in the design industry. This deal gives you a unique chance to own this huge collection of fonts, textures, presets, brushes, papers and actions, for an unprecedented price!

All Inclusive Design Bundle

The Most Popular Design Resources in the World – In One Bundle

For today’s bundle, we’ve teamed up with some of the most popular design shops in the world, to bring you a deal packed with creative goodness. (As always, the items featured in this bundle haven’t been featured in any previous bundle.)

These resources are selling like crazy at full price, yet we’ve negotiated a massive 94% discount exclusively for the Design Cuts community. Most of the individual items in this collection cost more than the entire deal, and they’re such fantastic quality they’ll be be benefiting your work for years to come.

This bundle is especially useful for all the print designers in our community, providing you with a ton of expert print effects and actions; giving your work an extra authentic, old-time printed look.

Here’s why we think you’ll love this design bundle:

  • The variety in this bundle is huge. Not only have we included 3 best-selling fonts, but there are water-color effects and branding kits, print effects, vector packs, brushes, actions and so much more! It really is a HUGE collection, that will be a fantastic addition to your design library. Usually these resources sell for $454, but you can grab them all for just $29.
  • Every designer in this bundle is an inspiration within the design community. Their items are adored by designers all over the world, due to the incredible quality and meticulous attention to detail. Fonts are complete with tons of weight options, glyphs, stylistic alternates and other awesome features. Beautiful design packs are supported by a huge array of amazing bonuses – vector packs, brush sets, helpful instructional guides and more! These items are the original trend setters – once they’re released, lesser imitations spring up all over the community. True quality in every sense of the word.
  • Of course this wouldn’t be a Design Cuts deal without extended licensing (meaning you can use these items in work you resell), and full web font versions for all fonts included. These best-selling fonts don’t have an extended license available anywhere else, so even if you own a couple of them, this license is hugely valuable to you. We’ve also included a handy .pdf guide for navigating this massive bundle with ease.

This is an especially large deal, so we recommend scrolling through all the goodies below to really take in everything that is included. This is a massive library of professional quality resources, and we hope you love every moment of using them!

Take a look at everything included:

Make Media Co

The Complete Watercolor Branding Kit

Introducing the Complete Watercolor Branding Kit! Why complete? Because it has everything you need to design a totally awesome, vector watercolor logo. That’s right, each element was carefully drawn or painted, then scanned and vectorized, so that you have perfectly crisp graphics and total control over the size and shape of your logo. Go ahead and get crazy! Layer paint elements and splatters, or pair up floral elements for something completely unique!

Each element has also been placed on its own Photoshop layer, so no more using the lasso tool to grab your graphics. Now, you can simply open the .psd, right-click on the icon you want, apply one of the watercolor patterns, add your text, and BOOM! You’ve just created your own, gorgeous watercolor logo. How cool is that?!

And if the vector goodness wasn’t enough, I’ve assembled 18 watercolor logos to give you some inspiration and jump-start your creativity. Feel free to customize an existing logo, or use any combination of elements to create your perfect watercolor design!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SO, WHAT DO YOU GET? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

• 18 Hand Drawn Logos in .AI, .EPS and .PSD format
(Note: The .AI versions are single-color vector logos. The color versions are available in Photoshop.)
• 50 Watercolor Patterns in a .PAT File & .PSD Sample Document.
• 50 Vector Paint Elements (.AI, .EPS & .PSD).
• 100 Hand-Drawn Vector Floral Elements (.AI, .EPS & .PSD. No Duplicates Counted.)
• Download links to all the fonts I’ve used & Quick-Starter Instruction Guide.
(Note: All fonts are free to download, but some are for PERSONAL use only, unless you grab a license.) :)
In this .pdf, I’ll take you through the basics of how to adjust the Photoshop logos & get that realistic edge effect too.
• 10 BONUS Pastel Watercolor Backgrounds.

Grab this kit, and before you know it, you’ll have a super-sweet watercolor logo to call your own!

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

The Glitter & Graphics Pack

If you’re caught up in the watercolor craze and want to take your designs to the next level, then I’ve got the pack for you!! Introducing, the ‘Glitter, Graphics & Watercolor Decorative Design Pack!’

I’ve lovingly painted & hand-sketched over 300 elements for your creative pleasure, then vectorized them all, and imported them into Photoshop on individual layers, to make your workflow easier. Then, to spice up your vectors, I’ve included new 30 watercolor patterns (by popular demand), as well as 40 glitter colors, AND 10 sparkle brushes to make your new vectors shine!

Use the vector graphics on logos, invitations, greeting cards, packaging, flyers and more! Use the glitter and watercolors on graphics, vectors, type…anything you want! The sky’s the limit! :)

::::::::::: SO, WHAT DO YOU GET? ::::::::::

• 190 Hand Painted Vector Elements (AI & EPS + PSD).
• 110 Hand Drawn Vector Elements (AI & EPS + PSD).
(PSD versions wouldn’t fit in the .zip, so I’ll send a link after purchase).
• 40 Original Glitter Patterns for Photoshop (.pat file).
• 30 Original Watercolor Patterns for Photoshop (.pat file).
• 10 Sparkle Brushes for Photoshop (.abr file).
• Instruction Guide to help you install the .pat & .abr files, and get going!!

Add some glittery goodness to just about anything!

The Ultimate Designer's CollectionThe Ultimate Designer's Collection

Veronia Typeface + Frames

Make Media Co and the Cultivated Mind Type Foundry have joined creative forces to bring you Veronia!
A sweet & versatile mono-line typeface, along with over 85, unique floral elements and 10 adjustable Photoshop frames. Verona comes in two weights with over 30 alternates AND Latin Pro characters.

Veronia is perfect for stationery, greeting cards, invitations, save-the-dates, magazines and more!

So, grab your copy today and start designing! :)

::::::::::: HERE’S WHAT YOU GET :::::::::::
• Veronia Regular (OTF & TTF)
• Veronia Bold (OTF & TTF)
• Veronia Elements (OTF & TTF)
• Over 85 Veronia Vectors (AI & EPS)
• Over 30 Additional ‘End’ Characters
• 10 Editable Photoshop Frames & JPGs

Languages supported: Western Europe, Euro, Ligatures, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, OpenType Alternates, OpenType Swashes, Other OpenType Features, Dingbats and Symbols

Web fonts are included.

The Ultimate Designer's CollectionThe Ultimate Designer's Collection

Retro Supply Co

Mid Century Print Pack

This vast pack brings you 5 of Retro Supply Co’s most popular items. These packs are perfect if you’re a print designer, or love achieving an authentic vintage/retro look in your design work. At the click of a button you can apply authentic print effects in seconds.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Check out the 5 products included in this pack below:

1. Retro-Matic – Easy Ink Offset

Retro-Matic™ gives your work an offset print effect completely indistinguishable from real offset/misregistered ink. Best of all, the action is REALLY easy to use.

A single action allows you to select the color(s) to offset and gives you complete control over how offset the ink is. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Here’s what you get when you buy now:

Retro-Matic™ – Easy Ink Offset:

Includes one simple yet powerful actions that allows you to: select the colors to offset and control the exact placement of the offset. Works on all sizes of work. 100% non-destructive.

Retro-Matic™ Easy Tips (3 videos and password):

3 quick and easy tutorial videos that will help you get perfect results with Retro-Matic.

Sample Image:

Get the image from the demo video so you can try it out yourself fast.

Subtle Retro Texture Pack:

The most subtle yet detailed brushes on the market. These brushes are ideal for slowly layering on top of your work. Inspired by French Paper’s Speckletone line you can easily see beautiful details when you use these brushes including flicks, shives, and the ink that pools inbetween. (3 brushes included)

Easy Halftone:

The easy halftone pack takes a whole new approach to adding halftone to your work. Instead of just placing halftone on top of your work or using a brush now you can paint it on. 100% non-destructive.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

2. Photo-Baker

“Here’s how to give your images a 1950’s style illustrated effect in Photoshop”

This illustrated photograph style is common in 1950’s advertising. Characterized by high-contrast colors, a granular texture on the image, subtle halftones and print flecks.

The way to do this used to be by using a variety of brushes and filter manually. By combing filters, blending modes and brushes you can build up a really authentic illustrated photograph style. The only problem is that this can take hours.

Plus, there’s no guarantee that it will even work.

The RetroSupply Photo-Baker Make It Easy

The RetroSupply Photo-Toaster is a single customizable action that you can use to give your images that classic illustrated photo look. Simple click Play on the action and the Photo-Toaster will guide you through a series of pop-up sliders. The result is a great looking illustrated style image.

Things not looking quite how you want? No problem. Everything is non-destructive and 100% customizable. Just adjust blending modes, opacity and double click on effects. Tweak to your hearts content.

Here’s what’s included in the RetroSupply Photo-Baker Kit:

• 1 easy to use action that will help you create an illustration style photo fast.
• Bonus Freebie: 2 new brushes from the Subtle Retro Print Texture Collection.
• Easy to understand instructions.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

3. SparkPrint – Monotone Action

Not only does SparkPrint give your work a halftone look. It’s also a halftone factory! Here’s a set of free ones I made in 5 minutes using SparkPrint: http://bit.ly/1iLXVNZ


SparkPrint is 3 100% customizable Photoshop actions that gives your work a monotone print effect. From a 1970’s auto parts catalogue to a halftone in the Sunday comics we’ve got you covered.

In addition to the 3 Photoshop actions you’ll also receive 10 subtle grunge brushes and 4 retro paper textures.


• 1 SparkPrint Premium Monotone action.
• 1 SparkPrint Premium Monotone action (with instructions built into the action).
• 1 SparkPrint Premium Color Monotone action (choose any color you want).
• 5 Curated Subtle SparkPrint Brushes – A curated collection of brushes ideal for rugged design.
• 5 Subtle Shop Brushes (includes sandpaper, subtle print and cardboard textures).
• 4 Shop Paper Textures (includes chipboard, cardboard, folder and sandpaper).
• Easy to use (and pretty cool looking) instructions.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

4. InkChamp PSD Action

Have you ever been blown away by how well another designer made their work look aged and worn? I know I have.

Obviously, there’s a lot of little things that make a design look truly vintage. Subtle offsets, halftones, texture. But there’s one thing that almost every designer I know misses.

It’s a subtle yet powerful effect that drills into your subconscious mind. It’s hard to put your finger on it until someone points it out. Any ideas what it is?

Ink starve.

What is ink starve? Ink starve is the effect that occurs after a printing plate pushes into a sheet of paper. As the plate rises of the paper the ink pools toward the center slightly. The result is a subtle grainy lightening around the edges.


Here’s what’s included in the pack:

• 1 InkChamp high-resolution plate simulator action.
• 1 InkChamp high-resolution plate simulator with FREE subtle rough edge effect.
• 1 InkChamp high-resolution plate simulator action (with built in instructions).
• 5 magic paper textures (not really magic, just seeing if you’re paying attention).
• Champ’s Super Soft Brush Set (3 brushes).
• InkChamp manual.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

5. The Blacksmith

“Get a Vintage Roughened Text Effect in 57 Seconds Even If You’re a Photoshop Newbie!”

This print effect has become REALLY popular. I’ve seen designers use it on everything from handcrafted clothing labels to typography for bands like Mumford and Sons.

Back in the day (19th century) this kind of work was done with a printing press like the ones made by Miehle Printing Press and Manufacturing Company in London, England. This mechanical approach to printing as well as hand crafted typography resulted in prints with small flaws and imperfections.

You can still get this effect today. You just need to buy an old printing press. If you do your research you can get a really small one (size of a shoebox) for around $500. If you’re seriously into vintage printing you can pick a larger professional sized one for $3500 or more.

But if you don’t have room in your garage for for a printing press The Blacksmith action does a good job of simulating the look of these old presses.

This non-destructive Photoshop action will give you the same look in less than a minute. Plus, it’s 100% customizable. So no matter what size work you’re using the action on the results will look great.

***Here’s What You’ll Get When You Get The Blacksmith Printing Press Action***

• 1 The Blacksmith Printing Press action with built in instructions. Just load the action and press play.
• 1 The Blacksmith Printing Press without instructions. Work even faster with no pop-up instructions.
• 4 The Blacksmith Printing Press – A curated collection of brushes to age your work.
• A read-me file (because instructions are good) for installation and using the action.

There’s nothing better than working with real ink and paper. But if you’re a busy designer (or don’t own an 1813 Columbian Press) this action works great!

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

VectorSupply – Vector Textures

Introducing VectorSupply, vector textures so crisp you’ll want to touch them.

This kit provides you with aged print textures for every situation. Each one easy and fast to use.

This kit can be used for fast and easy print, web and screen print design.

Here’s what you get:

• 13 halftone textures you can lay over your designs for fast aging effects.
• 14 seamless aged pattern swatches – ideal for type and objects.
• 16 authentic halftone brushes – great for creating inconsistent distressed looks.
• 14 hand made sponge brushes – for easy shading and dry screen print effects.
• 7 oil and coffee stains – because sometimes your design needs coffee spilled on it.
• 8 example images for inspiration and ideas (in vector format so you can inspect them).
• VectorSupply Instruction Manual.

Here’s what went into creating VectorSupply:

• Real halftone textures created from 20+ hours of pulling screens and abusing printers.
• Ink textures from hand pulled screens.
• Sponge brushes from 60 year old steel wool, neglected brushes, rags, and my orange trees.
• Oil and coffee stains made from real stains I made and sun dried in the drive way.

Vector work with these kinds of details gives you a very special look that can’t be created with Photoshop.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

VintagePress – Ink Plate Effects

You know how Photoshop and Illustrator give you nice smooth colors and crisp clean edges? VintagePress chews up your precious digital work and spits out rough textures, hot inky edges, and other real print goodies.

This PSD kit will get that design you worked so hard on and make it look like the newspaper that’s been in a bin in your grandpa’s garage since 1962.

Plus, if you’re like me and don’t like to work too hard on stuff you’re going to love this.

VintagePress gets rid of all the work by giving you instant vintage print effects that look like you spent a bunch of time on them. So you don’t have to mess with tons of effects, brushes, and other stuff every time you’re preparing your work.

How does VintagePress do it?

By building a simple but powerful kit that allows you to drop your design into folders. VintagePress does the rest. Each file has been carefully set up to create authentic looking print effects using best practices for achieving these effects.

Here’s what’s included in the VintagePress Box:

VintagePress ($17)

A professionally constructed PSD file that gives you realistic vintage print effects instantly. Just drop your images into the clearly marked folders and get beautiful textures, ink edge bleeds, and beautiful overlays. It’s easy to turn on and off textures and tweak the intensity too.

VintagePress comes in 2 sizes. Regular size for your everyday web work (2500 x 1875px). And extra large for print work (4000 x 3000px).

I’ve also included instruction conveniently located in the PSD. So as soon as you open it you’ll see simple 2-step instructions, making it easy to understand instantly.

It also comes preloaded with 5 high-quality texture presets including: soft newsprint, uniform recycled paper, subtle horizontal ink, soaked and rough pulp.

Bonus #1 – MatchPress ($12)

MatchPress is VintagePress’s little brother. He’ll give you rough edges and intense ink bleeds. Just like you see on classic retro matchbook art. Plus, MatchPress has the exact ratio of a matchbook. Making it ideal for creating matchbook designs or posting on Dribbble or Instagram.

Bonus #2 – RetroAcademy Vintage Press Training ($15)

Easy video training to teach you some tricks to get even more from VintagePress. Including how to increase texture intensity in specific areas. Plus, a quick tutorial on how to load Bonus #3 Texture Refill Pack in less than a minute.

Bonus #3 – 5 Texture Refill Pack ($10)
Have a craving for even more rough and dirty textures? This texture refill pack has got you covered. It includes: Mold & Mildew, Machine Scrapes, Water Stains, Vertical Ink Lines, and Concrete Scrapes. Between this refill pack and the preloaded textures the combinations are endless.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Kimmy Design

Catalina Font Family

Earlier this year I visited a bakery in Newport Beach, CA and fell in love with the organic design and typography of the place. Hand-drawn menus, table cards, chalkboards, and wall quotes surrounded the charming spot. It inspired me to create a new font family based on the combination of hand drawn fonts. Included in this package are 5 font families, with 2 graphic ornament fonts. Each font family contains at least a light, medium and bold.

Here is a breakdown of what’s cookin’ at Catalina’s Bakery:

Catalina Anacapa: Tall and skinny, this font comes in 3 weights for both sans and slab serif styles. It includes contextual alternatives (giving 3 versions of each letter), stylistic alternatives for select letters (A, K, P, Q, R, Y) and also includes Small Caps.

Catalina Avalon: Based off Anacapa, this sub family has a high contrasting line weight. It comes in light, regular and bold as well as an inline alternative for both sans and slab serif styles. Avalon also includes opentype features such as contextual alternatives (giving 3 versions of each letter), stylistic alternatives for select letters (A, K, P, Q, R, Y) and small caps for each letter.

Catalina Clemente: In a more standard width, Clemente is one of the two sub families that can be used for paragraph text as well as headlines. It’s organically geometric in style and comes in ALL CAPS and lowercase, includes upright and custom italics, and has the opentype feature giving 3 versions of each letter.

Catalina Script: A great compliment with the display sub-families, Catalina Script rounds out the package with a hand-drawn cursive flair. It includes contextual alternatives (giving 2 variations to each letter) as well as stylistic alternatives for many of the capital and lowercase letters. It has special ligatures for some letter combinations, and titling alternatives for all the capital letters.

Catalina Typewriter: The second of the paragraph text sub-families, this typewriter inspired hand-drawn font family works great as either a display or paragraph text. It has contextual alternatives with 3 versions of each letter, and comes in both upright and custom italics versions.

Catalina Extras! These two fonts go perfectly with the Catalina Family. They includes borders, frames, arrows, banners, flourishes and more. Catalina Flourish has all of it’s options in a light and bold style, to use the light version type all lowercase letters, then to make something bold, used it’s uppercase (or shift+) characters. For a breakdown of graphic/letter correlation, see the breakdown PDF.

All of Catalina was drawn by the same hand, using the same ink and technique. While they contrast in their type styles, they work together perfectly to create one cohesive font family.

Languages supported: Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian (Latin), Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German, Turkish.

Web fonts are included.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Ian Barnard

TexturePress – Ink Stamp Effects

Have you ever wondered how some designers produce such awesome textures that you see on dribbble and Instagram?

Well now you can with TexturePress.

TexturePress uses Photoshop smart layers (smart objects), so all you have to do is paste your compound artwork in to the smart layer, save and you’re done. This is a product that I use every day posting artwork to my instagram account and it saves me a ton of time. Check out some recent work using it: http://instagram.com/ianbarnard

What you get:
– 2 x TexturePress PSD files (3000x2000px Landscape & Portrait)
– 10 Grunge Textures (PNG 3000x2000px)
– 5 Textures by Rob Brink (PNG 3000x2000px)
– 3 PS Brushes (200px)
– Instructions
– Video links

– Photoshop CS3 or higher.
– Text or images you place on the smart layer needs to be single color and a solid compound shape (i.e. not semi-transparent)

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Gold Leaf Press – V2

Add a touch of class to your type, hand lettering and calligraphy with realistic Gold Leaf effects in this easy to use Photoshop smart PSD.

Just drop in your work into the smart object and a Gold Leaf texture is instantly applied to it. But it’s not just gold. You get the choice of Silver, Bronze or Holographic textures and also the ability to make your own foils with my unique actions. Just choose the colors and it makes the foil for you, ready to be place in the PSD.

Also included is a one click texture layer which adds a flaky look to the leaf making it look aged and weathered.

What you get:
• Gold Leaf Press PSD – Landscape 4500px x 3000px
• Gold Leaf Press PSD – Portrait 3000px x 4500px
• Gold Leaf Press PSD – Square 3000px x 3000px
• 12 Foil Textures (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Holographic)
• 2 Glitter Patterns with easy change color.
• Make your own foil – Photoshop actions
• Full color instruction booklet

• Photoshop CS3 or above. Will not work in Elements.
• Basic knowledge of Photoshop.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

InkPad – Rubber Stamp Effects

The Rubber Stamp effect – One of the most sort after type effects on the internet is now available through this easy to use Smart PSD.

InkPad takes inspiration from my No.1 products TexturePress & Dusty’s Print Shop, but doesn’t use any textures or actions to create the stamp like effects.

It’s all done within Photoshop itself!

Part of the process uses the Photoshop Filter Gallery, which gives you access to unlimited settings and styles to play with to make completely individual stamp effects. Plus added with the settings to tweak in the smart object prior to that, you can have a different stamp every time.

One other little plus point. It can be enlarged without losing quality. Even the included background textures are vector based so that can join the enlargement party. Just make sure the work you put in is vector too!

What’s include:
• INKPAD PSD (landscape – 3000x2000px)
• INKPAD PSD (portrait – 2000x3000px)
• INKPAD PSD (square – 3000x3000px)
• 12 Vector Background Textures (Ink flecks, Rough halftones, Rolled Ink, Painted canvas)
• Detailed PDF instructions with screenshots

• Adobe CS3 and higher.
• Basic knowledge of Photoshop.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Ornaments of Grace

Thankful Complete Font Family

Thankful Complete is a super family, comprised of 8 handmade sub-families that compliment each other charmingly. Each sub-family and weight will lend your designs a unique, quaint, artisanal flavor. All families feature extended latin character sets. Also included in the Complete Family are hundreds of ornaments, dividers, catchwords, and patterns. And as a special thank-you for purchasing the entire family, you’ll find bonus textures, vector extras, and clipart to complete your designs.


Thankful Complete Font Family: 29 Fonts in 8 Font subfamilies (Display, Extras, Modern, Ornate, Sans, Script, Serif, Slab). All fonts come in OTF and TTF and Webfonts.

+ BONUS! Enjoy 9 original textures of wood, paper, and autumnal canvas in 300 DPI PNG. Textures can be accessed via a separate download link when you purchase this product.


Thankful Display: 4 weights
Thankful Display is an ornate, almost delicate display family based on a type specimen featured in an early twentieth-century type foundry catalog. Uneven, imperfect, and whimsical, Thankful Display is a great choice for a rustic, vintage headline. Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Display stackable within the sub-family.

Thankful Extras: 3 Weights
Thankful Extras are the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie. 150+ Catchwords and over 250 handmade ornaments and rules will finish your design most charmingly. Consult the character maps for a key to all these lovely embellishments. Center Ornaments, Side Ornaments, and Catchwords are also included in Thankful Complete as vector files (.AI CS3 and above).

Thankful Modern: 8 Weights
Thankful Modern is a bold headline family intended to make a statement. Thankful Modern is also meant to dress up your design, including several weights with illumination and a shadow weight. Clear with a subtly rustic finish, Thankful Modern is ideal for a bold but decorative heading or subheading. Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Modern stackable within the sub-family.

Thankful Ornate: 4 Weights (2 Standard and 2 Pro with Extended Latin)
Thankful Ornate is a highly decorative display family inspired by modern vintage hand lettering. Delicate, yet bold and comical, Thankful Ornate will quickly dress up your design with old-fashioned good humor and is ideal for initials, headlines, and single words at large sizes. Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Display stackable within the sub-family.

Thankful Sans: 3 Weights
Thankful Sans is plain (and fancy!) but delightfully wholesome. A steady and cheerful handmade family with a light sense of humor, Thankful Sans is pleasing at small or large sizes for headers, subheaders, or small paragraphs. Lowercase letters are distressed by hand as they jump around subtly on the baseline, forming a charming, hand-lettered appearance. Fancy, Plain, and Slim weights form a cozy, friendly little family.

Thankful Script: 1 Weight
Thankful Script is as capricious as the swirling leaves of autumn. With hundreds of swashes, alternates, and ligatures, Thankful Script can be easily customized to appear hand-lettered and will add a touch of elegance to your design.

Thankful Serif: 2 Weights
Thankful Serif is a rustically elegant body font with a touch of happy-go-lucky. This slightly more refined cousin of Thankful Sans comes in two weights, which each serve a distinct purpose. The Regular weight easily embraces whole paragraphs, while the Engraved weight forms a charming header. With initial and terminal decorative capital letter forms (as stylistic sets,) and delightful, decorative ligatures, Thankful Serif will look lovely in your next design.

Thankful Slab: 4 weights
Completing the family is Thankful Slab, a young and quirky slab serif family. Its 4 weights can cover a number of uses, from headlines to captions to small paragraphs. The regular weight can be used as a spidery caption or a small body of text, while the bold weights easily carry the headlines. The Bold Engraved weight can even give your designs a subtly elegant touch of the early 20th century.

Languages supported: Thankful Display, Thankful Modern, Thankful Ornate (Pro versions), Thankful Sans, Thankful Script, Thankful Serif, Thankful Slab: Afrikaans, Albanian, Asu, Basque, Bemba, Bena, Bosnian, Catalan, Chiga, Congo Swahili, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Ganda, Gusii, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Jola-Fonyi, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luo, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makonde, Malagasy, Malay, Manx, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Oromo, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Rombo, Rundi, Rwa, Samburu, Sango, Sangu, Sena, Shambala, Shona, Slovak, Slovenian, Soga, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Taita, Teso, Turkmen, Vunjo, Welsh, Zulu

Thankful Extras: Dingbat fonts – N/A. See PDF for Character Map(s)

Thankful Ornate (Std versions): Asu, Bemba, Bena, Chiga, Congo Swahili, Cornish, English, Gusii, Indonesian, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Luo, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makonde, Malay, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Nyankole, Oromo, Rombo, Rundi, Rwa, Samburu, Sangu, Shambala, Shona, Soga, Somali, Swahili, Taita, Teso, Vunjo, Zulu

Web fonts are included.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Harvest Winds Vector Collection

From Ornaments of Grace comes a delightful collection of handmade autumn illustrations, the perfect companion to Thankful Complete.

The Harvest Winds Vector Collection features over 80 autumn illustrations and ornaments, 14 Illustrator pattern brushes, and 25+ typographical elements. Be sure to click on the first display to view all the charming autumn illustrations.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above. Files are delivered in both Adobe Illustrator CS3 and CS6.


From pumpkins to grapes on the vine to colorful leaves, these fall-themed vectors will be the perfect way to embellish your autumn-themed designs. Each illustration comes in a layer group with color and a 1-color compound path.


These decorative pattern brushes will bring handmade elegance to your designs. 1-color brushes come ready-built in the Illustrator file, along with separate tiles, in case you want to change colors and build your own. See the included Handbook PDF for tips and tricks.


Harvest Winds was built right alongside Thankful Complete, a font family also from Ornaments of Grace. These 25 super-fun text elements and layouts bring the two together. While the editable text in the file is set in weights from Thankful, you can adapt these text layouts with any font in your library.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection


Inkblock – Illustrator Actions

Inkblock is a set of 10 Actions for Adobe Illustrator that enable you to quickly and easily apply grungy stamp-like effects to your designs. Each Action takes you through the process of applying the effects step by step, allowing you to customize settings and create your own unique results. Run the Actions on type, logos, badges, emblems, icons, and more.

Also included is 10 seamless textures designed to compliment each of the actions and to help you to subtly roughen up the look of your designs.

Summary of what’s included:

• 10 Illustrator Actions for quick and easy vector stamp effects
• 5 Graphic Styles created purely to help achieve the stippling effects
• 10 seamless textures
• 2 Tracing Presets (for CS4 & CS5 users only)

Files and formats:

• 1 AIA Actions set containing all 10 Inkblock actions
• 1 AI Graphic Style Library containing the 5 stippling gradients
• 1 AI Swatch Library containing 10 seamless textures
• 1 AI file containing the original vector textures
• 1 set of ready to import Tracing Presets (for CS4 & CS5 users only)
• 1 RTF file containing information on how to use the actions

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Chalkbox – Illustrator Styles

Chalkbox is a set of 14 Graphic Styles for Adobe Illustrator that enables you to apply chalk lettering effects to your designs with just one click. No chalks or blackboard required. These styles are all you need to perfectly emulate chalk lettering in a vector format.

Also included is a collection of other resources such as Art Brushes, seamless patterns & textures, as well as additional Graphic Styles to help you create all-round chalk art style designs.

Summary of what’s included:

• 14 Graphic Styles for instant chalk lettering effects
• 1 alternative Graphic Style designed especially for more complex elements
• 2 chalkboard Graphic Styles (1 black and 1 green)
• 3 chalk Art Brushes
• 4 seamless chalk line patterns
• 1 seamless chalk texture
• 3 bonus textures that I used to create the chalkboard styles

Line patterns and textures come in five preselected colors: off-white, blue, green, yellow, and red. These have been set as Global Colors, meaning that you can change all instances of those colors just by editing the appropriate swatch. This also includes the color of patterns and textures.

Files and formats:

• 1 AI Graphic Style Library containing all 17 Chalkbox styles
• 1 AI Swatch Library containing 8 seamless patterns and textures
• 1 AI Brush Library containing 3 Art Brushes
• 1 AI file featuring usage examples of Chalkbox’s Graphic Styles
• 1 AI file containing the original vector patterns and textures
• 1 RTF file containing links to resources that will help you to get started
• 1 RTF file featuring a list of the fonts used in the usage examples file

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Photo Painter – Photoshop Action

Photo Painter is a Photoshop Action that enables you to instantly turn your photos into painterly portraits similar to those found on poster art from the 1950s. No digital painting skills are required, nor is any more than a few seconds of your time. Simply click ‘Play’ and watch the Action work its magic. The effect is built up of several smart filters and a single adjustment layer, all of which are fully editable, allowing you to customize the effect in order to create exactly the look you want.

Also included is the Ageing Brush Kit designed to help you to give your designs a truly vintage feel.

Summary of what’s included:

• 1 Photoshop Action that will quickly turn your photos into 1950s style poster portraits
• 1 Photoshop Action that will instantly add a retro grain effect to your entire design
• 19 subtle grunge brushes
• 8 faded edge brushes
• 7 paper fold brushes
• 10 stain brushes
• 13 stained edge brushes

Files and formats:

• 1 ATN Actions set containing both the Photo Painter and instant grain actions
• 1 ABR Brush set containing the complete Ageing Brush Kit (a total of 57 brushes)
• 1 RTF file containing information on how to use the resources included

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Riband – Illustrator Art Brushes

Riband is a set of 16 Art Brushes for Adobe Illustrator designed to take the hassle out of drawing and editing ribbon elements. No longer do you have to suffer the rigidity of standard vector art. Simply draw a path of any shape or size and apply one of the brushes from Riband to get instant results that you can edit with ease.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection


Escutcheon is set of 50 vector shield shapes designed to save you precious time by giving you quick and easy access to a small library of pre-designed shield shapes. Ideal for creating logos, badges, icons and more.

All shapes are infinitely scalable and easily customisable.

Files and formats:

• 1 AI file containing all 50 vector shield shapes
• 1 EPS equivalent
• 1 PSD file containing all shapes as Shape Layers
• 1 CSH (Custom Shape) file for Photoshop

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Nicky Laatz

Add me some Watercolour Quick!

With so many requests on how I add watercolour to my previews here on Creative Market, I just had to help you all out and share my little trick.

This is an all inclusive, easy to use kit of everything you’d ever need to whip up a watercolour masterpiece, high resolution, or low resolution, in 5 seconds flat.

I’ve created a comprehensive set of, beautifully organic , hand-painted, homemade watercolours that you can apply to your designs with just one click in the form of photoshop layer styles.

Once you have applied your effect, you can tweak it even more by simply sliding the scale up and down to create literally a million different effects with the same watercolour..and even MORE variation on that by simply moving the watercolour itself around to suit your design as you see fit ( A short and sweet tutorial jpeg is included for those who need a little help ).

With 60 different hand-painted styles , in a multitude of colours, your options are literally endless.

As a bonus I’ve included even more juicy extras to jazz up your watercolour creations (see below).

For some more inspiration and what you can do with this pack – please click on preview 3 and 4 above and scroll down :)


1.) 60 Organic, Home-made, Colour-categorised Photoshop Styles, with a handy colour reference JPEG for you to find the colour you are looking for in a jiffy.

2.) A set of 12 High-resolution photoshop brushes to quickly stamp splashes and sploshes to your designs. You can add my special watercolour effects to these for a gob-smackingly authentic look. (see previews)

3.) 27 Various loose paint forms, as transparent, high resolution PNG files for you to whip onto your media in a hurry. (see previews)

4.) 6 Large high resolution transparent paint splatter PNGs. (see previews)

5.) Bonus 2 High resolution Paper Textures from the previews (by popular request)

The Ultimate Designer's CollectionThe Ultimate Designer's Collection

Watercolour Graphics Quick! (Volume 2)

Introducing Volume 2 of the new (and possibly never-ending! ) Handy Watercolour Collection!

What good are a gazillion watercolour effects without something to apply them to?

Say hello to ‘Give me some watercolour graphics quick!’ – a comprehensive collection of graphics to get your watercolour project off the ground and in the air in seconds.

And if you need a little inspiration on how to get started, I’ve included a large selection of template psd files so you can see exactly how to put together your own creation using all the elements in this pack!

A massive handy collection of carefully thought out and illustrated , authentically ‘wobbly-edged’ vector florals, leaves, swirls, borders, banners, frames, splatters, and an assortment of various popular trending graphics.

Use them along with the 30 bonus watercolour photoshop styles (included), to make your own greetings, logos, packaging, invitations, stationery, merchandise, posters, websites, digital presentations and more….you have everything you need to go wild!:)

Keen on the vectors but only have Photoshop? Fear not – I have included the equivalent photoshop files, with each vector on its very own shape layer – scaleable to any size :)


1.) 300 Hand Drawn, authentically ‘wobbly-edged-for-watercolour’ vector elements (EPS, Layered PSD, AI) – Please click on the 2nd preview and scroll down to see ALL the vector elements.

2.) 20 Ready to use Photoshop templates (18 Logo and 1 Wedding Invite, and 1 Inspirational Quote design – as seen in the previews)

3.) 30 Bonus Photoshop Watercolour Styles to get you started.

4.) A Short and sweet Instruction guide on how to use the watercolour styles in photoshop with one click and how to tweak them to look their best! Along with the download links for the suggested fonts used in the psd template designs.

5.) A Handy Colour Chart of the watercolour styles for ease of use.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Give Me Watercolour Textures Quick!

We don’t all have the time or energy to whip up watercolour splotches and splashes when its just what our project needs…so here in a handy pack of over 80 items, you should find what you need to create gorgeous handmade watercolour designs in no time at all :)

Hours devoted to dabbling, mixing, splashing, mopping ,swooping, and swashing – all digitised into one mega-useful pack for you to drag and drop onto your designs, and claim as your own :)

Perfect for branding, websites,digital media, packaging design, greetings, invites, weddings, apparel, merchandise designs and so much more.

Included in this handy pack :

1.) 30 Paper-sized Watercolour JPEG textures – approximately 8×10 inches.

2.) 55 Watercolour forms/shapes – all transparent PNGS – varying sizes documented in file name.

3.) A Handy short and sweet tutorial on how to tweak colour to suit your needs in Photoshop.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Give me some Papers Quick

After so many requests for the paper textures I use in my previews , I’ve decided to throw together a Super-handy pack of over 45 authentic, high-resolution, printable, jpeg watercolour paper textures.

These are perfect as a background texture for all of your delicious watercolour digital creations – and essential in bringing your digital watercolours to life!

If you’ve purchased any of my other Watercolour Collection Products – this ‘extra goodies’ addition is a absolute must to add some extra oomph to your designs.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Give me Watercolour in Illustrator!

After many requests for an illustrator equivalent to my other photoshop-based watercolour packs, here it finally is, a nifty new pack that includes 35 new and unique , high resolution, raster, seamless watercolour swatches for Illustrator, AND a juicy new collection of 115 vectors for you to apply them to and make marvellous watercolour creations of your own….

Watercolour has never been so easy….1 swatch , a thousand looks….


1.) Illustrator Cs2+ files with 35 watercolour swatches – one click to add watercolour to an object.
2.) 115 Hand drawn new and unique vectors suitable for watercolour style application.
3.) A handy colour sheet for you to find the colour you need quickly.
4.) A Quick User guide that tells you how to get the most out of your watercolour swatches, and for anything you aren’t sure of.

The Ultimate Designer's Collection

Full Deal Terms & Licensing:

This deal includes extended licensing. This means that as well as using these resources within personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in designs/products that you resell. Here is some further clarification:

You can:

  • Use these resources within personal and commercial projects, as well as items for sale. The resources must be used within a wider design though, and not comprise the entire design. This can include, but is not limited to posters, t-shirt designs, digital goods, merchandise etc…

You can’t:

  • Resell these resources/files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
  • Share these resource files with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.

Includes a Handy Pdf Browsing Guide (Plus Note About Bundle Size)

After many community requests, we’re including a useful .pdf browsing guide. This allows you to easily see which resources are included in each folder, without having to refer back to this deal page. (This is included with your deal download).

All Inclusive Design Bundle

The Ultimate Designer’s Collection (Huge Variety of Best-Selling Resources)

Deal expired$29($454)

Extended Licence Included for personal & commercial projects

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our community

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  1. Rating:

    Thomas Meldgaard

    Great….. or… c’mon… I haven’t even unzipped the stuff from the birthday bundles yet.. Seriously I will die of stress being such a digital hoarder….. must refuse…. until tomorrow or something ;)

    • Tom Ross

      Haha, I hope you’ll love working with these items, and your birthday bundles Thomas :). We’re all digital hoarders here!

    • Rating:

      Thomas Leparskas

      Dang, I thought I was the only digital hoarder. There WILL be a reality show one day :)

      • Tina Muller

        Lol “Digital Hoarders”, I think we should get a production going for that.

  2. Rating:

    Elijah Powell

    Wow! This bundle is OVER 9000!!!! :D Awesome job yet again!

    • Tom Ross

      Thanks so much Elijah! We put a lot of work into bringing together all these best-selling resources, so it’s wonderful to see the DC community enjoying them so much.

  3. Simon H.

    Holly crap!

    • Tom Ross

      Haha, best reaction ever :). I hope you love working with these resources Simon.

  4. Oscar Alvarez


    • Tom Ross

      :D Thanks Oscar!

  5. Rating:

    Louis Hazard


    • Tom Ross

      You found it early again! :P Hope you love your new resources Louis. Let us know how you get on with them :).

      • Louis Hazard

        I was really hoping you would include some of Nicky’s fantastic Watercolor work, so the moment I saw her items included in this bundle – there was no question that I would gladly part with my money today. (I pretty much already have a license for everything Ian and Dustin release. :-) They are two of my favorite designers.) Even already having a license for almost half of these items, the ones being added to my toolbox today are without question worth far more than the cost for the entire bundle.

        Over the past year I have noticed many of the other discounted bundle sites demonstrating a change in how they structure their deals. It certainly appears to me that they are seeking to learn from the success of Design Cuts. You all have set a new standard for quality, variety, and usability. I am thankful you are a young man, Tom. This old man would not be able to handle the level of work you put into negotiating for such amazing deals loaded with CURRENT bestsellers, EVERY two weeks. (My budget deeply appreciates you allowing it at least two weeks to replenish itself in time for the next deal.) ;-)

        Thanks again to ALL of you at Design Cuts, and to all of the artists and designers who agree to have their work be part of these wonderful deals.

        • Rating:

          Thomas Leparskas

          I’m with Louis! have most of the Dustin Lee RetroSupply products (the best) – but amazingly needed the Mid-Century Print Pack and Photo Toaster. (Already have Sparkprint, Vintage and Match Press)
          Going to be amazing trying my hand at the watercolor items.
          Thanks again Design Cuts!!

          • Tina Muller

            ON top of that you get extra licenses for all the stuff you already have, so it’s not that bad actually. I’m glad you’re liking the bundle. :)

      • Laura

        Hi :-),
        Sorry I missed this. Everything in it is fabulous! Will it ever run again??

        • Carol Sweeney

          Hey Laura,

          Thanks so much for your comment on this one! I am sorry to say that this bundle will not be used as a re- run in the future Laura.

          However the good news is that you can still grab some of the most popular items from this bundle in our marketplace. We recently launched our own marketplace and the way this works is that it will allow you to grab some of the most popular products as a kind of second chance if you missed them the first time around. You have the option to build a bundle if you wish to or you can just purchase whatever you need :).

          If you are after a particular item Laura and you cant see it in our marketplace, please do let me know and I can work on getting this included for you!

          I had a quick look on your Instagram Laura and I love your most recent post of the teacup! We all love a good cuppa over here so this was right up our street :).
          I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions.

    • genevieve

      Please put again this deal !!

      • Carol Sweeney

        Hey Genevieve,

        Thanks for your comment! I have emailed you about this deal and I am hoping i can help you out with this :)

    • Nora

      Can i still buy it somewhere? Such an amazing pack!

      • Carol Sweeney

        Hey Nora,

        Thanks for the comment! I am afraid this bundle has now finished.I have added you to the master list for this deal and if we ever do re- run it, I will send you an email.

        If there was any specific resources you were looking to purchase, please let me know and I can certainly direct you to the designer’s store!

        • Nora

          okay thank you:) no, nothing specific, but i liked the set :)

          • Carol Sweeney

            Thanks for coming back to me Nora!

            Hopefully it will be featured as a re run again soon and I will be sending you an email to let you know :)

            • Jilienne

              Hi Carol, I just discovered Design Cuts by clicking through a Pinterest post that connected to this (unfortunately expired) deal. I’ve now signed up and really hope this bundle is offered again, please let me know when it is. What drew me to the page was all of the watercolor elements… and then I fell in love with the glitter and foil packages… and then all of the vintage effects packages!!! :-) I got more and more excited as I continued to scroll down and was SO disappointed to see the greyed out “deal expired” button. I would LOVE to buy this entire bundle but, in the meantime, if you can direct me where to buy the watercolor packages that would be wonderful. Thanks! – Jilienne

              • Carol Sweeney

                Hey Jilienne,

                Thanks for commenting on this bundle! I am so sorry if you were disappointed to find this one expired- unfortunately we don’t have any control over the posts on Pinterest!

                I have added you to the master list for this deal and I have also popped you over an email which should help you purchase the watercolour packs in this one! I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions.

    • Nell Kazakoff

      Wow I just stumbled across this and was incredibly excited until I saw those two devastating words: Deal Expired :(. I need this bundle so bad! Watercolor is very popular for invitations and alas I am no artist! Is there any way the deal can be revived?

      • Carol Sweeney

        Hey Nell,

        Thanks so much for your comment! I am so sorry but I am unable to set you up with this deal as it has now well and truly finished. However, sometimes we do re-run an older deal as a special bonus, in conjunction with a new deal. The best way to ensure that you don’t miss a deal is to join our free newsletter, by signing up at https://www.designcuts.com.

        I have also added you to the master list and if this bundle goes live again,I’ll be sure to drop you an email.

        I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. I’m always happy to help :)

    • Rating:


      Boooooo!!! This deal was awesome!!!!!! It happened before I found you guys! Any chance it will be re-released? Or how can I buy certain components of the deal???

      • Tina Muller

        Hey Leah,

        I am really sorry but I’m afraid that the Ultimate Designer’s Collection. deal is now well and truly finished, so I won’t be able to set you up with this. However, sometimes we do re-run an older deal as a special bonus, in conjunction with a new deal. The best way to ensure that you don’t miss a deal is to join our free newsletter, by signing up at http://www.designcuts.com.

        In the mean time, I’ve added you to the master list for this bundle and I’ll be sure to drop you an email as soon as this bundle is live again.

        I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. I’m always happy to help.


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