Torn-O-Matic Edge Modification Kit By: Slogan Wanted

Torn-O-Matic Edge Modification Kit
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Have you ever wanted an easy way to create authentic looking torn edges in your work? Look no further because Torn-O-Matic: The Complete Edge Modification Kit from Slogan Wanted Graphic Supply, is your answer.

torn edges

Torn-O-Matic is an Edge Modification Kit that gives you loads of options for creating and incorporating a perfect torn edge into your artwork. Whether you need a subtle edge to create a slightly imperfect border, or you need something more extreme for that punk rock zine you’ve been wanting to start, Torn-O-Matic has you covered.

Included in this set:

• 50 Torn Edges (.EPS and .ABR files)
30 Subtle, 10 Heavy, and 10 Extreme – Each unique and ripped by hand. Both vector (.EPS) and raster (.ABR and .PSD) versions are included.

• 1 Ripped From the Headlines Smart .PSD
An easy-to-use .PSD file with 11 smart object layers for you to paste your artwork into. Whether you use all 11 layers or only a few, the possibilities are endless with how you choose to make it your own. Plus it’s print-ready at 11″ x 8.5″ and 300ppi.

• 3 Torn-O-Matic Torn Edge Actions
Create your own torn edges from scratch with this set of 3 actions (Subtle, Heavy, and Extreme). All it takes is one click and poof, you’ve got yourself a genuine torn edge without any paper cuts! Plus the actions are non-destructive so you can always turn off the effect if you change your mind.

• 8 Tornograph Circular Brushes
This set of 8 brushes gives you supreme control when it comes to creating the perfect torn edge. Whether you need to tweak an existing torn edge or want to rip that boring straight edge to shreds, these brushes give you the freedom to do it all. They are optimized for maximum flexibility and usage. Each brush rotates at random with every click making it easy to give every edge a unique shape. Also, the brushes can easily be used with a graphics tablet, giving you the ability to literally draw/paint your edges, resulting in a more organic, fluid-looking torn edge.

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher.

This product was originally featured in The Creator’s Artistic Supply Box

These images have been provided by the designer for presentational purposes only. Please refer to the Design Cuts license for terms of use.
torn edges

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50 Torn Edges (.EPS and .ABR files)
1 Smart .PSD
3 Torn-O-Matic Torn Edge Actions
8 Tornograph Circular Brushes

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS5 or newer.

File size is approx 146MB (289MB unzipped), offered as a single download.

Add To Cart $19

Save up to 50%!

when you buy two or more marketplace products
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Save up to 50%!

when you buy two or more marketplace products
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  1. fabiansweed says:

    Are there any help files or tutorials?

    • Annabel Smith says:

      Hey Fabian,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Unfortunately the designer has not provided any tutorials for working with this one, so I’m so sorry for any disappointment caused.

      The great news is that we would be more than happy to help if you have any queries about using these so please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can certainly help 🙂

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