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Great Deals, Happy Designers

We love our creative community. Here’s what they have to say about us:

  • DesignCuts is by far the number 1 graphic design deal site in my eyes. Each and every bundle is crammed with great designs and the DesignCuts Team seems to work day and night to get every detail right!

    - Paul (

  • Thanks again for making me a part of this. Incredible results, you’re awesome, your staff is awesome and the whole process was pain free. Let’s work together again!

    - Dustin Lee (Happy Deal Partner)

  • My clients have been extremely impressed with my work since I’ve been using the amazing vectors, fonts and textures I’ve purchased through Design Cuts. For my most recent job, the client actually asked me to send a higher invoice and referred another business to my services. Yet, the effort I have to put in has been dramatically reduced. My recent DesignCuts purchases have been the most valuable investment I’ve made in my graphic design business. Thank you for what you do Tom, Matt, Darren and Tina!

    - Natalie Eberhard (Wowing Her Clients)

  • I really appreciate how professionally you run your bundles. I have really enjoyed taking part. It has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. 🙂

    - Robyn Gough (Robyn Gough Designs)

  • Would you please do me a great favor – for your next deal just offer a stone, a stick or a chewing gum for roundabout $1000 – I simply cannot control myself anymore if you continue to publish such kick-ass graphic deals 😉

    - Michael (Graphic Designer + Dog Lover)

  • I’m a huge fan of DesignCuts and have taken advantage of their fabulous deals. Their enthusiasm and creativity spur me on and sometimes it feels like they’ve got the studio next door and I can pop in anytime.

    - Genny Haines (Designer Next Door)

  • Design Cuts is a breath of fresh air and they’re just getting started! It’s more than just a resource site, it’s a design community in the making. The knowledgeable and helpful staff and the site members alone are enough reason to join, but the incredible bundle deals aren’t a bad incentive either.

    - Eric ‘E’ Krichevsky (Graphic Designer / Artist)

  • Working with Design Cuts has changed my life a little. From the rockstar communication to the easy way the ‘deal materials’ are presented to us end users, my experience with them has been nothing short of outstanding. I am a fan for life…You should be too.

    - Brandi Fitzgerald (Creative Rockstar)

  • Design Cuts is a wonderful resource, providing a variety of tools to help your designs reach their potential. Their dedication to customer service is also quite impressive! Thank you Design Cuts!!

    - Angela J (Marketing Coordinator)

  • Design Cuts is the place to go for great deals. They’re not only fantastic value, but they’re always high quality products that I can actually use in my design projects.

    - Chris Spooner (Happy Designer)