Freebies - The Ever Expanding Bundle

We’ve put this freebies bundle together as a huge thank you to our community – we’ll let you know in our newsletter every time we add a new product!

Click on the products below to get them. Enjoy!

Free Ever Expanding Bundle







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772 lovely comments from our community

  1. Just amazing, thank you all so very much, how very generous of you!
    Sorry if rated this any less of how great it is, just could not make sense of this rating process you have below.
    LOVE it!

    • Hey Soumaya,

      Thank you so much for your awesome comment and you are more than welcome! We just wanted to show you and our community how grateful we are for each and every member! It is awesome to see that you have been with us since the early days as well :)

      We are so happy you love the bundle and please do let us know what you are currently working on as we would love to hear about your projects!

    • Hey Arlin,

      Thanks so much for your comment and we are so pleased you managed to grab this! Congratulations as well on winning our forum competition recently :) We are super happy to have you as part of our community and forum!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Thought first, its just for Newbies after your Lifessesion with The Futur and now this – its for all!
    Love you very much!

    • Aw thanks Lucia,

      We are sending lots of love back to you too! We hope you enjoyed listening to Tom on The Futur’s show and found his tips super helpful :)

      This bundle is just our way of saying thank you to our community for sticking with us- whether you are brand new or like yourself Lucia, have been with us for a while! We are always grateful for the support we receive :)

    • Yay Jordan! It is so lovely to see a comment from you :) You are more than welcome and I hope you love working with your new freebies!

  3. What a terrific surprise to come across. Wow!! Thank you all so much. Just when it seems DC is as generous as can be, you top yourself! I am in awe and so grateful. Thank you all for everything you do. Outstanding! I can hardly wait to start delving into these new goodies.

    • Hey Steve,

      Well this is definitely a terrific comment to come across :) We are so grateful for your feedback and this bundle is just our way of thanking you and the rest of our community for being with us!

      We would love to know what you are working on if you were keen to share any of your current projects and of course, we would love to know what you creat with your resources from your new bundle!

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