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We’ve put this freebies bundle together as a huge thank you to our community – we’ll let you know in our newsletter every time we add a new product!

Click on the products below to get them. Enjoy!

Free Ever Expanding Bundle







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772 lovely comments from our community

    • Hey Rosario,

      You are very welcome and thank you for leaving us a comment! We hope you are loving being part of the DC family and please do let me know if there is anything you would love for us to do to make your experience better :)

  1. ABOVE & BEYOND… Thank You! It was so nice to see Tom and to hear his honest and uplifting message that will undoubtedly help those who take his advice to heart! EXCELLENT!!!

    ~Roz Fruchtman aka @RozSpirations

    • Oh Roz,

      Your comment is so wonderful and I know Tom will be super appreciative of your lovely feedback! He really loved being part of the talk :)

    • Hey Jospeh,

      We hope it was a lovely surprise for you and fingers crossed you love the monthly surprise that will be added to your new bundle :)

  2. Completely missed the freebie. Watched Tom on thefutur today and was totally inspired—even through my flu-induced haze.Just got a follow-up email and downloaded the goodies.

    But the real value was in the interview. Great lessons to pass on to my students!

    Thanks, Tom!

    • Hey Mike,

      This comment is just amazing- I showed Tom and he was made up to read your kind words! We are so happy you found value in the interview and hopefully your students will too! If there is ever anything we can do to help with your class, please do let me know!

      I hope you are feeling better after the weekend as well as it sound like some dose you have had- sending you a big ol’ bowl of virtual chicken soup! We would love to see what you create with your new resources from this bundle, if you were keen to share!

  3. I’m just finding this page. Thank you for these freebies. You certainly didn’t have to but it is always appreciated. You guys are awesome!

    • Hey Heather,

      We are so glad to hear you found the Ever Expanding bundle and we hope its a handy addition to your DC account- I can see that you’ve grabbed 16 items from us- thank you so much for your amazing support! In fact, we think you are pretty awesome too :)

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