Freebies - The Ever Expanding Bundle

We’ve put this freebies bundle together as a huge thank you to our community – we’ll let you know in our newsletter every time we add a new product!

Free Ever Expanding Bundle







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  1. I purchased a product and was offered this free bundle but there is no download button. Can someone please let me know how I download the bundle? Thank you…

    • That’s great to hear you have seen our fabulous freebies Mario! All you need to do is select the freebie to add to your cart and checkout with the freebie so this is added onto “Your downloads” to download it. I hope this helps :)

  2. Wow! awesome site with lots of different products and info I am happy to have this site. Thanks

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I am so pleased to hear you have found lots of different resources to use for some upcoming projects – happy designing!

  3. Hello
    I like this place very much
    But I have one query do these free products can be used for commercial purpose also?

    • Hey Nav,

      That’s a great question – you can definitely use your resources (including our freebies) for commercial use, as long as you are adhering to our terms of use outlined in the licence. The full licence can be read here:
      I hope this helps Nav :)

  4. Thank you so much!! This is a really nice touch for new customers, much appreciated. Also just want to add kudos for all the fonts with so many ligatures and interesting design elements that can be mixed and matched. It’s hard to find good collections of these fonts on the wider web; you guys are awesome :)

    • Hey Casey,

      Thank you for such a lovely comment – you are so welcome! I am so pleased to hear there are so many resources you like in our Ever Expanding Bundle. Happy designing Casey!

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