To address the feedback we received with regards to our latest font bundle, our CEO Tom Ross wanted to issue a personal apology to all of our community members.

So what happened?

For this bundle, we re-ran some of our most popular, classic font bundles from back in 2016 and 2017. The reason for this was due to community feedback, as we recognized that so many Design Cutters had missed out on these earlier deals because they’d joined us in more recent years. But reading through the feedback, we can now see what went wrong. For starters, many of our long-standing community members felt let down because they had to skip a bundle week. Others were disappointed by the lack of communication on the bundle page itself, which caused a lot of confusion.

So what will change?

  1. We won’t be sharing a bundle re-run in this format again. It was worth a trial, but we never want our community members to feel left out or disappointed.
  2. We had a team meeting about how the re-run was communicated on the page and have put steps in place so this type of oversight doesn’t happen again.

At our core, we care very deeply about our community. Our ultimate aim is to serve all of you to the best of our abilities, so seeing anything but positive feedback is something we take very seriously. If you felt impacted by this bundle re-run and would like to share your thoughts, please know that our team is always here to hear you out.

Thank you and we really appreciate your continued support.

The DC Team