Hey Design Cutters!

Last night, many of you kindly reported an issue with our latest fonts bundle missing 3 of the 15 fonts promised. We quickly identified the problem, and worked really hard into the small hours to ensure that not only was the bundle updated with a corrected link, but that everyone who reached out to us by email, social media and comments heard back.

As you know, this kind of thing is absolutely not a common occurrence here at Design Cuts, and we’re still getting to the bottom of what happened with this particular bundle’s upload. However, and most importantly, we wanted to offer a sincere, public apology for any inconvenience caused to early buyers of this bundle.

We realise that many of you work to deadlines, and to open a bundle and find that the fonts you were hoping for aren’t in there is far from ideal. That’s why today we’ve worked to personally email every single customer who experienced this issue, and keep the wider community well informed about what is happening.

We owe so much to our community, and being transparent with you is the least we can do. We hope that you’ll accept our apology, and see a few more details in the video below:

Thanks again for your patience and support, it means the world to us. We hope that you’ll love the tutorials and freebies we have lined up for this deal, as well as the host of awesome features we’ll be rolling out for the DC community soon. :)

– Tom, Matt, Darren, Tina, Carol, Edita and Ben (The Design Cuts Team, a.k.a the Creative Geeks).

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