Hey Design Cutters!

We’re so excited today, as we have a big announcement for the DC community.

The most popular community question we receive is:

How am I able to browse, search and organise my Design Cuts bundles more easily?

We totally understand how overwhelming it can be to download thousands of awesome resources, only to struggle to navigate them. Since day one, we’ve always focused on Design Cutters actually using and benefiting from their resources.

We were determined to listen to you, and we begun an epic project, whereby all of our PDF browsing guide were massively improved and updated. We also launched Image Galleries, a brand new feature to make searching and browsing individual items possible.

We were lucky enough to team up with Julie and Janeen, two of the most awesome community members for this project.

After months of hard work, and over $10,000 investment, we’re happy to say that every single past bundle, and all future bundles now feature these updated guides.

Some serious hours went into these browsing guides, and the community feedback has already been outstanding. A huge thank you to Julie and Janeen for working with us to the benefit of the whole DC community.

Here’s a quick video from Tina and I explaining the new guides:

NOTE: In this video we mention that the guides will soon encompass all older bundles. This has now happened, and if you download the ‘helpful documents’ part of any bundle in your account, it will now feature these updated guides.

We also wanted to give you a closer look at the new guides. Rather than talking you through each feature of the new guides, we encourage you to download the sample guides below:

You can download your sample guides here.

Please do pay particular attention to the ‘table of contents’ page for each bundle, as well as the quick-use how to page, which explains how to get the most from your new browsing guides. These guides are pretty powerful, allowing you to jump around different sections of your bundles, see every item in detail that is included, and search based on keywords.

new browsing guides

We hope that these guides are a big step forward for you. However, there are only the beginning. We have huge plans for how to further improve bundle browsing for the DC community. Given how important this is for Design Cutters everywhere, we’re making it a real priority moving forward.

Please do let us know in the comments below how you’re finding these new guides. We’d love to hear from you, and hopefully you can now browse your Design Cuts resources far easier.

Look out for more great new features coming your way soon, and as always, thanks for your support!

– Tom, Matt, Darren, Tina, Carol, Edita and Ben (The Design Cuts Team, a.k.a the Creative Geeks).