What a great start for the Design Cuts community! Over 1800 talented creatives joined our launch event and it was truly inspiring to see their design work progress over the 10 days.

If you watched any of the videos you will have seen that this launch event was just the start.

From today, we want to be making a serious impact in your design career. We want to save you time, reduce your design related stress and save you money. Most importantly, we want you equip you with some of the best design tools and resources in the world to take your work to the next level.

We have plenty of great stuff to come, including regular training, freebies and general creative geekiness.

To get started, check out the following links:

1. Learn more about Design Cuts and how it will benefit you

2. Check out the hundreds of freebies we’ve put together for you.

3. Take a look at our first deal. We love it, and we’re sure you will too.