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What’s new at Design Cuts

Published 12th May, by Tom. | 70 comments.

We’re so excited to share our new website with you guys! I know what you’re thinking – it doesn’t look all that different! However, we hope that you’ll check out the short video below to see some of the new features we’ve been implementing, as well as what we have in store for the DC community for the rest of this year.

A look at what’s new at Design Cuts:

The site is running much faster

After upgrading our main website platform, tweaking various backend/front features, and many more technical aspects that are firmly in the realm of Matt/Darren (and well over my head!), you’ll notice that our website is now running considerably faster. This is great news, as your bundle pages, tutorials and everything else should be much quicker to access now.

The checkout page is more reliable

A major perk of our new platform is that the checkout process appears to be more reliable. It always frustrated us to know that checkout issues were often outside of our control, but the new system looks considerably better, and we’ve noticed an instant drop in Design Cutters experiencing issues at checkout.

What's new at Design Cuts

Your account area has been improved – with proper invoices!

We’ve long realised that our old invoicing system wasn’t up to scratch. Not only does your new account area offer you a proper list of orders, order dates and other useful details, but you can download comprehensive pdf invoices for your records, with all of your relevant details on them.

These invoices should also reach you in an improved order confirmation email, which lists all of your order details, and includes the pdf guide as an attachment, to save you time.

If you ever need to update your personal or company details, you can also do this within the new account page tabs, and these changes will be automatically updated within your invoice documents. Handy right?

We’ve introduced a shopping cart

If you’re ever looking to purchase more than one item easily, we’ve now introduced a shopping cart area, which you’ll see a link to in the top menu. Whether you want to grab a deal that’s being re-run, alongside your main bundle, or you perhaps want to add an item from our store, you can now do all this in a single order, and easily manage your cart items in the process!

Browsing your bundle items just got a WHOLE lot easier!

This is a big one folks! It’s probably the single biggest question that we get asked:

“How can I browse and navigate my Design Cuts bundle items more easily?”

We’ve been listening hard, and teamed up with community members Janeen and Julie to undertake a HUGE project to help you guys. We asked for your feedback on Facebook, refined our browsing guides, and then worked together to provide both an improved PDF browsing guide, and an invaluable image gallery option.

In short, these browsing guides will let you:

  • See a complete overview of what’s included in your bundle
  • Jump to specific sections of your bundle, using a handy, hyperlinked table of contents
  • See a full product description/preview images of each item within your bundle
  • Allow you to use search functionality to search for specific items, designers etc…
  • See every single individual item within each of the wider packs in your bundle, and browse/search for these

We’ve added the updated PDF guide and image gallery to our latest bundle. We’re also working to add these guides to every single past bundle, and anticipate this process to be completed within the next 2 weeks. Of course we’ll also be including these improved guides for all future bundles too.

If you’re wanting a sample of how awesome these new guides are, please click the link or image below to download a sample:

Download your sample updated browsing guides

What's new at Design Cuts

We’ve incorporated VAT into our checkout process for EU customers

This has been a tough one for us, as whilst we hate having to pass any tax onto our customers, earlier this year, it became a legal requirement for all online businesses to do so. If you’re based in the EU, you will see the addition of VAT onto your order.

We do realise that many of our community weren’t anticipating this change, and to be honest, neither were we. However, in line with regulations, we’ve had to fall in line, and can only promise to be as transparent and honest about why this is with you guys.

If you click here, you can see a useful article, with more details about this VAT regulation, and how it’s effecting online businesses all over the world.

The good news is that these tax details are automatically included within your invoice documents and order receipts, which should make your personal and company records a little easier to keep. Also, if you do have an EU VAT number, inputting this at checkout will remove the VAT from your order.

Finally, we have a new blog

We’re really excited because this site update brings with it a brand new, redesigned blog area. This year we’ll be focusing much more on bringing you guys the latest site updates, news and other fun content via our blog, and we hope that it’ll be a fantastic hub for the DC community.

This is only the beginning!

What’s really exciting for us is that this site relaunch is only the beginning. We have literally hundreds of awesome new features and improvements lined up for you guys, and until we’d updated our main site platform, we just weren’t able to push forwards with these.

Now that we’ve reached Design Cuts V2.0, you’ll see regular improvements happening around the site, all of which will be done to benefit the amazing community here. We’ll be documenting all of them right here on the new blog, so you won’t miss a trick.

We’d absolutely love to know what you think about these new features, and the future direction of Design Cuts. We can’t wait to share what we have planned for you guys, and thank you as ever for your amazing feedback, loyalty and support!

– Tom, Matt, Darren, Tina, Carol and Edita (The Design Cuts Team, a.k.a the Creative Geeks).

What's new at Design Cuts

Tom is one of the founders here at Design Cuts. Like the rest of the team, he's a massive design geek, and loves nothing more than connecting with our awesome community :).

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70 Lovely Comments from our Community:

  1. marijke van veldhoven says:

    I’m very excited about the update browsing guides too! I have many Design Cuts Deals and have to browse through several sometimes before I find the things I’m looking for.
    Great stuff!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Marijke,

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment! We were so excited to get them launched and added to our older bundles. We hope you are finding them useful to quickly browse through your resources!

  2. says:

    How will we know when the PDF guides from our previous purchases have been updated to the new format?

  3. jerry jones says:

    Loving the new PDF guides, extremely helpful!!!

    Carol, how does one go about changing their avatar image when posting?
    I really would like to change mine but not sure how to go about it!

    The show looked so much better this week, everyone looked healthy and the sunshine seemed to perk up everyone’s mood, keep up the good work!!!

    Love that you guys now have a blog, hopefully you add a link on the nav bar to make it easy getting back here.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Jerry,

      We are so pleased you are loving the PDF Guides- we think they are awesome :).

      I am so pleased you loved the show- i think the new room is so much brighter and a bit of sunshine definitely perks us up! I will 100% bring up your suggestion for the blog :).

      OK i have attached a link below Jerry so you can change your avatar and i cant wait to see the new pic,

      • Jerry says:

        Hi Carol,

        I appreciate the kind help on the avatar, I felt like posting an updated pic after lobbing off 10 inches of hair on me head.

        Take care

        • Carol Sweeney says:

          You are very welcome Jerry!

          Wow- 10 inches- that is a lot of hair off! Are you feeling the cold now? i have pretty long hair myself so i know when i get a few inches off, its pretty noticeable! I would love to see a before and after pic!!

          Have an awesome weekend :).

  4. andria says:

    awesome work, team!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Andria,

      Thanks for the comment!

      It has been a hectic time getting everything organised for the relaunch but it is so worth it! We are so happy that everyone is loving the new features :).

  5. Peggy Collins says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Sending out a huge sigh of relief to you across the pond because of the pdf browsing guide…I can’t tell you how much that will help! Thank you, you guys are the best!!!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      They’re finally here Peggy!!

      We are echoing your sigh of relief ourselves over this side of the water!

      You are very welcome and we are beyond happy that you are enjoying them :).

  6. erin kelley says:

    The PDF Guide is invaluable! Thanks so much. Love. Love. Love DC!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Erin,

      Thanks for your feedback on the PDF guides- we are so pleased you love them as much as we do!

      We really hope that they make using your resources a whole lot easier :).

  7. LOVE it! Being a website designer and closet developer I know just how much planning and work must have gone into the changes for you guys! Kudos to you! You identified problem areas for your fairly fanatic fans and are going well beyond the basics in ensuring you both addressed those AND left a TON of room to grow! Well done!

    My resources from Design Cuts have literally overtaken my own resource library (which is massive!) … I turn to those resources daily and more frequently than I do any other these days because my Design Cuts resources are high-quality and able to be customized for mine and my client’s personalities and branding needs in ways others just don’t come close to.

    LOVE my Design Cuts. Yep. You’re mine. Not letting go and no one can make me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Katrina,

      Thanks so much for such amazing feedback! There has been a lot of long days and sleepless nights to get the website up and relaunched and we’ve been extremely caffeinated lol but when we get feedback like your Katrina- it makes it all worthwhile! Thank you!

      We love you right back and are so happy that you get to utilise your resources so much! Super glad to be yours :).

  8. question says:

    What about the buyers (within the eu) who provide an VAT ID? Will VAT be charged?

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey there,

      Thanks for the comment and the question. If you provide your VAT ID at checkout, it will remove the VAT for you!

      I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions.

  9. Kieran says:

    But I still can’t pay in ยฃGBP? The currency in London, England. Where you were born and raised…

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Kieran,

      Thanks for the comment and the feedback! I am so sorry we have disappointed you on the currency front- we are looking into providing the option to purchase in different currencies on the site. We have lots of plans in the pipeline and hopefully this will be implemented in the not so distant future!

      I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions.

  10. Peter Scheerer says:

    Hey – I love it.
    The VAT-Invoice makes it much more easier.
    The rest Iยดll have to check later.
    See you soon!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Peter,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I absolutely love the updated invoicing! It will hopefully make it a lot easier to customise your invoices for your purchases!

      I would love to hear what you think of the other updates when you get a chance to give them a whirl!

  11. Leah Mayes says:

    Ohhhh the pdf browsing guides couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just thinking how difficult it was getting with my growing resources, and similarly named bundles to find things. I was just copying and pasting the images from the online version, so was getting quite cumbersome. Thanks DC for making this update. ps loved the vid & out takes. Nice work guys & gals.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Leah,

      Thanks so much for your comment and we are so glad that we launched them just when you needed them! Honestly I am convinced Tom is a mind reader lol!

      We really hope they will make everything a lot easier for you and you are more than welcome!

      The video was so much fun to make- we had sore faces from laughing afterwards :).

  12. Kayleen says:

    This is a wonderful improvement to the buying guide! Well done and thank you. Already this is save me a ton of time. This so many wonderful resources in our packs and its shame not to get better use from them. Being able to navigate them more easily is a superb upgrade.

    And like a previous commenter said, I too have found any queries quickly answered in the customer service at Design Cuts, friendly and professional. Which to be honest, is refreshing in this day and age. Well done guys!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Kayleen,

      Thanks for commenting and for your feedback.

      We are so happy to hear that the browsing guides are already helping you out- that is exactly what we hoped for :).

      Thanks also for your kind words on our customer service- that has made our day over here! We really appreciate your kind words.

  13. Artcie says:

    I was grateful to learn you’re going back to early DC offerings and updating those with a PDF. I found the addition of the PDF a great resource and help. I’m sure others feel the same way. You’re going the “extra mile” and it IS appreciated!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Artcie,

      Thanks so much for your comment. We are so pleased you like the PDF guides being added to all of our bundles- we figured it made sense for all of our bundles to have them as well so the team have been working their socks off to get these ready for all of the bundles :).

      We really appreciate your lovely comment- it means so much to all of us here at DC. Thanks Artcie!

  14. Arsinek says:

    Modern? You have my attention.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Arsinek,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Please do let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see featured in future bundles

  15. Craig Brown says:

    Love the new browsing guide for design assets and love how you are applying this to previous bundles, that’s a great value add right there for past purchases, thank you.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Craig,

      You are more than welcome! Hopefully it will make things easier for you :).

      Thanks for taking the time to leave us such lovely feedback- it is very much appreciated!

  16. Carrie Green says:

    Wow! The pdf browsing guide and searchable image gallery are awesome. Very, very happy guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait for the past bundle guides as like Bea said (and many others) it will save buckets of time. I have purchased many bundles and haven’t used nearly enough resources in there because I just can’t find them. I know they are there and have a creative vision for them but my ideas end up trailing off because I spend too long searching through each folder.

    Also it’s fantastic watching you guys grow and develop. I’ve been along for the ride since the early days ๐Ÿ˜€ You should be very proud!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Carrie,

      Thanks for the comment and for being with us from the beginning!

      We are so pleased you love the PDF Guides- we really hope that they will make using your resources easier but also remind you of resources that perhaps you had forgotten about as you couldn’t find them :). There may be happy dancing going on from the team from all the positive feedback!

  17. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for the updates. I love the diversity of the content you offer and I will check out the website. The out takes are fun.
    Thank you.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Rebecca! we are so pleased that you are enjoying the bundles we put out- we definitely try and ensure they are diverse and offer something for everyone’s tastes!

      We had a lot of fun filming the post and there was a lot of laughter had :).

      If you have any queries on the website or anything in general, please let me know. I am always happy to help!

  18. A HUGE thank you for the updated browsing guides. Can’t wait to see all of them for past bundles. This is a huge help! I often can’t remember which bundle something was in and then have to spend an hour or more searching for it. This change alone is HUGE! Awesome!

    You guys (and gals) rock! You are my #1 go-to resource for design bundles! And I steer other design/artist folks your way whenever I can. Your service is over the top. Thank you!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Bea,

      You are most welcome- these have been in the pipeline for a while and we are so excited to finally have them here! We hope it will make yours and everyone else’s DC experience way easier :).

      Thank you so much for your kind words and ongoing support- we are truly grateful and we think you are amazing!

  19. Diana Sparks says:

    I’ve bought a few great bundles from you guys with the old system and occasionally had some checkout issues, but they were quickly, pleasantly, and vigorously resolved (hi Carol!). If your customer service continues at this exemplary level, in combo with all these UI improvements, Design Cuts is primed to be v2.WOW!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Diana,

      Wow- thank you for such amazing feedback and thanks for your continued support! We are so pleased we have been able to resolve any issue you had :).

      We are definitely aiming for v2.WOW ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Jennifer says:

    Cute, love the outakes at the end and love all the great resources I’ve gotten from Design Cuts. Also looking forward to the updated guides!! Thanks for your work to improve what you offer!!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for the comment! I love the outtakes too- I think Tina and Darren have the most infectious laugh. It cracks me up when i hear them :).

      You are very welcome for the guides- I cant wait to hear how you find using them!

  21. Lynda Thomas says:

    Awesome improvement on the buying guide…guess I might have to add to my stash!
    Thanks for the hard work.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Lynda,

      Thanks for the comment. You are more than welcome :).

      we are so pleased you like the improvements we’ve made- we really hope they will make your DC experience way more enjoyable!

  22. Lorraine Janzen says:

    This looks great. Just curious about the shopping cart though… since you usually only have one bundle at a time, a cart does imply that at some time(s) there will be more than one bundle available. Because I’m made of money. ; )

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Lorraine,

      Ah the shopping cart…I was wondering when someone would notice this :). I can neither confirm nor deny at the moment about multiple bundles but to be suitably vague, we have some plans in the pipeline- some awesome plans:)

  23. says:

    Woah!! This update is outstanding! I have scrolled through and seen an overview and love the new revisions!! I can’t wait to get my hands and ACTIONS in gear to test drive the new car! Your products have helped me out and I look forward to greater days ahead. Great job!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Tish,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I cant wait to hear how the test drive goes- hopefully open roads and no roundabouts lol!

      We are so pleased that you are enjoying your resources- please do feel free to share anything you create with your resources :).

  24. Linda Branch says:

    You guys are THE BEST!!! I have been wanting several of these changes in the worst way and you have not disappointed me but have exceeded my expectations as usual. Thanks!!!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Linda,

      Thanks so much for the comment- we have been so excited to get these implemented so your feedback is awesome and makes our wait so worthwhile :).

  25. Hi Design Cuts Guys & Gals:

    Fantastic. I will share with my Photoshop community and around, immediately! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Roz,

      We are so pleased you like them :). As always thanks for the share,

      Sending you hugs!

  26. Maura says:

    Thank you for updating my account page!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ happy face. You guys really listen – I am so thrilled to be a part of this DC community. Hugs!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Maura,

      You are more than welcome. We are so pleased you are loving the updates!

      We are so thrilled to have you as a community member- please do send over any suggestions you have for resources you would like to see in future bundles!

      Sending big hugs right back ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Chrisi Erlanson says:

    Love the updates…but love the accents even more

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Thanks Chrisi,

      We are so pleased you love the updates and thanks for the kind words on our accents- we grew them ourselves lol :).

  28. Chloe Effron says:

    Awesome update!! i <3 Design Cuts, and am happy to see it just keeps growing and getting better. thanks for everything! especially the new PDF guides, this is exactly what I wished I could have for each bundle!!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Chloe,

      We love you too and love your awesome feedback :). You are more than welcome and we are just so pleased that the PDF guides are helping you out!

  29. Joanne says:

    I’m excited about the browsing guide too. So many times I’ve wanted to use an item that I know I’ve purchased, in one of the many bundles, but it takes me forever to track it down.
    A searchable guide will be such a huge help.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Joanne,

      Thanks for the feedback- we have been so excited about getting them launched! I would love to hear your feedback when you get a chance to take them for a spin :).

  30. Chris Lykins says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the browsing guides. I was just working on a way to do this this weekendโ€”thanks for all of your hard work!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      What awesome timing Chris!

      We are so pleased that you love the PDF guides- hopefully you find them really helpful! We really appreciate your feedback as well Chris so thanks for taking the time to let us know!

  31. Karla says:

    I am super excited about the bundle guide. I have a tendency to purchase items and then not know what is within them. This will make it so simple!

    • Rob says:

      Exactly how I think about it, Karla. Glad it’s more clear now…

      • Carol Sweeney says:

        Hey Rob,

        Thanks for the comment- the PDF guides should hopefully make it so much easier for you to use your resources! Please do let me know how you get on with them!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Karla,

      Thanks for the comment- we have been so excited to release them and i am not even joking when i say we did a happy dance when they finally came to fruition!

      I would love to hear your feedback when you get to use them in full!

  32. Tashauna Swanson says:

    Great update guys! I’ll be checking out the updates when I have more time!

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Thanks Tashuana!

      Glad you are enjoying the update- we would love to hear what you think when you get some time :).

      I hope you are having an awesome week!

  33. BJMRamage says:

    Thanks for the update on the bundle package content browsing. I was thrown for a loop when I wanted to use an item and not sure which of the 3 similar named and super-large download files they were. I will check them out in a bit.

    Thanks again!!

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey BJM,

      Thanks for the comment- I am so sorry that you weren’t sure which item was which- we are working on the file names to try and make them clearer so thanks for the heads up!

      Please do let me know if i can help with anything else :).

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