We’ve been receiving hundreds of lovely comments and emails from you since our new marketplace and website launched last week.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you from all of us here at Design Cuts! Your ongoing support means the world to us, and we absolutely love reading all of your comments and feedback!

Your Questions Answered

We realise that many of you have great questions about the new marketplace as well as the future of Design Cuts, and so I wanted to take this opportunity and answer these publicly:

Q:/ Will the Build a Bundle marketplace replace regular bundles?

A:/ Absolutely not, no. We’ll continue running our regular bundles, this will resume on March 1st. We didn’t want things to get too overwhelming by coinciding the marketplace launch with a regular bundle. This is why we decided to devote a full 2 weeks to sharing the new marketplace section. From March 1st, the two areas of Design Cuts will run side by side.

Q:/ What if I already own most of the marketplace items, as I’ve purchased them in previous bundles?

A:/ This is a really valid point, and one we’ll be working to address in the next few weeks. The marketplace provides great opportunity to grab top products that you may have previously missed from our main bundles. However, I realise that many of our loyal community members have grabbed virtually every bundle we’ve ever released. We’re already discussing some cool ideas of how to overcome this, including marketplace launch-exclusives and greater product variety.

Q:/ How do I know if I’ve previously purchased a product within a bundle?

A:/ We’ve made a point of including a clear reference/link on each products page, highlighting which bundle it was originally featured in. In the future we’ll be looking at clever algorithms to automatically detect whether you own a product via a previous bundle purchase.

Q:/ The marketplace seems more expensive than your regular bundles, why would I shop there?

A:/ We recognise that some Design Cutters may prefer to only buy our main bundles. However, the marketplace isn’t meant to replace our regular bundles, which only run for an exclusive 2 week slot. The products in the marketplace are permanently available, so you can shop at your leisure, based on your current project needs. We’ve also curated it down to only the best products in each aesthetic, making it incredibly easy to find the right resources for your needs. Furthermore, you can now build your own bundles, providing you with up to 50% discounts on these leading products – something you literally can’t get anywhere else. The marketplace is the result of considerable community demand and we do hope that you love it :).

The Future of Design Cuts

As we move forward, our focus is not on growing as quickly as possible, but on providing you with the most value, and best experience possible.

Our main goal is to make our lovely Design Cuts community the happiest around :).

This is where you come in! We will be posting surveys, speaking with many of you directly and listening to every comment and piece of feedback to help us define the next direction for Design Cuts.

This is your community, and we want to make it as awesome as possible for you.

We now have the platform to do just this, and we will continue to roll out new features, improvements, and fun surprises each month for you to enjoy.

Contest Winners

Last week we ran a super exciting launch contest to celebrate our new marketplace.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Tasha Randall

Tasha was our top buyer within the new marketplace during the first 48 hours, and is the winner of a brand new Macbook Pro, plus a range of DC merch! Congratulations Tasha, we hope that you love working with your new laptop, and we’ll be reaching out very shortly with details of your prize.

The 9 Runners-Up

Each of our 9 runners-up won some Design Cuts exclusive merchandise. Congrats guys, and this will be heading your way shortly!

Zavod Tolovaj
Christine Mikesell
Jennette Wiebe
Gabriele Dusar
Allison Kimball
Zachary Young
Heather Howard
Kevin Vititoe
Emma Lemcke

The One-On-One Call Winners

We’re so excited to reveal that some of our most engaged members have also won a 1 hour Skype call with some of our top designers, as well as our founder Tom. They can use these calls to ask anything about design, how each designer got started, or really anything they’d like help with!

Call with Dustin Lee (Retro Supply Co) winner: Rosa Perry
Call with Ian Barnard (Vintage Design Co) winner: Nikky Starrett
Call with Lisa Glanz winner: Hannah Allwright
Call with Tom (Design Cuts) winners: Dave Clayton & Judith Saul

The Winner of Sam’s (Set Sail Studios) Hand Lettered Design Print

Deborah Williams

Deborah will be receiving an exclusive hand-lettered design from Sam (Set Sail Studios), which we’ll be shipping to her shortly.

The First 100 Buyers

The first 100 buyers within the marketplace also won a $29 gift voucher. We were amazed and humbled at quite how quickly the first 100 sales happened! There are too many names to list here. However, if you were a winner, you will hear from our lovely customer service team shortly with your gift voucher :).

Thanks Again!

Once again, a huge thank you for making this launch so special. We appreciate you all!

If you haven’t seen our new marketplace yet, we hope you’ll check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below :)


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