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We’ve teamed up with industry leading designers across the globe to make the best design resources affordable for everyone. We give away amazing products every week to our community, have a unique marketplace which allows you to save up to 50% on every purchase and bundle design assets at a huge discount.

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About Our Community

Design Cuts was founded around our community. We help designers get together; to support each other, provide feedback, share resources, knowledge and enjoy each others company. Dip into our Facebook group to see what our community are up to, we’d love to see you there!

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Meet Our Lovely Team

Tom RossTom Ross

Tom Ross

Tom is the founder and CEO of Design Cuts. He’s a long time creative, and lives and breathes this company! His favorite thing is to see our incredible community growing, whilst staying true to its core values. His ultimate goal is to make Design Cuts the go-to destination for every designer online!

Matt SlightamMatt Slightam

Matt Slightam

Matt is our Creative Director, ensuring that the user experience across Design Cuts is as lovely as possible. He has a passion for brand building, illustration, and as with most designers, gets ‘a little twitchy’ when his designs are implemented with anything less than pixel-perfect precision!

Darren NilesDarren Niles

Darren Niles

Darren is our Technical Director (coding ninja) at Design Cuts. He keeps everything running smoothly for the community, as well as helping us to launch fantastic new features and improvements.

Carol StratfordCarol Stratford

Carol Stratford

Carol is our Head of Customer Support and Relations. She lives and breathes all things customer service and ensures we provide the best service we possibly can. When she is not overseeing our Support team, she loves to travel and spends her free time getting as many stamps in her passport as she can. She also loves everything DIY and her weekends consist of repurposing furniture and crafting!

SJ BennettSJ Bennett

SJ Bennett

SJ is our Community Manager. She loves getting to know our community on a real personal level and is always free to chat and help you with any queries you may have! SJ comes from a performing arts background and still loves to sing and dance when she can. When she’s not performing, you will find her checking out the latest on-trend makeup and hairstyles. Oh and keep an eye out for her ever-changing hair color!

Marco BiferiMarco Biferi

Marco Biferi

Marco is our Video & Audio Expert, in charge of making everyone look good on camera! Marco is always video editing something or working on some animations to show off our designer’s wonderful products. He is a huge football fan, especially Juventus. He also loves catching a good gig!

Raluca ToaderRaluca Toader

Raluca Toader

Raluca is our Social Media Specialist and helps to promote all the content across our various social media channels. When she is not busy on social media, Raluca enjoys traveling and trying different foods, listening to dance music and going on hikes.

Krishna KatariaKrishna Kataria

Krishna Kataria

Krishna is our Front End Web Developer. She is passionate about coding. She develops amazing new features and helps to maintains our website. In her spare time, she loves to cook different dishes and loves to travel.

Sim Gill-NaulSim Gill-Naul

Sim Gill-Naul

Sim is our Product Manager and works hard to organise all of the lovely products that you can discover across our platform. Sim absolutely loves traveling and exploring. She has traveled all over South East Asia and goes on regular road trips around Europe, driving through stunning mountains, picturesque hills and remote villages.

Annabel SmithAnnabel Smith

Annabel Smith

Annabel is our Customer Support Champion and loves to be able to help with any questions that you may have. Annabel comes from a Film Production background, working as a freelancer before she joined Team DC and still enjoys working on her screenplays in her free time. She is a super film and book nerd and will always enjoy a quote-off over a glass of wine, “Here’s looking at you, kid”.

Mariana FraserMariana Fraser

Mariana Fraser

Mariana is our Social Media Content & Product Champion. She enjoys creating content for our wonderful community and working on the products that go live on the DC marketplace. She’s been moving from country to country and snapping photos for as long as she can remember, so in her free time she enjoys exploring new cultures and taking road trips with friends and her trusty camera. When she’s not on the move, you’ll find her watching a football match or reading a new book.

Ed Guillaume-SmithEd Guillaume-Smith

Ed Guillaume-Smith

Ed is our Senior Product Champion who loves working on all the products that go live on our website everyday! Ed’s a musician in his spare time, playing in bands and producing. He also adores film and daydreaming about being a character in his favourite TV show, Twin Peaks!

Stacy WellsStacy Wells

Stacy Wells

Stacy is our Relationship Manager. Stacy is a real people person and loves building relationships with all of our wonderful designers and suppliers. Stacy comes from a background of Relationship Management across a variety of industries. She has a keen interest in fashion and is known around the office for her numerous different blazers and matching heels. In her spare time, Stacy enjoys boxing and yoga and you will also find her at the sidelines of the football pitch cheering on her son.

Adriann PiersAdriann Piers

Adriann Piers

Adriann is our Product Curator and she loves researching new exciting products! Adriann also really enjoys checking out all your awesome product suggestions and looking through new products from our designers. Adriann comes from a background in Illustration and still paints whenever she can in her free time. She also loves exploring the outdoors as well as a love for music and reading.

Allie ToneyAllie Toney

Allie Toney

Allie is our in-house Graphic Designer. She loves working with all of the products that we have to offer! Allie is grateful (and excited) to be in a field where she gets to create something every day. She is passionate about food, travel, good music, photography and her dog, Oliver!