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Meet the Design Cuts Team

Hey there! We’re so glad you stopped by. Here at Design Cuts we are passionate about offering designers just like you the best creative resources online.

Design Cuts Team Members

Meet the Team

Tom Ross is the founder and CEO of Design Cuts. He’s a long time creative, and lives and breathes this company! His favourite thing is to see our incredible community growing, whilst staying true to its core values. His ultimate goal is to make Design Cuts the go-to destination for every designer online!

Matt Slightam is our Creative Director, ensuring that the user experience across Design Cuts is as lovely as possible. He has worked in the creative industry for 15 years (if you look far back through the fossil records that’s when Photoshop didn’t have layers and CSS style sheets were the stuff dreams were only made of!). Matt has a passion for brand building, illustration, and as with most designers, gets ‘a little twitchy’ when his designs are implemented with anything less than pixel perfect precision!

Darren Niles Darren Niles is our Technical Director (coding ninja) at Design Cuts. He keeps everything running smoothly for the community, as well as helping us to launch fantastic new features and improvements.

Carol Sweeney is our Head of Customer Care. She lives and breaths all things customer service and ensures we provide the best service we possibly can. When she is not talking to our community, she loves to travel and spends her free time getting as many stamps in her passport as she can. 🙂

SJ Duff is our newest Customer Service Champion. She loves getting to know our community and is always free to chat and help you with any queries you may have!

SJ comes from a dancing background and still loves to boogie when she can but when she’s not performing, you will find her checking out the latest on- trend makeup and hair styles. Oh and keep an eye on her ever- changing hair colour…

Lizzy Knight is the newest member to the DC team and is our Product Manager. Her role involves searching the artistic world to find exciting new products and new designers for us to work with and ensuring our bundles are chock full of the resources you want to work with.

In her spare time Lizzy works on her own artistic endeavours and is an accomplished artist specialising in origami, metal and resin casting. She is also a thrill seeker and after paragliding in Italy, is always looking for her next adventure…

I’m a huge fan of DesignCuts and have taken advantage of their fabulous deals. Their enthusiasm and creativity spur me on and sometimes it feels like they’ve got the studio next door and I can pop in anytime.

Genny Haines (Designer) – Read reviews