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We’ve teamed up with industry leading designers across the globe to make the best design resources affordable for everyone. We give away amazing products every week to our community, have a unique marketplace which allows you to save up to 30% on every purchase and bundle design assets at a huge discount.

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About Our Community

Design Cuts was founded around our community. We help designers get together; to support each other, provide feedback, share resources and knowledge, and enjoy each other's company. Dip into our Community Hub to see what our community is up to, we’d love to see you there!

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Meet Our Lovely Team

Tom Ross

Tom is the CEO and co-founder at Design Cuts. When he isn't working with the amazing team at Design Cuts, he loves spending time with his wife, adorable baby daughter and golden retriever. He also enjoys playing music, hiking, film, design and country pubs.

Matt Slightam

Matt is the Creative Director and co-founder of Design Cuts. He spends most of his time hiding behind huge monitors attacking packets of biscuits - when the biscuit crumbs aren't flying he loves the outdoors, walking, cycling, music, films - galleries, and of course, cafés!

Darren Niles

Darren is our Technical Director (coding ninja) at Design Cuts. He keeps everything running smoothly for the community, as well as helping us to launch fantastic new features and improvements. Darren also loves to tell the best dad jokes!

Krishna Kataria

Krishna is our Senior Web Developer and she is super passionate about coding. She develops amazing new features and makes sure the website runs smoothly. In her spare time, she loves cooking different exotic dishes and spending time with family.

Alex Knopp

Alex is our Senior Software Developer. Alex heads up the design and development of our website architecture, manages high performance and availability and implements new features and functionality. He loves getting his hands dirty building something new in the house, or fixing something old under the bonnet.

Ivan Bondoc

Ivan is our Web Developer. He provides incredible back-end support for our platforms, integrations and develops bespoke features for our team. Outside work Ivan loves to explore beaches, cliffs and other outdoor destinations with the family.

Gina Tomes

Gina is our Customer Support Manager. She looks after our Customer Support Team, and loves to help our wonderful community. In her spare time she loves visiting the theatre, theme parks and the beach with her daughter and family.

Fran Adams

Fran is our Customer Support Champion. When she’s not puzzling out a customer's query, you can find her in the local board games cafe losing a game of Splendor. Her other hobbies include; befriending cats, vegan cooking, and buying books she knows she’ll never read.

Kat Lynas

Kat is our Curator and Community Manager, she loves seeing designer’s amazing products. In the Hub she sets challenges, answers questions, and is always ready with an encouraging word. When she isn't chatting to other creatives, you'll find her working on her own quirky illustrations.

Stacy Wells

Stacy is our Product Manager at Design Cuts. She looks after our Product Team and also manages the relationships with our creative partners and store owners. Outside of work Stacy enjoys spending time with her partner and teenage son, running, interior design, travelling, and organising celebrations.

Frankie Workman

Frankie is one of our Digital Product Administrators at Design Cuts. She looks after the processing of our marketplace products as well as being a general admin wizard. Outside of work Frankie enjoys walks with her mischievous dachshund, socialising with friends and watching movies.

Carla Domingos

Carla is one of our Digital Product Administrators at Design Cuts. Carla looks after the processing of our marketplace products and the creation of our awesome product bundle pages. In her spare time Carla enjoys travelling, painting, photography and eating with family and friends.

Jem Pennick

Jem is our Senior Marketing Manager. She looks after the marketing team and works with the senior team to think and action big thoughts. When not in marketing mode, you'll find her running, downhill biking or doing something active and adrenaline filled or watching F1!

Kat Parsons

Kat is the Partnership & Events Executive at Design Cuts. Kat loves working with our wonderful designers and affiliates to help them grow their income. Behind the scenes, Kat loves being creative, playing airsoft and being with friends or family. And she loves cats!

Raluca Badenhorst

Raluca is our SEO & Intelligence Marketer and loves analysing data, finding new keywords and creating content to increase our brand awareness. When she is not busy at work, Ral enjoys family time and taking her son on little outdoor adventures, cooking and baking treats.

Elina Strautina

Elina is our Email Marketing Coordinator and she is passionate about all things eCommerce and Digital Marketing. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors, travelling and trying new things. She loves bright colours, photography and animals, especially dogs and reptiles.

Adriann Piers

Adriann is our Graphic Designer and Product Advisor. She uses her talents to create colourful graphics as well as helping designers develop and grow. When not working you will find her drawing/painting as well as doing everything she can to low-key train for the circus.

Jon Warnes

Jon is our Senior UX/UI Designer, a huge geek about all things Web & User Experience. When not working on bringing you the best possible website experience, you’ll find him making noise with electric guitars, hiking in the hills, eating carbs or chuckling at memes.

Jacque Zamat

Jacque is our Management Accountant at Design Cuts. She works alongside the whole team providing them with any data and figures they may need. Outside of work Jacque enjoys reading, dining out with friends and going on long walks that end in a cosy pub.

Sim Gill-Naul

Sim is our Operations Manager. She’s an organisational ninja and helps the entire team work more efficiently. Sim absolutely loves travelling and exploring with her husband and baby girl. They have travelled all over South East Asia and go on regular road trips around Europe.