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Ep-84-Ideal-Clients Ep-84-Ideal-Clients Ep-84-Ideal-Clients

“Appreciate the genuine, real conversation – seriously chocked full of value. Looking forward to the next episode!”

Episode 84: Targeting the Ideal Clients

This week we’re talking about how to ensure you’re targeting the ideal clients, rather than targeting your peers. We’ve had several listeners asking us about this, as their content on social media and beyond seems to be attracting other creatives, rather than the paying clients they actually want. We drop our 2 cents on this issue and try to advise on the best course of action to attract people you really need for your creative business.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Today we’re talking about targeting your ideal client audience
[2:20] The team welcomes Dustin back after a few weeks away
[4:00] Everyone discusses one of Tom’s best quotes from last week’s episode
[4:40] Ian shares his experiences as his Instagram following has grown
[5:00] How the products have changed as Ian’s business has grown
[6:00] Your peers can be your customers
[7:00] Peers can ultimately bring you onboard to work within their company
[8:00] Ian shares an example of how Peer to Paycheck has worked for him
[9:00] Experiences gain more engagement
[10:00] Having a variety of work makes you more commercially relevant
[10:40] Ian talks about the importance of being on trend and where to find them
[11:00] Pinpointing trends and then making them your own
[11:50] Ian’s opinion on the best sites to share on and gain work from
[13:00] Likes vs. Money
[13:20] Working in a culture that encourages likes
[14:00] Tom talks about taking your eyes off of the likes
[14:40] Ian explores what it’s like to work with brands on sponsored content
[15:30] The difference between building your audience and attracting clients
[16:00] Dustin pulls the curtain back on a well-hidden problem
[16:30] When your design heroes are struggling to get by
[17:00] Customers don’t always come from social media
[17:40] Marketing where your clients are
[18:00] The strategy behind marketing where your clients are
[19:00] Lisa goes in-depth on posting work you hope to get
[20:00] Focus more on getting work and less on the styled beauty of posts
[20:30] Forget trying to be cool
[21:00] Stop trying to impress and actually build relationships
[22:40] Lisa discusses how harnessing your following can build your business
[23:40] Dustin shares the book “Things Are What You Make of Them.”
[24:30] The gang talks about the birth of a new type of creative
[25:20] The MotivARTional Hybrid Creator {Don’t steal this. LOL}
[27:00] Tom showcases listener @JakeFryeDesigns
[27:30] @JakeFryeDesigns feed is a great blend of winning clients and peers
[28:00] Find out what you really want and reverse engineer it for success
[28:20] Pinpoint what you want, set a work goal and focus on getting there
[29:00] Lisa explains having two social accounts, client and peer-centred
[30:00] Tom shares what posts he finds refreshing and one’s that are sellouts
[31:00] Dustin talks about chasing money and happiness
[32:00] Make sacrifices to do more of what you love
[33:00] The empowerment behind saying No
[34:00] How money can be a distraction
[35:00] Roundtable discussion on being kind and humble and winning
[37:00] Ian asks: “Can one be an unsuccessful entrepreneur?”
[37:20] What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
[38:20] Tom explains his definition of an entrepreneur
[39:00] Ian and Dustin banter on the entrepreneur Ty Lopez.
[40:20] Tom shares his Ty Lopez – Believe to Succeed Pillar Video
[42:00] When posting, share what you are truly working on
[43:00] You really can make a killing with low social engagement
[44:00] Ian talks about his inspiration early in life
[45:00] Aim for happiness and the money will come
[45:40] The unsung heroes of design
[46:30] Find what makes you happy and schedule time to do it
[47:00] Ian shares that likes don’t pay the bills or put food on the table
[48:00] How Lisa had no social presence for years and built a successful business
[50:00] Tom on Design Cuts question: What are you terrible at but truly enjoy doing?
[50:20] Tom shares a hilarious listener response from Instagram.
[51:30] The team explores things you enjoy doing but you’re horrible at.
[52:00] Turning weaknesses into strengths.
[53:00] Everyone shares a one-liner that sums up this episode.
[53:10] Targeting likes, peers and clients – Tom
[53:30] Find your target and aim – Ian
[54:00] Stress less, create more – Lisa
[54:40] Who you focus on helping is where your rewards will come from – Dustin
[55:00] Lisa poses the question: Do clients hang out on Instagram?
[55:30] Ian walks through his experiences working with brands
[56:00] How new talent gets on a brands radar and ultimately gets hired
[57:30] Have a person in mind not likes when it comes to content creation
[58:20] Be strategic, search for trends that interest your audience and create.
[59:00] Tom wraps up the episode
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“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD