We've gone above and beyond in outer space in search for.., no not really, we just had a look in our marketplace, and selected the best futuristic fonts for all your cutting edge design projects. We've included some of the best modern and futuristic fonts for any project that requires an out-of-this world look.

Characterised by sharp and minimal lines, yet full of character and highly versatile, these futuristic fonts will lend themselves perfectly to any design projects such as branding, web design, posters, social media and more.

1. GRVTY – Futuristic Font

GRVTY or Gravity is a hand-made futuristic font that combines calligraphy, typography, and graffiti.

This project is inspired by Calligraffiti, an art form that can be classified as either abstract expressionism or abstract vandalism. Simply put, it is the conscious effort of making a word or group of words into a visual composition.

2. Netron

Netron is a futuristic font, designed with minimal lines to keep it simple and artistic. It gives your texts modern smart effects.

Use this futuristic font for all your design projects that need a sleek high-tech look.

3. Kiona

Kiona is simple futuristic font, that is defined by its crisp edges and modern touches. Designed for optimal legibility, this all-caps sans-serif makes a statement without making a scene.

Kiona offers extensive language support and works great in branding, logos, headlines, high fashion.

4. 7even SVG – Urban Neon Font Pack

Introducing 7even Urban Neon Font, a modern font inspired by the amazingly unique and creative neon signs that are all around us these days, from bars, night clubs to chic clothing stores, barber salons, and stylish furniture boutiques.

7even Urban Neon Font will be a great addition to any project that requires a ultramodern look.

5. Milano – Retro-Futuristic Sans

Milano Retro-Futuristic Sans is a retro/contemporary all caps typeface designed with sophistication and elegance. The font features a renovated construction based on the modernist geometric sans of the first half of the past century

This futuristic font is ideal for headlines, logos and any destination of use such as corporate identity, typography, posters, web design, and social feeds.

6. Evolve

Evolve is a modern and futuristic font family.

The Evolve Sans includes 10 fonts, 5 sans serif weights and 5 weights with futuristic caps, thereby creating more variability. This is irreproachable sans serif to diversify your headlines, branding visual identity, poster, logo, magazines and more.

GRVTY Futuristic Font


7even SVG – Urban Neon Font Pack


Neon Planet Font Duo

Milano Retro Futuristic Sans

7. Neon Planet – Font Duo

Neon planet is a modern and futuristic font duo.

Combined with neon shape design and brush textured handwritten, this font will make all your design projects more powerful. Neon Planet can be used on any design to give it a modern and casual look.

8. Lost In Space – Regular And Color Font (SVG)

Introducting Lost in Space - a modern futuristic font with a trendy double exposure effect.

Each letter is unique and has its own cosmic story, for example “A” – UFO abducting the deer, “B” – birth of a new Universe, “H” – huge asteroid is flying to Earth, somebody call Bruce Willis! In other words, every detail was made by hand and with fun. May the force be with you!

9. Modular

Modular is a modern font with strong character, unified, and articulate, smooth curves, all caps display with total 16 weights.

Each font in the family can stand on its own, dynamic and authoritative in their own right refer display on 11. Modular works perfectly in any branding, logos, magazines, films, or packaging design.

10. Vogie – Sporty Sans Serif

Vogie is a sporty and modern sans serif font.

Vogie comes in 4 widths, 9 weights and is available in regular and oblique. 62 fonts encapsulated in one variable font makes “vogie” more modern and easy to use.

Use Vogie on any design project the requires an energetic look.

11. Romagna – Versatile Sans Serif

Romagna is a modern and highly versatile sans-serif typeface designed for readability without sacrificing aesthetics.

There are 8 included styles to pick from including regular + bold weights plus italics and 2 different uppercase styles. You can use this futuristic font for a multitude of projects that requires a state-of-the-art look.

12. Montreux Branding – Logo Creator Typeface

Montreux Branding is a modern logotype creation tool. It is an uppercase family of 4 fonts packed with features like stylistic alternates and tons of discretionary ligatures (over 270 in total).

Sharp, modern and precise lines of Montreux Branding will give your designs a unique character with a lot of personalities, making them stand out of the crowd.

13. Exophis

Exophis is a futuristic font featuring both uppercase & lowercase letters, multilingual support and it includes 2 styles.

Designed to look great for headlines and for large chunks of text!

14. Zuume Font Family

Zuume is a high-impact, condensed, display font family consisting of a normal and alternate Zuume Cut family in multiple weights and italics.

The strong and sturdy design makes it ideal for eye-catching headlines, branding, packaging, magazines, sports, logos, and more.

15. Mavis Sans – Futuristic Font Typeface

Mavis is a futuristic, space & tech looking font family. It’s thin and simple, but strong and significantly defined by its thin strokes and unique cuts.

Mavis Sans is an all caps sans-serif, designed for optimal legibility which makes a strong attention grabber for any occasions.

Future X

Pixes Font

Avalors Sans Serif Font

Romagna – Versatile Sans Serif


Lost In Space Regular And Color Font

16. Future X

Future X is a modern and futuristic font family. The family includes 14 fonts. The Future X is made in the usual and futuristic style with the possibility of combining.

The Future X header is perfect for headlines, blog headers, posters, newspapers, logo, book design, music posters, and many more projects that require a ultramodern font.

17. Lütschine Branding – Logo Creator Typeface

Lütschine Branding™ is a versatile and modern logotype creation tool. It is an uppercase family of 21 fonts packed with features like stylistic alternates and tons of discretionary ligatures.

This broad and comprehensive system lets designers create complete large branding solutions covering the needs of all industries.

18. Masked Hero

Masked Hero is a bold italic font with a sharp and powerful character. This futuristic font is perfect for logo, headers, or oven large scale artwork.

Use the alternates included to emphasise separate letters in all your designs for a cutting edge look.

19. Pixes Font

Pixes is an ideal pixel art font which will lend itself in applications such as games, posters, stickers and wherever else your creativity allows.

20. Avalors – Sans Serif Font

Introducting Avalors - a bold and authentic futuristic font which will give all your design projects an outer space feel.

Avalors will work on a multitude of design projescts, such as branding, t-shirt designs and more.

21. Invasible Modern Typeface

Introducing our new exploration “Invasible”, the futuristic font that was inspired from a sci-fi movie.

Invasible is a display font that is suitable on headlines, magazines, flyers, posters or neon installations. Also clearly shaped to be applied in print design like t-shirt, mug, banner or motion graphic.

22. Ablation – Sans Serif Typeface

Ablation is a casual and clean futuristic font, made of 6 weights to modernize all your designs.

Ablation is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Mavis Sans Futuristic Font Typeface

The Game SVG Color Font

Asterone – Modern Font Family

Equinox – Logo Font

Cyberion Futuristic Tech Font

Agelast Display Family 10 Graphics

23. Kavo Sans Serif + 6 Logo Templates

Introducing Kavo Sans Serif typeface - a modern and clean font with 4 weights and 6 logo templates.

This futuristic style font works great in large and small sizes alike.

24. The Game – SVG Color Font

The Game SVG Color Font is a vibrant, fun, futuristic font that will bring a modern feel to your designs!

The Game will lend itself perfectly to any design project that needs a bit of high-tech feel. Use it on branding, print, posters and more.

25. Asterone – Modern Font Family

Introducing Asterone, a modern and futuristic font family.

This fonts works perfect for anyone who needs a typeface for headline, logotype, apparel, invitation, branding, packaging, advertising and more.

26. Equinox – Logo Font

Equinox is futuristic font loaded with alternate glyphs, ligatures and multilingual support.

This very versatile logo font will work great for any branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging, magazine headers and more.

27. Aventa Geometric Variable Typeface

Aventa is an exciting geometric typeface with contemporary touches. It’s born from strong elementary shapes, with clean circles interwoven with modern cuts and sharp edges.

This futuristic font was designed to give your work a modern and unique look.

28. Cyberion – Futuristic Tech Font

Cyberion is a modern futuristic font - very suitable to be used for automotive, modern and tech theme

The bold style of this font makes it perfect for various design projects such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, labels or any type of advertising purpose.

29. Agelast Display Family + 10 Graphics

Agelast is a clean, futuristic font family with 6 fonts, 10 breathtaking illustrations, 71 photoshop styles and multilingual support.

This ultramodern font will lend itself perfectly on a variety of projects such as branding, product packaging, magazine headers and more.

30. Bank Nue Font

BankNue is a modern, all caps display font. Specifically developed for contemporary design styles and applications, it is supplied in two styles: lined and sectioned. These styles have been carefully designed to layer on top of each other, creating an alternate third style.

Perfect for branding projects, striking posters and as a unique display font for web or app development - Bank is sure to make a statement.