Have you ever wondered how designers achieve that vintage look in their work? If you’re seeking to give your designs that authentic, handmade feel, paper textures are the best way to satisfy your creative needs! These textures are an essential component of every designer’s treasure trove of resources. To help you pick the most realistic, easy-to-use ones, we’ve compiled a list of 38 high resolution paper textures.

1. Vintage Paper Creator

The Vintage Paper Creator allows you to create an almost endless supply of old papers. Each edge of the paper can be edited with 15 different deckled and ragged edges, so each of your pages can be unique depending on how you combine them.

2. 50 Realistic Paper Textures

We only had 20 paper textures that we used for ourselves but we added 30 more and made the set available for sale too!

3. Vintage Paper Textures Mega Pack

This mega bundle includes all 100 old textures from my individual listings. Vintage and antique papers including envelopes, postcards, report cards, Bingo cards, hand-writing, typewritten pages, and more.

4. Vintage Paper Textures Heavenward

The Heavenward Collection features old papers of all sorts layered together over digital paintings of clouds, sky, sunsets and sunrises. They make beautiful photo overlays, and can also be used as background images for your designs.

5. Creamy Paper Collection

Artistic pack of 40 grunge papers, many different textures inside for any taste. Watercolor, cardboard, compressed papers, good to use in scrapbooking and decoration of vintage stuff.

6. Vintage Paper Book Cover Bundle

Need vintage paper? This set will cover you! 100 all-new, high-resolution graphics of vintage and old papers curated from antique books. The set contains 75 different papers including a handful of end papers, and 25 book covers.

7. Vintage Paper Collection Vol. 03

This collection is a versatile paper pack created for those of you who work in larger formats or simply prefer the flexibility of large textures.

8. 100 Grungy Paper and Card Textures (Plus Bonus Tutorial)

One of the easiest and best ways to add this kind of detailing and depth to your work is paper textures. We teamed up with our friend and professional photographer David Hampton to bring you guys the best paper/card textures we’ve seen anywhere.

9. Playful Seamless Paper Texture Pack

Say hello to The Paper Box! An easy-to-use texture pack perfect for adding authentic texture to your work in seconds! From lovely subtle watercolour papers perfect for a delicate look, to chunky craft paper textures, this pack has it all.

10. Handmade Paper Textures

This collection is a simple yet versatile set of 21 genuine handmade paper textures made to complement your hand-drawn projects and add a bit of subtle interest to your backgrounds.

11. Black Paper Textures

Quickly give your designs a grunge paper look with this set of 30 textures! They were made using black paper sheets that have been carefully folded, crumpled or scratched for unique grunge looks, and then scanned at high resolution to retain as many details as possible.

12. Craft Studio – Paper Textures & More

The textures include cards, papers, corrugated card, metallic foil, glitter paper, tissue paper, crepe paper and much more. They’re ideal for creating eye-catching, layered digital collages, for web and print backgrounds, product packaging or to give your social media posts a handmade twist.

13. Vintage Paper Patterns Mega Pack

This is a massive bundle of 240 of my best-selling old paper pattern graphics from my shop. They make wonderful backgrounds for so many different types of projects.

14. Vintage Paper Mockup Set

A set of old paper .PSD mockups to add retro vibes to your artworks and presentations. Various formats give freedom of choice, and the editing is as easy as opening the smart object, removing the placeholder with your work, and closing with saving!

15. Sumptuous Pastel Paper Textures

Introducing 40 gorgeous high-resolution art papers to use as photo overlays or art backgrounds.

16. The Vintage Paper Textures Collection Vol. 1

32 authentic textures for your vintage inspired projects! If you often find yourself working on vintage-inspired projects these old paper textures are perfect for you. Use them to give your work a worn-out effect, add extra grit to a design or simply as backgrounds for your illustrations.

17. Background Textures for Procreate

In a few gestures, I’ve set up a beautiful canvas background to draw some lovely doodles or a rich watercolor texture to practice in calligraphy.

18. Quick Paper Textures and Patterns

High-resolution card and paper textures carefully converted into digital patterns for a quick and easy way to add realistic effects to your design work. These patterns offer you the fastest way to add realistic paper and card effects to your creative projects.

19. The Vintage Paper Collection Vol. 2

Introducing a new wonderful set of old paper textures! At 11×14 in this collection, these textures will be perfect for your larger format projects and will give you more freedom when working in small sizes.

20. Wrinkled Paper Vol. 1

This is a collection of 30 large high-res wrinkled textures that are perfect for large poster design.

21. 220 Unique Paper Textures

This new pack contains a high variety of textures so you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Each texture is based on real paper and has been scanned at high resolution and edited to remove the background while still maintaining its original features and unique details.

22. The Dusty Vintage Paper Collection

This is a collection of 103 dusty old papers I have gathered through the years. Sampled from dying books and other worn out things, Some of the books have been over 100 years old.

23. Old Paper Textures

This is an artistic pack of 53 totally handmade grunge old papers. Create amazing texts, patterns, backgrounds or whatever you can think of and just have fun!

24. Kraft Paper Texture Pack

This pack includes digital papers for backgrounds, scrapbooking, card designs or any graphic projects.

25. The Versatile Paper Pack Vol. 1

Presenting a fantastic collection of 119 versatile textures I have gathered through the years. These papers (all in high resolution 600 ppi) are perfect for you if you want to give your design some age or authenticity.

26. Seamless Vintage Paper Texture Pack

This is a collection of 20 seamless tiles of various old papers. Each is sized at 1800×1800 pixels at 300 ppi in .JPG format and can easily be used as a background for artwork, cards, notebooks, menus, even websites if resized smaller.

27. Dreamscape: Vintage Paper Textures

This set of 40 vintage textures is so versatile. They make beautiful photo overlays, and can also be used as background images for your designs.

28. Vintage Paper Textures Effervescent

The Effervescent Collection features creamy old papers in white, cream, tan, beige, sepia and brown full of texture, stains, scratches, burnt edges, a bit of damask print, and even some script handwriting.

29. Paper Textures Vol. 1

A collection of 29 brilliant, high-resolution textures to add even more character to your designs!

30. 37 Vintage Paper Textures

Each and every beautiful, high-resolution vintage textures within this pack has been sourced from our rapidly growing private library of pre-1900 books (some are more than 300 years old!).

31. 94 Vintage Leather & Vintage Paper Textures

This superb collection of high-resolution vintage textures were collected from a 1789 pocket journal that we acquired for $110 (an absolute steal!). We were so excited to find this piece of history and even more so when we found what was within.

32. Antique Paper Textures

25 Antique Paper Textures curated from 500-year-old manuscripts, each one uniquely distressed with foxing, water stains, and wear.

33. 30 Paper Textures

I borrowed a couple of papers from a good friend of mine who is an art student. After days of hard work, my latest paper textures pack was finally finished!

34. 391 Vintage Textures

You will find a good variety of textures – from the clean, white and simple to grunge, old, vintage, dirty, folded, and ancient. The papers will perfectly fit posters, wedding invitations, print design, cards, etc.

35. Vintage Textures Vol. 1

These 15 textures include ink smears, stains, creases, folds, and all sorts of grit accumulated through the years. The set has been carefully scanned in from a late 1800s typography reference book.

36. Vintage Textures Vol. 2

These 15 textures include ink smears, stains, creases, folds, and all sorts of grit accumulated through the years. The set has been carefully scanned in from a late 1800s typography reference book.

37. Vintage Textures Vol. 3

Paper textures are one of the most useful resources for us designers. These 15 textures include ink smears, stains, creases, folds, and all sorts of grit accumulated through the years. The set has been carefully scanned in from a late 1800s typography reference book.

38. Vintage Textures Apothecary

The Apothecary Collection features old papers with a darker mood full of texture, stains, scratches, burnt edges and even some script handwriting.

We hope these recommendations will complement your creative projects! Should you have any of your own favourite textures, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.