In today’s episode we talk about how you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. We look at the impact this can have on your creative work and your mindset. Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes everyone to the show.
[2:00] Tom shares the forms your top 5 influencers/peers consist of.
[3:00] Role models can have a huge impact on your mindset.
[4:00] Picking the right mentor is incredibly important.
[5:00] Lisa sees Tom and Dustin more often than her friends who are close.
[6:00] Honest Designers has been life-changing for Lisa.
[7:00] Having someone who understands you is so important.
[8:00] Honest Designers grows from a mastermind into a podcast.
[9:10] There is only so much you can talk about with people outside of the industry.
[10:00] Finding your niche of influencer friends is crucial to a healthy mind.
[11:00] Dustin’s request to have Tom’s dad on the show mortifies Tom.
[12:00] The keys to finding or assembling the perfect influencer group.
[13:30] People who are different from you challenge new thoughts. Be open.
[14:30] Auditing the people who surround you.
[15:00] Your influencers will ebb and flow throughout time.
[16:00] Reading comments can be a total downer. Ditch comment trolls.
[17:00] We’ve all had people who are total drains. Tom gets personal.
[18:00] It’s so easy to fall into the negativity trap. Avoid it at all costs.
[19:20] What do you do when you outgrow someone?
[20:40] Tom shares a friend’s fear of sharing their work out of being judged.
[21:00] Others’ negativity can prevent you from succeeding. Don’t participate.
[22:30] Dustin grows from being around doers.
[23:00] Seeing others take steps and making goals happen is an echo chamber.
[25:30] You don’t have to know an influencer in real life.
[26:10] Marie Forleo is Lisa’s energizer.
[27:00] Everyone needs someone who makes him or her feel they can do anything.
[28:20] Everyone needs a healthy mix of Grounding and Pipe Dreams.
[29:20] Inspirational books have always been Dustin’s go-to for energy.
[30:40] Tom shares who’s in his FAB 5.
[31:40] Dustin, Lisa and Ian are also a part of Tom’s band of creative energizers.
[32:00] Lisa and Dustin make Tom want to be a better designer.
[33:00] Staying motivated and compounding efforts over time to improve.
[34:30] Avoiding the Chicken Littles in the world.
[35:30] Tom steers clear of negativity and subscribes to The Happy News.
[36:00] Great things are happening around us every day. Choose to see them!
[37:30] Just because everyone is doing one thing doesn’t mean you have to.
[38:30] Lisa shares who’s in her FAB 5 and why.
[39:00] Lisa’s husband Cliff is her everything and is definitely in her FAB 5.
[40:00] A secret Pinterest Board houses soul lighting content that Lisa loves.
[41:20] Spirituality is also very important for Lisa.
[42:00] Dustin shares who’s in his FAB 5.
[43:00] No fear of asking someone to mentor him was one of Dustin’s superpowers.
[44:00] Dustin’s wife, Diane Gibbs and Lenny Terenzi round out his FAB 5.
[46:50] Cleaning up your circle.
[47:30] Lisa suggests limiting time with those who are negative about your career.
[48:00] Dustin says select someone who feels just out of reach.
[49:00] Tom thanks Lisa and Dustin for all their input.
[50:00] That’s a wrap!

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