In today’s episode, we talk all about niching down. What are the pros and cons of committing to one style and what are the possible ways in which one can niche? Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom relates niching to dating.
[2:00] Playing the field of work.
[3:00] Knowing you can pivot if you feel locked into a niche.
[4:00] Lisa doesn’t believe finding your niche feels locked down at all.
[5:40] When you niche you stop second-guessing yourself.
[6:00] It can be easier to talk about your work when you niche.
[7:00] Ian shares how conversations evolve over his work at parties.
[8:00] You can’t be passionate about everything. A niche builds passion.
[9:00] Niching is good, useful and has loads of benefits.
[10:30] Ian talks about why starting his niche in his mid 30’s worked.
[11:00] Why you need to try many avenues before niching down.
[12:00] Take your opportunities early and discover your likes and dislikes.
[13:00] Lisa and Ian poke fun at Tom and his niches.
[14:30] Where you niche yourself in your market.
[15:00] Niche and go where you audience lives.
[16:00] When not to niche down on your services offerings.
[17:00] How and industry niche works.
[18:30] Lisa talks about working within a travel industry niche.
[20:00] When work feels like second nature you become fast and mentally free.
[21:10] Speed increases your rate.
[22:00] Lisa discusses one way she never charged for her work.
[23:00] The many ways to niche: skill, service and industry
[24:00] Tom drills down on his Web Design niche.
[25:00] Skill – Industry – Unique Value Offering
[27:00] Tom explains Unique Value Offering
[29:00] Early on Ian struggled because he only had one niche tier, Design.
[30:00] One stop shop niche
[31:00] There isn’t just one recipe to get you niched.
[34:00] Pay attention to what you don’t like.
[35:10] Using your stellar personal traits as your niche.
[36:00] And that’s a wrap!

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