We are so excited to welcome Catherine Kay to the show! Catherine runs Katnipp, a fantastic illustration studio in the North-East of England. Her illustrations are incredible and also incredibly cute, and we’re really excited to learn as much as we can from her today. So, without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes Catherine to the show.
[2:00] Catherine explains what her studio does.
[3:00] Geeky inspiration has lead Catherine to a gold mine of product ideas.
[4:00] From humble Facebook start to full blown KatNipp Illustration Studio.
[5:00] Ian asks Catherine what product sales were like in the start.
[6:00] Catherine manufactures her own prints to keep costs down.
[7:00] Experiment, know your audience and print one-offs to keep costs down.
[8:00] The Curse of Knowledge.
[9:00] Tom recognizes pivoting has been key for Catherine and questions her on it.
[10:00] Slow and Faster burner design sells.
[11:00] When to ditch a product.
[12:00] One thing you should avoid when launching a new product.
[13:00] Catherine’s winning recipe for a successful product launch.
[14:00] Audience participation on product designs builds product love.
[15:00] Gauging product interest with polls.
[16:20] Feeling comfortable investing more money on a product.
[17:00] Dustin gushes over the KatNipp brand cohesiveness. How did you get there?
[18:00] Follow your personality with your designs.
[19:00] Early Catherine emulated top sellers. Today, she’s herself.
[20:00] Experimenting and ditching hated projects led Catherine to her sweet spot.
[21:25] Tom asks, “Is there a ton of thought in your brand voice?”
[22:00] Catherine talks curating her Instagram feed and what she’ll never post.
[23:20] Tom talks about how many suffer from a fear of leaning into their self.
[24:00] Catherine shares that it takes practice to learn to be comfortable in yourself.
[25:00] Pushing outside your comfort zone.
[26:00] Putting yourself out there and going for it.
[27:00] The importance of YouTube in the success of KatNipp.
[28:00] Catherine loves the community Disney geeks have.
[29:00] ‘One platform at a time’ approach.
[30:00] Community, replying to comments and a feeling of belonging.
[31:00] The KatNipp Fam and feeling guilt for not being able to respond to all.
[32:00] Building community and encouraging conversation.
[33:40] Discovering content ideas for products, videos and posts.
[34:00] Keeping a log of ideas for later when time permits.
[35:00] Building your own business blueprint and ditching what you don’t like.
[36:00] Stop doing what you loathe.
[37:00] Forcing yourself will lead to burn out.
[38:00] Outsource your pain points.
[39:20] Catherine explodes with excitement over editing videos.
[40:00] Create a fun atmosphere to work in.
[41:00] Ditch pressure and find the fun in your work again.
[42:00] What Catherine recommends you try if you do not love your work.
[43:00] Change your perception. There is magic in the mundane.
[44:00] Don’t be afraid to turn your brain off.
[45:00] Making mundane things fun… again.
[46:00] Catherine believes business comes naturally to her.
[47:30] Self-improvement is just as important as business improvement.
[48:00] Niching down helped Catherine flourish.
[49:00] Committing to one thing stops so many. Find your passion.
[50:00] Discover your marshmallow.
[51:00] Tom drops next week’s guest lineup!
[52:10] Lightning round. Tom asks, “If hosting a dinner party who would you invite?”
[53:20] “What would you be eating at the dinner party?”
[54:30] “What is one thing everyone should start now to better their business?”
[55:00] Experiment until you find your IT!
[56:00] “What do you say to people who think they can’t do it while working full-time?”
[57:00] Finding time and courage to make changes.
[59:10] Find motivation in life’s hard knocks.
[1:00:00] Grind time.
[1:01:00] Do it because you want to and not because of pressure.
[1:03:00] That’s a wrap!

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