This week we’re talking about the upcoming design trends for 2020. Hopefully we get some insight where in a year’s time the four hosts will look like Nostradamuses. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Dustin shares the big design trend he believes will make a comeback.
[2:00] The gang talks 90s’ trends.
[3:20] Dustin sees subtle 80’s trends and lingo in the new Frozen movie.
[4:20] Are, “that’s epic” and “so sick” still things to say?
[5:10] Big trend predictions are always dropped at the beginning of the year.
[6:14] Lisa believes illustration and animation are going to blow up.
[7:00] Ian shares what you need to be doing right now!
[8:00] By 2021, 88% of content will be video.
[9:00] Lisa is committing to do more animated illustrations in the coming year.
[10:40] Tom gets down to business with the predictions.
[11:00] Now is the time to leap into animation.
[12:00] Fresh ideas are what businesses want to promote their products.
[13:10] Ian talks TikTok trends.
[14:00] Kinetic Art – the combination of art, sound and movement.
[15:40] Creative side hustles
[16:00] D.I.Y. art is on Dustin’s radar.
[17:00] Ditching polished pieces for more authentic DIY looks.
[18:40] Anyone and everyone can pick up a pencil and create art.
[19:00] People are over overworked work.
[20:00] Are we seeing the resurgence of Hobo fonts?
[21:00] Creative fonts.
[22:00] Why familiar tools make art videos better.
[24:00] Dustin and Ian both noticed that basic videos really do much better.
[25:10] Capitalize on people’s love of quick bursts of information.
[26:00] Shared information builds great engagement.
[28:00] Side hustles create a stronger long tail.
[29:00] Why big companies struggle in a world where side hustles rule.
[30:00] Catering to clients wins a lot of business loyalty.
[31:00] Procreate is as an example of smaller business doing right.
[32:30] Small teams are more open and can pivot faster.
[34:50] It can be hard to predict illustration trends.
[35:00] Lisa predicts Gouache will become a bigger thing.
[36:00] Powerful women will be ever more prominent in 2020.
[37:00] Tom touches on society becoming overly sensitive.
[38:00] Lisa can see how we became so sensitive.
[39:40] Trends don’t have hard lines, they blend from year to year.
[40:00] One-offs are the thing.
[42:00] The team dream of having their own cologne scent.
[44:20] What’s up with Pantone’s Color of the Year?
[45:00] Monkey Bottom Pink.
[46:30] Tom gives a quick wrap of 2020 discussed trends.
[47:00] Vintage fonts with a modern twist.
[48:40] Tom shares a sad prediction for creatives in 2020.
[49:20] Mental health – take time for rest.
[50:00] Humans naturally focus on the negative.
[51:20] Dustin hopes the 2020 trend is to stop comparing so much.
[52:00] Ian talks about how everyone needs to find the fun in art again.
[53:00] Be less consumed by your phone and more present in your life.
[54:00] Tom shares some pep to start off your new year.
[55:00] And that’s a wrap!

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