This week we’re talking about work-life balance, something that Lisa, Dustin and Tom are not that good at. So, we’re seeing where they go with this episode, but we hope it helps bring more balance to your life. Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Dustin is in awe of Tom’s rise.
[2:10] The panel rates their work/life balance on a scale from 1-10.
[3:00] Lisa wants to incorporate naps into her routine.
[4:00] Tom explains his One-In One-Out Policy.
[5:30] Finding your business pain points.
[6:00] Dustin discovers a breakdown in his process.
[7:00] Anticipate that one change or idea can bring on loads of work.
[8:40] This one thing never fails. Busy work and dream jobs.
[9:00] Creative excitement can be our Achilles’ heels.
[10:00] Exciting ideas can pull us off track. Lisa shares an example.
[11:15] Stop wasting time.
[12:30] Work addiction and relaxation deficits.
[13:10] The need for spontaneity and existing in the moment.
[14:00] We have forgotten how to just be.
[15:00] If you don’t plan it, it will not happen.
[16:00] Kids cut right to reality.
[17:00] We have to shake the stigma of scheduling our free time.
[18:00] The panel has a laugh at over-scheduling one’s life.
[19:00] Time off can help you crave structure.
[20:00] Lost farts in a perfume factory.
[21:30] The gang has a good laugh over tag lines.
[23:00] Getting lost in flow state.
[24:30] This one thing is killing Tom’s flow state.
[25:10] Peripheral vision brings clarity into focus.
[26:20] A bunch of bricks or a mansion analogy.
[27:30] Is an air freshener a brick in Dustin’s mansion?
[28:00] Fresh Laundry – Fresh New Year.
[29:40] Client Work – Life Imbalance.
[30:00] Client demands and unlimited ‘yes’es.
[31:00] Your desk will not be attending your funeral.
[33:00] Clients are how we earn our money so it’s hard to turn them down.
[34:00] The feast or famine mindset.
[35:00] So busy making a living that you forget to live.
[36:10] Tom believes he could be healthier in a different vocation.
[37:00] Tom explores how life would be different working a regular job.
[38:20] Our gifts and talents can be a curse.
[39:00] Should you trade your passion for sanity?
[40:00] Dustin talks about selling out and disappearing for a while.
[41:00] Stop living under the thumb of money.
[42:10] Our personality traits drive us personally and professionally.
[43:00] Simplifying is easy to see but hard to achieve. Find the fat and cut it.
[44:40] Be wary of assumption traps on what will bring happiness.
[45:10] Tom shares an actionable tip for the listeners.
[46:00] The decision to go from 1 video a day to 1 a week.
[47:00] Saving money and sanity with one change.
[48:20] Have the courage to rip off the band-aid.
[49:00] What we do that really matters.
[50:00] The courage to walk away.
[51:40] The biggest pain catalyst is in our own heads.
[52:20] Dustin comments on TikTok.
[53:00] You can’t chase every opportunity.
[54:00] Get out of your own heads.
[55:00] And that’s a wrap!

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