This week we’re talking about how branding can be one of the biggest assets for your business. It can help people remember you and make you stand out in a crowded market. It can also be pretty fun to design a compelling one! So without further ado, let’s get into the show.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:30] Dustin opens up the show with the RetroSupply brand.
[2:00] RetroSupply’s original name was inspired by Abercrombie and Fitch.
[3:00] Dustin’s earliest logo was just a font.
[4:20] Proof that a great brand will impact a business positively.
[5:00] All things a great brand needs.
[6:00] The power of brand value.
[7:00] Getting brand clout.
[8:00] The guys discuss the Aaron Draplin brand.
[9:00] The power of Draplin’s name in the design industry.
[10:00] Sales based on brand because of what it represents.
[11:00] The dads talk Disney brand reaction.
[12:00] There is no money in apathy.
[13:00] Breaking down all the parts of a brand.
[14:35] Algebra and branding.
[15:20] Dustin thinks about branding differently.
[16:00] Human invented frameworks for branding.
[17:30] How you know your business is on-brand.
[18:20] A yearly customer survey can reveal a lot about your brand.
[19:00] Listen to your audience. They know you.
[20:00] Dustin listens to his audience to dial into his brand.
[21:20] Ian still feels like his brand is random.
[22:00] The shift from vintage into more instruction and lettering.
[23:40] The release of InkWell.
[24:00] AquaType comments pushed Ian to pivot.
[25:20] Vintage Arty, Type, Lettering.
[26:00] The fork in the road that defined Ian and Dustin.
[27:00] Ian talks about Mid -entury American design.
[28:40] Dive into what is within reach.
[29:10] Design is easier when it speaks to who you truly are.
[30:20] The process of video creation can be draining.
[32:40] Design Cuts and RetroSupply are very different from Ian Barnard.
[33:00] Celebrity brands can work outside the confines of company brand.
[34:00] Personality sells brands.
[35:00] Tom uses Gin as a lesson in branding.
[36:00] Great branding compels you to buy.
[37:30] How brands make you feel.
[39:20] Planning is huge for brand clarity.
[40:00] Tom shares how and why he plans brand shifts regularly.
[41:40] Honest, gentle touch, community-driven is Tom’s brand feel.
[42:00] Brand channels one’s true self.
[43:00] Telsa, Boring Company and SpaceX are all Elon-centric.
[44:00] Leaders and CEOs are closely intertwined into brands.
[45:30] Small brands being absorbed by larger companies.
[46:20] There is always one standout person in each band.
[47:00] Tom is the face of Design Cuts.
[48:00] Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, yet Apple is still strong.
[49:45] Dustin asks you, the listeners, what brand you love and why.
[50:30] Ian and Tom talk favorite brands.
[51:10] Don’t be a floater and become more deliberate about your brand.
[52:00] A future deep dive on brand strategy.
[53:00] And that’s a wrap!

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