Hey lovely listeners, welcome back to Part 2 of our round of Q&A’s. We’ve been getting so many good ones and we hope you find our answers useful… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:40] Question 1 – How do you manage clients who ask for a ton of revisions?
[2:25] Lisa shares her advice on handling the revision nightmare.
[3:00] Educate the client and remind them you’re the expert.
[4:30] Get the number of revisions the contract covers in writing.
[5:00] Tom usually offers 3 revisions and charges for any above that.
[6:00] As the designer, you need to steer the project direction.
[7:00] Dustin likes being notified when a part of the design process is complete.
[8:00] Question 2 – Are cold emails a good idea?
[9:00] Tip # 1 Personalize each email.
[10:20] Tom shares how cold emails can work for you.
[11:00] Cold emails, it’s a numbers game. Tom explains.
[12:00] Tom looks for warm intros through friends and contacts.
[13:00] Question 3 – How did you get your first job?
[14:00] Lisa shares how she got her first job.
[15:35] Dustin wins a logo contest and gets his foot in the door.
[16:00] The design contest should’ve been a red flag for Dustin.
[17:00] Tom enters a design contest and wins $300.
[18:45] Question 4 – Can your target customer be yourself?
[19:00] The gang explains why they believe you can be your target customer.
[20:00] Retro Supply was started because Dustin wanted retro products.
[20:40] Question 5 – Does your niche have to be tightly nailed now?
[21:00] Lisa shares how her niche is her colors and her style.
[22:00] Tom explains the multiple ways to niche. Color, style, brand.
[23:00] That’s a wrap!

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