This week we are talking all about social media strategies whilst being a creative. These strategies don’t have to be all about algorithms, they can be more “social”. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:10] The gang is excited to talk social media strategy.
[2:50] Here’s why Lisa finds social media very frustrating.
[3:00] Lisa talks algorithm anxiety.
[4:00] I just want to chat with people and not feel pressured to post.
[5:10] Measure your reach today if social media disappeared tomorrow.
[6:00] Dustin explains how everyone shares on social media differently.
[7:05] How to find great content to share.
[8:30] The different roles you can hold on social media.
[9:00] Many people do social media because they HAVE too.
[10:00] Lisa wants a coffee and cake social strategy.
[11:00] Dustin and Tom would love to attend coffee and cake with Lisa.
[12:00] Lisa asks how she can get over talking live on social.
[13:00] Cake and Creativity.
[14:00] Tinkering with live social media content.
[15:00] Tom jumps on social media live for fun.
[16:10] The human connection.
[17:00] Social Media: the power of 1 to 1 connections- Twitch Hiker
[18:00] Traveling the World with Twitter.
[19:40] RetroSupply just hit 50,000 followers on Instagram and Dustin has a question.
[20:00] Retro mainly posts only two types of posts.
[21:00] Dustin asks what else he can post on social.
[22:00] Demonstrating how to use products makes great posts.
[23:30] One of the biggest questions asked on social.
[24:00] People pick up on the smallest of details. Share the details.
[25:00] Tom shares an animated idea for Dustin.
[26:35] People love a hook.
[27:00] Ian explains the power of a hook and why people love them so.
[28:15] Tom takes a peek at Lisa’s Instagram.
[29:20] Don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative.
[30:00] The gang talks turning off likes.
[31:00] Track the positives.
[32:20] Show your process and sell clients on the product and gain work.
[33:00] When a client sees the work involved they will hire you.
[34:20] Ian shares how one designer shares his process of logo redesign.
[35:00] Seeing the redesign processes is a huge seller.
[36:00] Everyone loves a good before and after.
[37:05] Tom hired ‘Made by James’ because of his process videos.
[38:30] First We Feast Youtube Channel – Hot Wing Conversation.
[39:45] Become the storyteller for you client.
[40:00] The client/designer relationship is a great advertisement in itself.
[41:00] Don’t forget what initially created your audience.
[42:00] Ian envies the beginner.

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