This week we are talking all about building a good reputation as a designer. This is so essential so we are going to dig into exactly why. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:30] Reputation is the top tier of pricing.
[2:20] The logo for Next is an example of reputation driving price.
[3:00] Paul Rand dominated logo design and commanded top $ based on reputation.
[4:00] The team discuss the Next logo design.
[5:00] Ian compares Next to the 2020 Olympic logo.
[6:00] The gang critique Paul Rand’s logo design.
[7:30] Lisa shares her true thoughts on Paul Rand’s work.
[8:10] Dustin talks about today’s artists that have a solid recognizable style.
[9:20] Tom challenges the team to look past the designer and truly see the design.
[10:00] Reputation allows artists to push limits.
[11:00] The true judge of a design is a consumer.
[12:00] Familiarity makes a logo feel more correct.
[13:00] How does one build a Draplin reputation?
[14:00] It takes a long time to build an empire.
[15:00] Tom shares how Design Cuts’s reputation has grown over the years.
[16:00] 7 years of hard work, meeting people and knocking on doors.
[17:00] Reputation is what others say you are and not what you think you are.
[18:00] Lisa ponders what made Paul Rand so sought after.
[19:00] Doing great work brings in more work.
[20:30] Pick something you want to be known for and go for it.
[21:00] Do one thing and do that one thing extremely well.
[22:00] Create something that stands the test of time.
[23:10] Ian explains what makes a great logo.
[24:30] Reputation has multiple meanings.
[25:00] Honest, prompt, great work.
[26:00] You brand evolves as you grow.
[27:30] Actionable reputation builders.
[28:40] Professionalism.
[29:50] Define the reputation you wish to carve out.
[30:50] Case studies showcase your work, work ethic and build your reputation.
[31:00] Will great work yield a great work persona? Lisa questions this theory.
[32:00] Good Name vs Shrewd Business Man.
[33:00] Work results and services.
[34:30] Reputation is a balance of two (ie Kurt Cobain).
[35:00] Tom begs that the average designer doesn’t want to be Kurt Cobain.
[36:00] Andy Warhol links reputation with differentiation.
[37:30] Tom explains how he is building his service reputation.
[38:00] Correct failures and patching breakdowns show you care.
[39:00] Lisa wants all clients to feel happy with her products and website.
[40:00] Consistency is the key to a strong reputation.
[41:20] RetroSupply always wants you to be 100% satisfied.
[42:20] Ian wants to be known as a generous giver of knowledge.
[43:30] There will always be someone to teach and learn from.
[45:00] The gang offers Paul Rand apologies.
[46:00] That’s a wrap.

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