In today’s episode we are discussing whether social media is really necessary. Would our businesses crumble down without those platforms? Do we really need them to create revenue? Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:40] Lisa asks if their businesses would really suffer with no social presence.
[2:10] Two camps of social – Networking vs. Content Marketing.
[3:30] Everyone is obsessed with content marketing.
[4:30] Lisa has lumped all social media interactions into the same bucket.
[5:00] Social interactions with her community really light Lisa up.
[6:00] The one thing that all platforms look at.
[7:40] What will happen if we all shut down our social media accounts?
[8:00] Tending your social media garden.
[9:00] Some areas flourish under full sun.
[10:00] Consistency is hard work.
[11:20] Ian believes he would survive a social media halt.
[12:00] Lisa sees Pinterest as a search engine not a social media platform.
[13:20] Your email list is your best vehicle for customer communication.
[14:00] Think about the intent of social media visitors.
[15:00] You don’t type in Women’s Pink Nike shoes unless you’re ready to buy.
[16:00] Tom believes Design cuts would be fine if social media halted.
[17:00] Are you building a brand or a business?
[18:20] Exerting effort to create a post or focus on a case study?
[19:30] Think about what your customers would like you to work on.
[20:00] A pretty picture or an awesome product?
[21:30] Use the system consistently.
[22:00] Dustin uses Later to organize posts on Instagram.
[23:00] Provide value but you won’t provide value for everyone all the time.
[24:00] I’m in the business to help people letter better.
[25:00] Think about why you follow the people you follow.
[26:00] People care about what benefits them.
[27:30] The gang list businesses that are here for social.
[28:00] People brands lean heavily on social.
[29:00] Ian shares a brand he believes is social driven.
[30:00] Lean in Fifteen – The Body Coach.
[31:30] Did Instagram make the sell and grow the company?
[32:40] Social is an incredible tool.
[33:00] Don’t think of social media as your business. See it as an assistant.
[34:00] Social doesn’t make the sell but it builds trust.
[35:00] Win money or likes? Your choice.
[36:00] That’s a wrap!

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