This week we are talking about how to get your projects over the finish line. Every creative knows that the final sprint at the end can be like pulling teeth… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] In Tom’s experience, it’s always the end of the project that drags.
[2:40] The project start isn’t the problem for Ian, it’s the finish.
[3:00] The struggle to go from a brilliant idea in one’s head to the real world.
[4:00] Kerning is not for the faint of heart.
[5:00] Ian begs for help on project completion, getting to the finish line.
[6:00] Dustin has a rule to project timelines.
[7:00] Lisa believes creatives are masters of procrastination.
[8:00] Ian did an experiment and hired a writer and found it just wasn’t him.
[9:00] Stop thinking and just jump, like calling your high school crush.
[10:00] Tom asks Dustin what he was asking the girls he called.
[11:00] The guys reminisce their teen phone calls.
[12:00] Lisa’s procrastination routine.
[13:00] Lisa’s fans email her about Dustin and Tom.
[14:20] Tom sets a deadline for all projects to help with procrastination.
[15:00] Living on the edge of panic attacks.
[16:00] Tom’s 3 years of panic and bundles.
[17:00] You can’t foresee all project hiccups. There will always be more time.
[18:00] Being your own boss can make deadlines hard to hit.
[19:00] The crutch of the problem: motivation.
[20:00] Dustin’s “Finish your project or burn your new guitar” challenge.
[21:00] Impose deadlines, use public accountability, get uncomfortable.
[22:00] Tom publicly shames himself when he doesn’t get the work done.
[23:00] Dustin recommends betting with Lisa to help her with procrastination.
[24:00] Accountability is key.
[25:20] We all do the same things. It’s ok.
[26:00] Tom sees Ian as laid back yet he is super busy behind closed doors.
[27:00] Ian hasn’t release a product in a year and a half.
[28:00] When you have a hit it can be a bad thing.
[29:00] No project is clear cut. There are lots of bumps and bends in the path.
[30:00] Every release doesn’t have to be a #1 hit.
[31:00] Dustin’s essential concrete pack project. Useful, quick release.
[32:00] Assembling small projects into one.
[33:40] That’s a wrap!

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