The Creative Journey is a unique insight into how to build a creative business from scratch. Follow along as Jo Fallon shows the Design Cuts community the ups and downs of starting her business The Cotswold Chalkboard.

In this week’s episode Jo is showing us the progress with the new boards she has been doing for the Newbury Art Centre. We love the lettering and the boards look amazing. We also find that Jo has a hidden skill – she can even do lettering upside down ?

Jo is also catching up with the work on the Design Cuts Chalk Pack and she is letting us know that the pack will be ready for launch in July and we are so excited to see it ?. Jo learned a lot from doing this pack and she is now able to work faster and more efficient.

Jo closed this week’s episode with some very exciting news – she got a part time job ? She will continue doing her freelance work, but this should give her some steady income and the opportunity to be interact and build connections with people from the same field.

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