Matchbook Print Machine

Recreating the look of the classic matchbook print style is hard. You’ve got to capture the cardboard texture as well as the white showing through the ink. Most importantly it needs to allow for 100% control of what parts of the image the effect is applied to – because sometimes there’s little details on your work you don’t want people to miss!

In all honesty, this can make it a total pain to get the effect. However, we’re seriously committed to getting this right – so we worked for over 30 hours to make it perfect.

Matchbook Print Machine

The Must-Have Feature

By definition a matchbook print effect is going to eliminate small details (like small type) but as a designer or illustrator that can be a deal breaker. So we’ve added Layer Masks to the Colour and Offset layers. That means controlling the effect is as easy as painting it away!

100% Control of the Registration Errors

One of my favourite parts about matchbook printing are the registration errors. We’ve built the product so it will offset any black in the image. If you don’t want the offset, no problem, you can toggle it off with one click so you maintain the control.

This Instructional Video Will Make You a Matchbook Expert Fast

I learn by seeing and then doing. I can learn things 10x as fast that way and all my designer friends are the same way. So with this in mind I made a 15 minute instructional video designed to make you an expert at using this product. Not only is it extremely well produced but I dig into every nook and cranny of this product to make sure you know everything!

Great Textures

We’ve included some great looking ink textures with the product including circle halftones, diamond halftones, cross halftones, and lines. You also get some great paper textures like classic matchbook, thick cardboard, and corrugated cardboard.
We also didn’t want to overwhelm you- with so many textures it takes 30 minutes to use the product. So we picked the best ones to save you time.

Fast and Easy. Just Place and Save

It took us 30+ hours to make this product but you’ll get results in seconds. Just place your work in the file and save. That’s it – done! Of course, you’ll have fun tweaking the effects for a few minutes. But this product is set up to be a massive time saver.

One High-Resolution Template

The core of this product is a massive 4500 px x 4500 px canvas. You can place just about any piece of work into it and get great looking effects. Then just save your work in your preferred file format and crop it. It’s an extra step but it makes it so you can use this for projects on any dimension.

Made By Matchbook Effect Fanatics

Here at RetroSupply we live and breath registration errors, brushes, textures, history. I spend every day working on this stuff. I’ve literally had dreams about ink soaking into paper. Bottom line – we’re good at making this stuff and we really care. It makes for a better product for you.

Matchbook Print Machine will help you do all these things. It will save you time (so you can try unique stuff in personal and client work fast). You’ll get to experiment with your illustration and design. Plus, it’s just fun.

Included in this set:

• Matchbook print effect inspired by the surge in matchbook production in the 1950s
• One high-resolution Smart .PSD (4500 x 4500 px)
• 15-minute high quality video tutorial (includes lots of tips and tricks)
• One Easy to Follow Instruction .PDF (includes pictures)
• Five Bonus Matchbook Masking Brushes
• Easy instant results. Just copy, paste, and save
• Authentic high-resolution matchbook print textures and registration errors
• Unlimited customisation. Control location and intensity of effects

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and newer.

This product was originally featured in The Ultimate Artistic Design Bundle (1000s of Popular Items)

Matchbook Print Machine

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