Mosaic Tile Procreate Brushes

Can you fancy the endless process of composing a mosaic image from tiny tiles? Regardless of its origin: from ancient Greek and Roman aesthetic to the various modern iterations, mosaic art will take your breath away with all those details, scenes and colors — and you’ll surely end up craving for creating something similar. However, the physical process may require too many tools and time to get it done, so we suggest you pick up your iPad and create a mosaic-style illustration with your Apple Pencil. Are you ready to get an endless flow of appreciation for your mosaic work?

Here, we’ve got everything to make your creative aspirations true — and maybe even more. There are 25 pattern brushes, and 10 tile brushes for Procreate to attain striking realism and create artworks perfectly imitating physical mosaic art. Besides, if you care about minor details as much as we do, there are also 15 texture brushes, for you can decide how every tiny piece will look like: aged and rough or glossy and polished. With this professional toolset bringing to life some striking mosaic illustration will be super satisfying. You risk losing track of time and feeling like an ancient artist working on an epic scene from the legends — or, thinking more practically, these will be various arts, branding compositions, posters, prints and a lot more!

Included in this set.

Zipped File Size 75.7 MB

File Types Included: BRUSHSET

Software Compatibility: Procreate .

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4 lovely comments from our community

  1. yaegerthorin

    VERY cool concept. Particularly love the carp mosaic! Will have to look at getting more proficient with Procreate just to use these brushes … of course, would love a Photoshop version (Hint, hint …)!

    • Zack Parks

      It’s great to hear that you are interested in picking up the Mosaic Tile Procreate Brushes. We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not 100% happy with these brushes we can organise a full refund for you. I have also passed on your request for a Photoshop version of these brushes to our Curation Team who will reach out to the designer, so hopefully, they can come back with an answer in the near future.

      • catbyte6

        I would love a Photoshop version also!

        • Zack Parks

          Hey Mary,

          Thanks for taking the time to comment and we really appreciate the interest in a Photoshop version of these Mosaic Tile Brushes. Our Product Team have reached out to the designer of these resources, so as soon as they get back to us then we will be in touch.


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