The Hand Lettering Toolkit

Say hello to The Hand Lettering Toolkit – 67 Ridiculously Real Brushes + Bonuses! This is a collection of 67 Photoshop brushes* created to work harmoniously together to create gorgeous hand lettering work.

Plus, as a bonus you’ll get a set of carefully crafted crosshatching brushes unlike anything available anywhere!

The Hand Lettering Toolkit

Included in this set:

• 67 Professionally Made Brushes
• Includes sketch pencils, inking pens, 2B, 4B, 6B, calligraphic pens, markets, and tons more
• Brush Cheatsheet (so you can quickly find the perfect brush)

• 6 time-lapse videos (so you can see exactly how Shauna works)
• Videos match with .PSD templates (so you can refer to the PSD files while watching the videos)

.PSD Templates:
• 4 .PSD files of completed hand lettering work
• Made with brushes from the pack
• .PSD files match with videos (so you can refer to the videos to see how the files were made)

Lettering Cheatsheet:
• 4 page .PDF packed with ideas you can take and use in your lettering work
• Includes Anatomy of Letters, corners, borders, droplines, floral illustrations, and banners

• Instructions for installing your brushes
• Brush Cheatsheet so you can find the perfect brush in seconds (and get on with lettering!)

Bonus: Quirky & Unique Brushes:
• 2 vintage crosshatching brushes
• 3 ink crosshatcher brushes
• 2 ballpoint pens

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS6 and newer

This product was originally featured in The Creative’s Complete Inspirational Arsenal

The Hand Lettering Toolkit

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36 lovely comments from our community

  1. Joanna

    LOVE This! One question; is this the same that’s offer that’s on Creative Market and includes:

    C. Bonus #2: Behind the Scenes Resources

    6 Professional Hand Lettering Time Lapse Videos
    90 minute Hand Lettering for Beginners webinar video
    3 Standard Speed Video Tutorials (see brush names, key commands and more)
    4 Hand Lettering PSD Files (so you can reverse engineer Shauna’s sought after lettering process)
    1 Lettering Cheatsheet (filled with ideas and tricks to try in your own lettering)

    Or are these not included here? I’m really interested in watching the 90min beginner tutorial that’s all :)

    Many thanks!!!

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Joanna,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. I can certainly help you with your query :)

      I’m pleased to report that all of these bonus items you have listed (including the 90 minute video tutorial!) are featured with The Hand Lettering Toolkit available here. I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions. I am always happy to help :)

  2. D Smith

    I have been eyeballing this over on CM, but was wondering if I need to have a drawing tablet in order to use this?

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Denise,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and for your interest in this item! I can certainly help you with you query.

      You certainly do not require a drawing table to work with this pack! They should work absolutely fine for you once they have been installed onto your Photoshop :)

      I hope this helps, Diana, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions. I’m always happy to help!

  3. cat sadowski

    I’m a bit confused by this offer. Looks interesting but unsure how it would fit into my work. I create watercolor designs and then scan and work with them in PS. Is there a video anywhere that I can view before committing to purchase?

    • SJ Duff

      Hey Cat,

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      I have just popped you over an email to help you with this :)

  4. Rating:

    Liv Esteban

    Totally irresistible! Love it!

    • Ben Neeves

      That is so great to hear, Liv! :D

  5. Linda

    Hi Ben. I am hoping to buy the latest program that includes this pack. How advanced of a Photoshop user do I have to be to really be able to use it? I am def a beginner. Thanks.

  6. SJ Duff

    Hey Linda,

    I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

    I have just popped you over an email now to help you with this :)

  7. Julie

    I am going to be doing more sublimation next year on aluminum and frames. Is the learning curve huge? I really want to set my designs apart from the rest so is this going to be difficult to master? Fonts + brushes scare the heck out of me… over extending the brush stroke over the edge of the font – I assume you use masks which I am not very familiar with. Love this and would love to master it! Thank you :)

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Julie,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It’s great to hear that you are looking to do more work with brushes and fonts to set your designs apart from the rest :) I’m sorry to hear that this pack won’t be compatible in your software but I would love to offer some resources that would make a really useful addition to your creative toolkit? Please do let me know and I will happily lend a hand :)

  8. Julie

    Oops – never mind my previous comment – I only have CS3. Sorry!

    • Ben Neeves

      No problem at all, Julie! If there is ever anything else I could assist you with please do get in touch. I’m always happy to help!

  9. Kathy Hardy

    I just finished downloading this and I’m really confused with the brushes installation? It’s actually a “tool” [.tpl] and NOT a “brush” [.abr], so I have no idea how to access and/or use the brushes once I have them installed in my tools…they do not show up in my brushes? Help!

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Kathy,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m really sorry to hear that you are having some trouble installing these brushes as tool presets. Rest assured, I’m on the case to get you up and running again :) I’ve sent you a quick email to assist you with this. I hope it helps!

  10. chrisma3

    Hi There! I just recently discovered Design Cuts and I love it. I’m about to download some items but before doing so, I was wondering about this particular HAND LETTERING TOOLKIT BY RETRO SUPPLY CO.? I do in fact have AI CC, as well as Photoshop CC; however, I haven’t utilized Photoshop yet, but I am definitely becoming somewhat versed in Illustrator. My main question is will this particular pack work in Illustrator???? I’m not quite ready to delve into Photoshop. Please advise before I make this purchase.

    Thank you very much :)


      Hey Chris,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and a huge welcome to Design Cuts from the whole team :) We’re so pleased you’re enjoying your experience with us!

      I’m really sorry but I’m afraid that this pack is only compatible with Photoshop so I’m afraid it will not work for you in Illustrator. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this one but rest assured, we do have some awesome Illustrator brushes in our marketplace that will definitely work for you :) please do let me know and I will happily offer some suggestions for you!

      I hope this helps, Chris, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions. I’m always happy to help!

  11. Corina

    I was wondering if these brushes are only for Photoshop (what about Illustrator?)
    Also are they pressure sensitive? I am looking for brushes which can provide thick and thin strokes, as you normally would obtain on paper with a brush pen.
    Thank you


      Hey Corina,

      This one is only compatible with Photoshop because this is where the designer created the files so these weren’t tested in AI unfortunately!

      The great news is though, these are pressure sensitive :)

  12. Vicki

    Would love a ProCreate version of these brushes! But getting the PS ones too! Thanks for the fab pricing on this one! Happy Birthday.


      Our pleasure Vicki and we are so happy to hear you like the birthday offer on this one :)

      We will definitely pass your feedback onto the team at Retro Supply Co to see if a ProCreate version could be looked at!

  13. Alexis Trono

    Note to all, this was featured in the bundle: The Creative’s Complete Inspirational Arsenal


      Hey Alexis,

      Thanks for the comment on this one- you are completely correct and this was featured in our bundle The Creatives Complete Inspirational Arsenal which was released in Oct 2017. I am so sorry that the bundle information on this one isn’t up to date- I will get this fixed straight away to show the bundle! Thanks again for letting us know we had missed this- it is hugely appreciated :)

  14. Rating:

    Lori Sturgeon

    Hi there,
    I just bought these and a few other items from the awesome Birthday sale (Happy Birthday DC!!). I have Affinity, which imports abr files, but not tpl files. Alas, these are tpl! Is there any chance we can get the abr files as well?

    • Carol Stratford

      Hey Lori,

      Thanks for the comment on this one and for the lovely birthday wishes :)

      This set comes with .tbr files only I am afraid Lori- I know there was discussion of Affinity updating their software to allow for tool presets but it has yet to be implemented. I am so sorry to disappoint you about this!

  15. Mike Lester Rosales

    Hi, I am a huge fan of DC since I discovered you guys a few months ago, but thinking how I can use these tools for the Affinity suite (photo and designer)? I have the Adobe tools until December *time when my free license I got from a raffle but thinking how I can port this out before I buy. I definitely would want to improve my handlettering skills and tools.

    • Carol Stratford

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the comment on this one and we are so happy to hear you are a fan! We are delighted to hear you found us :)

      So this particular kit actually comes with .tpl files which are not currently compatible with Affinity I’m afraid! We do have another Hand Lettering Kit from Retro Supply Co also available in our Birthday event which might suit you a bit better in Affinity- as this is compatible with PS CS4 which usually means it will work in Affinity! I hope that helps but if you have any questions, please do let me know!

  16. Bronwyn

    Hi :-)

    In relation to your reply to Joanna’s question
    “I’m pleased to report that all of these bonus items you have listed (including the 90 minute video tutorial!) are featured with The Hand Lettering Toolkit available here”

    Where are the 3 STANDARD Speed Video Tutorials (see brush names, key commands and more) located?
    The pdf with video links that i received leads to a page with no standard speed videos apart from the webinar


    • SJ Bennett

      Hey Bronwyn,

      I am so sorry for any confusion caused!

      I’ve just asked our Product Team to double check this with the designer for you, so rest assured as soon as I know where you can find these, I will be back in touch :)

      • Bronwyn

        Thanks :-)
        The page they provide a link to does have videos, however they are speed illustrations of less than about 3mins with no way to really tell what/how the product is actually being used..
        Eager to hear back on what you find out

        Thanks :-)

        • Annabel Smith

          Hey Bronwyn,

          Thank you so much for coming back to SJ and for giving us some more information, this is really useful so thank you so much for taking the time to investigate this on your side!

          We are just waiting to hear back from the designer and will give you an update as soon as we can, so our sincerest apologies for any delay caused!

          In the meantime if you have any other questions, or if there is anything else that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to ask!

          • Bronwyn

            Hi Annabel, any update on this?

            • SJ- Community Manager


              I know Annabel popped you over an email yesterday with regards to this. She’s out of the office today, but I will be picking up from here and will send you another email as soon as i’ve had a look at this for you :)

              • Bronwyn

                Thanks, got the emails. Appreciate the update and attention given to this.

                • SJ- Community Manager

                  That’s great news, thank you for letting us know and for your patience on this one :)


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