Are you looking to give your designs an authentic and realistic look? This is where brush fonts come in. Bursting with energy and ready to make a statement, brush fonts are guaranteed to add a unique touch to all your future designs.

To take the stress away from searching through hundreds of fonts, we have done the leg work and selected 25 of our very best brush fonts for all your creative projects. All of the fonts are hand made and bursting with personality, so they're sure to make an impact on any design project from handwritten quotes and social media, to branding and product packaging.


1. Opulent + SVG Font

Introducing Opulent: a beautiful collection of hand-lettered modern calligraphy brush fonts.

What is special about Opulent you might ask? It comes in 3 different forms: Brush, Solid, & .SVG which give you a hugely versatile brush font, that can be used in a range of different scenarios & projects.

Use the Opulent Brush font if you need the font in a traditional vector format, but still maintaining an authentic rough paint-brushed finish to its edges.

2. Blackhawk Brush Font

Blackhawk is a supercharged, street-wise brush font bursting with energy. With extra attention to quick strokes and sharp details - this font will quickly become one of your most used.

Blackhawk is guaranteed to deliver an unapologetically loud & fast-paced message. This font is ideal for logos, apparel, quotes, product packaging, or anything that needs a typographic turbo-boost!

3. Avallon

Avallon is a hand painted brush font, created by using high resolution brush stroke images with incredible definition, instead of the traditional vector format. With this font you get an amazing paintbrush effect built in as a transparent texture, with no extra work required!

Another great thing about OpenType .SVG formats is that they install and work like any other font, and can be used in any colour, on any background.

4. Hyperwave Marker Font

Crank up the intensity with Hyperwave Marker Font, an energetic set of brush fonts with a sharp attitude.

With three sets of each letter each equipped with distinctive fast brush strokes, Hyperwave is ready to make a big statement on your logo designs, brand imagery, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, music projects and social media posts.

5. Black Diamond Brush Font

Black Diamond isn’t your average brush font; it’s raw, edgy and bursting with attitude! Hand-painted with extra attention to quick-strokes and dry textures, Black Diamond is guaranteed to deliver a loud, proud & carefree message – ideal for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media & greeting cards. We just adore this font and know you will too!

6. Five Boroughs Brush Font Family

In honor of New York’s Five Boroughs, this brush font set was designed to be reminiscent of the Big Apple: gritty and smooth; ragged yet soft, rough, beautiful and versatile.

The brush fonts can be used together for a unique typography duo, but also work beautifully on their own. Five Boroughs looks amazing on branding, apparel design, editorials, posters, logos, greeting cards, bags, books, mugs and more!

7. Above The Sky Font Family

Please welcome a new brush font family - Above The Sky. All fonts make good companions and can be used for all sorts of quotes, branding, merchandise,invites and more. You will be over the moon when you find out all possibilities Above the Sky offers.

The brush script has tons and tons of alternates, ligatures, swashes – and more than 1200 glyphs here to serve you well. It can be successfully combined with the Condensed font or/and with the Marker font included in this pack. The brush drawn Design Extras font makes the whole thing even better!

8. Tooth & Nail Dry Brush Font

Introducing Tooth & Nail - a rustic & hearty hand-painted dry brush font, designed to work in both all-caps as well as lowercase. It also includes a bonus vector pack, featuring 24 elements designed to boost your text and reaffirm its hand-made style.

With rough bold strokes and high-quality textures throughout, Tooth & Nail is the perfect workhorse font for product packaging, promotional messages, handwritten quotes, home decor and branding projects.

9. Echo Soul Brush Font Duo

Introducing Echo Soul - a free-flowing and carefree brush font duo, hand painted with love.

Echo Soul brush font speaks from the heart and doesn’t hold back. With elongated brush strokes and a natural flow, it’s the perfect choice for handwritten quotes, product packaging, and logo designs with a personal and affectionate touch.

10. Better Times Brush Font

Discover Better Times - a lovely handmade brush font! This bold, free-flowing and confident brush font is designed to be easily customisable – with 2 sets of each letter and a bonus set of 20 swashes!

Better Times Brush Font looks great in both all-caps as well as lowercase, providing you with a huge range of layout options. You can use and enjoy this font again and again, for anything from promotional material & handwritten quotes, to product packaging, merchandise and branding projects.

11. Sun Kissed Brush Font (Plus Bonus Brushography Pack)

Introducing the Sun Kissed Brush Font by renowned hand-letterer Ian Barnard. This brush font has taken months of hard work to research, refine and test to bring you a work-horse font, that has the artistic flair that our community loves, as well as the pixel perfect precision that you’d expect from a world class font.

Sun Kissed is perfect for branding work, social media imagery, postcards, logos, print design and more!

12. Kashima – Japanese Brush Font

Proudly Presenting Kashima – The Japanese style brush font! This natural-looking brush font is due to it being made with a real brush pen for the best resolution.

This font is great for apparel, branding, logo, magazine, quotes, packaging, advertising, and more projects which need the styling of a Japanese brush feel.

13. Slick SVG Brush Font + Extras

Slick is bold, tightly spaced brush font that retains all of the brush imperfections. It has a nice contrast with opaque parts and transparent ones. It will give your work an authentic and realistic paintbrush look!

It is the ultimate font for a new fresh branding look and create eye-catching designs for advertisements, social media posts, product packaging, fashion apparel, posters & more.

14. Merchant – Vintage Dry Brush Font

A bit old school and a bit tough, this brush font has just the right amount of texture with a subtle dry brush edge. This font was lovingly based off an old photo of a baseball scoreboard, circa 1945, to truly capture a vintage feel unlike other fonts.

Merchant is great for vintage logos, poster designs or other flyers that evokes a bygone era.

15. Crush SVG Font

Introducing Crush – a messy, loud and proud all-caps brush font which embraces imperfection.

Crush uses new Opentype-SVG font technology to provide super high-resolution paint strokes completely built in to the font as a transparency – just simply type away and let the font do its magic. It’s guaranteed to make a big impact as large display text on product packaging, advertisements, posters, cover designs, social media & more!

16. Brushability

Brushability is a brush font family that contains 9 fonts. All fonts complement each other perfectly and can be used either together or with many other brush-looking fonts on the market.

The script contains a lot of alternates, swashes, ligatures, arrows etc, while the extras font has quite a few design elements with the same brush look – such as arrows, frames, and swashes – to add more personality to the design. You will have so much fun working with this super versatile brush font family!

17. Moonstone Brush Font

Moonstone is a unique handwritten brush font. Its unique flow and style makes it perfect to use for prints, logos, signatures, quotes, badges, labels, packaging design, blog headlines.

Take Moonstone for a spin and be blown away by its versatility across all of your future designs!

18. Buttercell SVG Brush Font

Introducing Buttercell Script - a brush font created on watercolour papers with watercolour ink to get the natural texture and perfect shape like a real hand-lettering style on real papers.

Included in this font family are: Buttercell Script - a clean version of this font,
Buttercell Brush - a rough edge version, and Buttercell SVG - to get the natural shape and texture of the real hand=lettering font. We are sure the versatility of this font family will make it your go to fonts for many future projects.

19. Black Caviar SVG Font

Black Caviar SVG brush font that preserves all the high definition detail of the original handwritten letters.

This font offers an authentic rustic vibe that will be perfect in logo designs, wedding invitations, event posters and even a unique corporate document!

20. Kingston Script Brush Font + Extras

Introducing Kingston- a handwritten font with a high detailed dry brush texture.

Kingston has been designed to fit a wide range of projects from urban style to classic branding with a full alternative characters set to completely change the look of your design. You can use it for business branding, Instagram quotes, blog headers, fashion apparel, stationery and more.

21. Perfect Sunset Typeface

Inspired by the modern popular hand lettering style and super-fancy blog/social media designs, this brush font font will make your designs instantly pop!

This true passion-driver is made with a real dry ink brush and scanned with a high-definition scanner to make it a 100% professionally made typeface. This will definitely become one of your favourite fonts for all future projects!

22. Botanica Brush Font Family

Botanica Brush is a new brush font family with inky texture, that was inspired by modern trends in brush lettering. The fonts look good, both together and separately and possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Two types of initial and terminal swashes make this script font a good companion in wedding invitation designs, unique campaigns logo designs and much more!

23. Misguided Brush Font

Presenting Misguided – a brush font that throws out the typography rulebook. Thick lines, thin lines, small letters, big letters – Misguided has it all!

Misguided is guaranteed to add an eye-catching appeal to your logo designs, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise and social media posts.

24. Sabbatical

Sabbatical is an amazing brush font set that contains regular, bold & basic fonts in a handwritten calligraphic style.

Sabbatical is a no-nonsense brush font family with lots of character, inspired by travel journals written by adventurous souls, hence the name. The design is perfect for any Type-based creations, quotes, invites, packaging, branding and much more!

25. Sunday Spring – Chic Brush Font

Say hello to the Sunday Spring Chic Brush Font. Made from real brush strokes to make the font as authentic as possible, it will make your design project truly stand out.

The font is suitable for any design like branding, fashion, print template, quotes, wedding and etc. The possibilities are endless!

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