Collage designs have always been a popular design style and with the increasing availability and variety of resources, digital collages offer a non-destructive approach that more and more people are using to create their designs!

In this article, we have collected 25 of the best collage creators for you to create your own wonderful designs across all major design software! Save tons of time by simply using these premade collages, and just drag and drop the objects you want to create countless combinations with them. 


1. Bestsellers Collage Creator – Pro Edition

Introducing the Bestsellers Collage Creator, a unique collection of 40 premade digital art collages and 720 manipulated collage elements. These collages will give you a whole lot more freedom to experiment with creative ideas and layouts saving you time to create your next masterpiece.

The great news is that you can use this collage creator in any software that supports PNG images such as Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, Procreate and many more. A must have for any collage designer!

2. Vintage Collage Creator 710+ PNG

This photo collage creator is an awesome collection of over 710 carefully selected vintage PNG elements. This is going to save you tons of time making your own collages. Less time for the monotonous, tedious job, more time for creativity! Simply drag and drop the objects you want and create countless combinations with them.

Suitable for many different collage styles: from mimicking analog collages to surreal, cosmic, or retro-futuristic styles. Take these resources for a spin and create some amazing poster art!

3. Museum Collage Creator

The Museum Collage Creator is a huge collection of 700 transparent PNG images, making it super quick and easy to create collage designs.

This pack also contains 10 premade scenes to help get you started on your next masterpiece - you will be creating show stopping pieces in no time!

4. Vintage Collage Creator: The Natural World

From the thinnest stem to the tiniest feather, the beauty is in the details and this collage photo creator allows to design gorgeous collages in a breeze with over 400 drag-and-drop vintage elements.

These floral, botanical, and wildlife illustrations are full-color and collected from old books and archives. The design possibilities at your fingertips are endless!

5. World’s Best Collage Creator

World’s Best Collage Creator is your most accessible story-telling pack, using 40 unique premade collages and over 900 design elements! If you want to make a digital collage with zero effort, this pack is for you.

Everything in this collage pack can be used in most softwares like Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, Procreate and many more, to make incredible collages in a minute. These collages give you a whole lot more freedom to experiment with creative ideas and outlines!

6. 290+ Vintage Collage Cut-Outs Bundle

This collage creator is a fantastic album of over 290 high-resolution retro style cut-outs.

Whether it is buildings or people you are looking to use, each file has realistic halftone and grain effects for the vintage magazine look. Combining any of the images, you’re able to create countless unique scenes.

7. Sweven – Collage Creator

This collage creator bundle is perfect for making digital scrapbook, original product packages, wall art, illustrating an ebook or podcast, for social media, textile printing and many more.

‘Sweven’ – a word which is inspiration itself – means a vision seen in sleep, to wander, to float, dream like state (especially a prophetic one) is a perfect word to keep in mind when designing a digital collage.

8. The Ultimate Collage Creator Kit – 250 + Elements

The Ultimate Collage Creator Kit offers over 250 elements, carefully curated using public domain images empowering you to easily create breathtaking photo collages.

With these easy to use and versatile resources, the design ideas will be limitless!

9. The Minimalist Collage Creator

In this pack you will find over 250 collage elements to help you easily create breathtaking photo collages.

Collage is a great way to experiment with different shapes, colors, textures, themes and words, strengthening your abilities. The more you practice combining a variety of elements together, the easier it becomes and you will soon see a style unique to you.

10. Retro Alphabet and Collage Kit

Introducing the Retro Alphabet and Collage Kit!

With over 300 elements, premade scenes and paper textures, this is a great set for creativity and cool retro designs including posters and photo designs. The designer has also added free paper textures to add the finishing touches to your collage designs!

11. Reverie – Collage Creator Vol.2

This collage creator is a carefully selected collection of cut-out photos & illustrations to create a surreal collage in a few minutes.

Volume 2 of Reverie Collage Creator Collection is focused more on energetic colors, trendy gradients, and gradient shapes, and is full of blooming flowers. This pack of over 470 resources will be great for making digital scrapbooks, wall art, or to illustrate ebooks or podcasts and many more.

12. Mysterious Collage Creator

The Mysterious Collage Creator is perfect for creating posters, art prints, apparel, t-shirt designs, social media posts, postcards and much more.

With over 170 collage elements and 10 pre- made posters in this pack - you will be creating masterpieces in no time!

13. Age of Aquarius – Mystic Collage

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! An out of this world collage creator of carefully processed and created graphics that mixes the collage art with the digital illustration.

Age of Aquarius is a collection that is rooted in the ancient mysticism of cultures around the world with a strong Egyptian and Asian influence, which will help you create incredibly creative pieces for either your social media, poster collage art, website or side personal project that needs a touch of soul and creativity.

14. Collage Cluster Kit

Everything you need to create stunning collage brushes, patterns and overlays is in the Collage Cluster Kit. From base graphics and swirls to the small details of crosses and scribbles. Enjoy vintage inspired illustrations and elements with a mixed media feel.

With over 150 resources including illustrations and text overlays, you will find all you could need in this pack!

15. Zodiac Collage Pack

Introducing the Zodiac Collage pack! With 12 posters, 10 backgrounds and 41 elements you will creating amazing Zodiac based designs in no time.

This collage creator will work great on social networks, blogs, posters, postcards and much more!

16. Emotion Collage Creator Cuts Out People Animals

The Emotion collage creator is perfect for creating posters, art prints, apparel, t-shirt designs, Instagram, other social media posts, postcards and much more.

With over 268 resources in this collage creator, including flowers, sculptures and pre made posters, you will be able to create a collage design for almost any occasion!

17. The Empty Faces Collage Creator & Collage Erasers

The Empty Faces Collage Creator & Collage Erasers are specially designed for collage artists and graphic designers using Procreate. You can now recreate a Jim Jarmusch style collage using this product.

This pack is chock full of resources for you to use that you will never run out of design ideas!

18. Butterflies – Collage Pack

Introducing the Butterflies Collage Pack - a pack of 72 awesome resources that offer a retro style granular texture that will have you designing for hours.

You can create great collage designs for social networks, blogs, posters, postcards and much more. Each design will stand out from the previous one!

19. Boho Abstract Shapes Collage Creator

Introducing the Boho Abstract Shapes Collage Creator – a modern graphic collection featuring 375 design elements, including paper cutout shapes, floral line art, abstract pencil doodles, authentic paper textures, abstract premade posters, backgrounds & compositions.

Create impactful packaging and web design or modern abstract posters and prints. Easily design contemporary bohemian wedding stationery & event invites. Add color and texture to logos and business cards, create fun social media graphics & much more!

20. Space Collage & Grainy Gradients Graphic Collection

Space Collage & Grainy Gradients Graphic Collection is a collection of cut-out elements, abstract shapes, grainy gradients and backgrounds in the popular cosmic and psychedelic style for creating top-of-the-line collages, animations, social media and website design, printing posters, invitations and creating trending products.

Each of the 259 elements is in PNG or JPEG format so they can be used on any design software that supports these formats such as Affinity, Adobe and Procreate!

21. Retro Christmas Collage Creator

Introducing the Retro Christmas Collage Creator - a set of 150 elements, textures and alphabet in the 50s and 70s style design.

Use this collage creator to add a Christmas atmosphere to a variety of designs.

22. Psychedelic Vintage Collage Creator

The Psychedelic Vintage Collage Creator contains a range of vintage photo and video elements including cars, abstract photos of people, an airplane and a hot air balloon, and more.

This pack will be great when used to create posters, branding, social media, blogs, and more.

23. Vintage Collage Illustration Kit

Create your own stunning vintage collages with the Vintage Collage Illustration Kit, including over 250 Pixel-perfect vintage illustrations. Each careful cut-out element is optimized, cropped, and ready to use.

These high-definition elements give you the tools you need to create your next masterpiece- perfect for use with websites, advertising and social media designs!

24. Monsterverse Collage Set

online collage creator

This collage creator is an extension of the Phantasma trend that you’re seeing into everyone’s mood boards lately. Delicately textured and put into a warm black and white, these will be an infinite source of fun to put together in any project.

In addition to the animals there is an array of other mysterious objects such as keys and busts to make it more diverse and flexible. As a bonus, there are also textured abstract landscape backgrounds in acidic colours which will lift up your collages with that injection of life.

25. Botanical Collage Cut-Outs: Digital Art Maker Kit

Create your own retro digital collages easily with the botanical collage creator! Unleash your inner artist with over 60 PNG elements including plants, bugs, flowers and many more.

This collage creator is perfect for artwork, clothing designs, websites, branding and social media designs!

We hope you've enjoyed this article and you've found some great collage creation packs for all you to add to your design toolbox, but if you'd still like to browse for inspiration, we have a few more articles you might find helpful!


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