Freebies - The Ever Expanding Bundle

We’ve put this freebies bundle together as a huge thank you to our community – we’ll let you know in our newsletter every time we add a new product!

Free Ever Expanding Bundle







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  1. I LOVE DesignCuts!! You are so generous with your freebies and your good advice and service—not to mention awesome products at a great price!!! I enjoyed Tom’s talk so much and learned a lot! And thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing such a generous pack of goodies with us!! You’re the BEST!!

    • Hey Liz,

      Aw we love you too and this comment has really made our day over here! Thank you :)

      We are so happy that you enjoyed Tom’s talk- he was super excited to feature on the show so he will be so happy to hear that you feel you learned a lot!

      We would love to hear what you are currently working on and please do let us know if there is ever anything that we can do to make your DC experience better for you!

  2. oh i had missed this bundle – just stumbled around it today while exploring my next purchase :)
    You guys are amazing and never cease to amaze me .. much love,

    • Hey Sunshine,

      Thanks so much for your comment and we are so happy you found this one :) We think you and the community are pretty amazing which is why we wanted to give this bundle to you all- hopefully it comes in handy for your upcoming projects!

  3. My lovelies, thank you so much for that!!!

    Quick question: will those of us who get WhatsApp updates also be notified?

    • Hey Sandra,

      Thanks so much for your comment and you are more than welcome! We hope you absolutely love your new bundle and we are so excited for you to see the upcoming resources we will be adding! We would love to see what you create with your bundle as well if you are keen to share!

      I have just checked for you Sandra and the great news is that we will also be updating Whats App to let you know when the new resources have been released :)

    • We are so happy you like it Tessa! It is just our way to say thank you for being part of our community :)

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