Apologies on Behalf of the DC Team

To address the feedback we received with regards to our latest font bundle, our CEO Tom Ross wanted to issue a personal apology to all of our community members.

So what happened?

For this bundle, we re-ran some of our most popular, classic font bundles from back in 2016 and 2017. The reason for this was due to community feedback, as we recognized that so many Design Cutters had missed out on these earlier deals because they’d joined us in more recent years. But reading through the feedback, we can now see what went wrong. For starters, many of our long-standing community members felt let down because they had to skip a bundle week. Others were disappointed by the lack of communication on the bundle page itself, which caused a lot of confusion.

So what will change?

  1. We won’t be sharing a bundle re-run in this format again. It was worth a trial, but we never want our community members to feel left out or disappointed.
  2. We had a team meeting about how the re-run was communicated on the page and have put steps in place so this type of oversight doesn’t happen again.

At our core, we care very deeply about our community. Our ultimate aim is to serve all of you to the best of our abilities, so seeing anything but positive feedback is something we take very seriously. If you felt impacted by this bundle re-run and would like to share your thoughts, please know that our team is always here to hear you out.

Thank you and we really appreciate your continued support.

The DC Team

76 lovely comments from our community

  1. Hi Tom and DC Team,
    I appreciate the care and transparency that you always take with us, your customers. Yes, we love clarity in communications. That’s great if you can share what might have been in an earlier bundle. Lovely. But as to people that they missed out on a bundle, well, oh well. I love your bundles, but not every bundle meets my needs and it’s completely okay. You really can’t please everyone all the time, and it’s certainly impossible with a community of creatives with diverse needs/wants. No worries, Tom. We love that you and your team are always improving and aiming to deliver the best service. Thanks so much!

    • Thank you so much for commenting Liz!

      We really appreciate your support and feedback! We totally appreciate that our bundles may not please everyone all the time, however we definitely want everyone to feel heard and valued! Thanks again for being a part of our community Liz, it means the world to us!

  2. Thank you for your earnest apology! I was confused by the bundle when it came out and I looked at my font library to confirm those repeats. I understand the reasoning to repost these to newer members but the message was obscure. You all are still the best site for quality fonts and graphic additions at good prices.

    • Thank you for understanding, Mark. We really appreciate your feedback and thank you for your wonderful words about our website- they have really made our day here in the DC office :).

  3. Brilliant comments. I wasn’t affected but really welcome response.
    My absolute favourite bundles are font bundles so please keep them coming. I remember once you did a special where previous bundles were re-released for a limited time. That was really useful as I was able to pick up on some that I had missed. I do think, if possible that these are better as a separate section.

    • Hey Rob,

      Thanks you so much for taking the time to let us know your feedback! It is great to know that you have enjoyed some of our bundle re-runs in the past and we hope that you have great fun working with all of your DC goodies! Your suggestions are super helpful and we will definitely use them to ensure that if we do decide to re-release more bundles in future, these will be really useful for our community, and not the cause of any confusion :).

    • Yes, please continue to re-offer some of the classic bundles for a limited time on special occasions.

      In this case, some of the fonts looked a bit familiar, but I didn’t check to see if I had them or not. And I decided not to buy the bundle because I have other things going right now, but passed on it hoping there would be the opportunity to grab them again in the future!

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Lloyd!

        It is great to hear that you find out bundle re-runs really useful and would love to see more of these again. We will definitely use all of the helpful feedback that we receive to help shape our future deals so thanks again for sharing your suggestions!

  4. Thank you for your message. I have received so much value from your freebies, I try as best I can to purchase items when I have money in the budget because I feel moved by your generosity. I wish I could afford more, but I do what I can. I love your webinars. And now your apology is just another indication of your ethics and intentions. Even though I wasn’t affected by the bundle issue, your willingness to be transparent is a great message for all of your followers to continue to support you. I wish other companies would follow your example.

    • Hey Karen,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We are so thrilled that you love being part of our webinars and snapping up awesome freebies. We are so happy that you chose us to be a part of your creative ventures and hope that you continue to love being part of the DC family :).

  5. Wow – you guys should be a role model about what customer service is to every business out there! I personally can’t believe this was even an issue – and what you did, you did with the best of intentions. I can’t believe some folks were upset by ‘missing out’ on a bundle for a week because they already had these fonts, and you were giving newer members a chance to get them at discount. I personally have LOADS of bundles I’ve amassed over the years and I never expect to get one EVERY single time a new bundle is released! I wouldn’t expect every bundle, every time to be something I want or need because they vary by theme and make-up each time. Kudos to you though for your transparency and continued demonstration of how much you care about ALL your DC members and customers. Please do remember though that you can’t always make everyone happy ALL of the time. You guys ALWAYS get an A+ for effort in my book and that’s why I’ve been a loyal supporter for years and will continue to do so. More companies should be like you!

    • Aww thank you so much for your wonderful words of support Pam! We always love hearing from our community, and if we do try something that doesn’t wow or amaze our community, we will always be here to listen and see how we can make things right :).

      We really appreciate you taking the time to comment Pam and are sending hugs!

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