If you’ve followed all of our articles in detail, you should have an amazing, beautifully presented product which has a fantastic chance of succeeding!

Don't worry if you haven't, even if you're nearing the end of your product design process, they are well worth reading to ensure you've covered all the bases - you can check out the rest of our Product Academy articles here.


Key Takeaway

You can launch your products in our unique marketplace, and instantly get it seen by our highly engaged community of hundreds of thousands of designers! You can also launch it on your own website and via social media.

Final Pre-Launch Checks

Before you launch your product, here's a quick recap of the main points you need to cover - browse through to the related articles for further information and help if any of the points raise concerns.

  1. Does It Make The Most Of Your Talent?

    Did you choose a type of product which uses your main talent, within the field you love? Doing so maximises your chances of creating a high-quality product and connecting with your audience.

    Talent Article

  2. Will It Connect With Your Audience?

    Do you have a clear audience in mind for the product? Are the products concept, it's visuals and the language used within the product targeted to that audience to help maximise sales?

    Audience Article

  3. Is It Being Promoted With Strong Branding?

    Does your product promote your brand? It's important to build brand awareness through your product, doing so will help you sell future products and build an audience to promote those products to.

    Brand Article

  4. Is It Different?

    Your product should either be unique - or if it’s targeting something that other products already offer, it should do a better job than all of the current competition, or bring a unique twist or angle which sets it apart.

    Research Article

  5. Is It Useful?

    There’s no point in releasing an amazing looking product if there is no audience for it - or if there are barely any final applications for the product. Make sure that your product has an audience, and that they will find it as useful as possible.

    Research Article

  6. Is It Fantastic Quality?

    Have you gone above and beyond to ensure that the product is fantastic quality? Designers are incredibly discerning - it’s easy for them to see the indicators of high-quality products, and they’ll buy these over the competition every time!

    Creation Article

  7. Is It Beautifully Presented?

    You’re selling digital design products to designers - if you really want to wow them and get their attention the presentation needs to be of the highest quality.

    Presentation Article

  8. Is It Clear?

    Make sure the potential audience can quickly and easily see what your product does, how it does it, it’s scope (how big it is), and why that’s better than any other product which it might be competing with.

    Presentation Article

  9. Do You Have A Marketing Plan?

    There's a lot we can do to promote your product for you - but there is also a lot you can to promote your own products. It's worth going into your launch with a strong marketing plan!

    Marketing Article

Kriss Lauren

"By the time I came to Design Cuts I’d been creating products for about 7 months and I had barely any sales. Being part of the community here has changed everything. Until then, I was unsure whether my stuff was even good enough or up to industry standard. The validation alone was huge. 

What a joy it is to have the freedom to create what’s in my heart and have people respond to that in such a positive way; it’s been truly amazing!"

Kris Lauren - Pretty Little Lines

Leading designer of illustrated digital design products

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